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BA Athletics Club News Digest 7th January 2019


  • Saturday 12th January - Men's Surrey League Cross-Country at Oxshott at 14:30 (see below) #
  • Wednesday 16th January - Club CIE event and social at the Bedfont Club - details next week #
  • Saturday 19th January - Club Featured parkrun at Higginson, Marlow for 09:00 - details below #

We are meeting at the Bedfont Club on Wednesday 9th January 2019 and on most Wednesdays throughout the year.

New members and potential members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events. The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml. Last updated: 10th December.

* Club Event Map: [Clickable link to Google Maps] (parkrun details updated 10th December) / # Club Points event.

Facebook: (formal "front window" club page), BA Runner Facebook Group (informal "back office" - ask to join).

Inclusions, with photos, please to Roderick Hoffman at

# Round-the-Block Points Table 2019 #

The club gains by having club members taking part together in various targeted events as listed below. At events you would earn one point if you run at the event, two points if you marshal without running and four points if you are the organiser of such an event. Not all events have organisers, some don't require marshals and others don't require runners (the marshalling events). The club diary and this digest should indicate all club points events with the "#" symbol.


Once a month there will be a "Club In-house Event" organised by a club member, usually based around the Bedfont Club on a Wednesday evening. This could be a race, a training event and/or a fun event. Points are awarded for Organising, Marshalling or Running. The list of monthly CIE includes some of the events listed in other categories below.


Once a month there will be a club recommended "Run-of-the-Month", usually an externally organised race or event. All runners will be awarded one point. Club vests should be worn - though if members have a different first-claim club then that club's vest may take precedence. The list of monthly ROM includes some of the events listed in other categories below.

Club Organised External Events

The Speedbird Ladies (May) and Concorde Five (normally June) events are external events organised by the club. Points are awarded for Organising, Marshalling or Running.

XC Men's and Ladies' Surrey Leagues

The club enter a team in each of the Men's and Ladies' Surrey Leagues which engages in four matches each, each winter season. Since the winter season overlaps two calendar years it is possible for there to be any number of points scoring matches from two to six. Note that club runners would score points even if they finish in non-scoring positions in the league match.  Club vests should be worn. Some members may be required for marshalling at such events - with two points awarded in such cases. The BA team is organised by the BAAC XC team captain - a committee post so no points are awarded.


BAAC is asked to provide marshals for the following events and two points are awarded for each marshal and four points for the organiser for each event. Note that points are not awarded for running unless the event is also a CIE or ROM:

  • The Big Half
  • London Marathon
  • Vitality 10000
  • BA Fun Run
  • Great City Race
  • Ride London

Track & Field Rosenheim and Veterans Leagues

The club enters teams in the Rosenheim and Veterans Track&Field Leagues which engage in up to ten matches each summer season.  Note that club runners would score points even if their performances are "non-scoring".  Club vests should be worn. Some members may be required for marshalling at such events - with two points awarded in such cases. The BA team is organised by the BAAC T&F team captain - a committee post so no points awarded.


The club organise Club Featured parkruns over the year. One point will be awarded to each club runner at each event. Club vests should be worn.

Five Mile Handicap

The Five Mile Handicap is a series of runs held over the winter so split between two calendar years. Organiser points will be awarded for one event each series, and marshal and runner points will be awarded at each event.

Specific events

The following will be points events though often these will be the ROM or CIE for the specific month. Organiser, marshal and runner points will be awarded:

  • Round-the-Block race (January),
  • BA Cross Country Championships,
  • Green Belt Relay (May),
  • Round-the-Park (August),
  • WARR (World Airline Road Race - this year in Amsterdam in early September),
  • One of the monthly Dream Mile events,
  • BA T&F Day (not held recently).

Additional events may be added during the year through the Club Committee.

Roderick Hoffman

Men's Surrey Cross-Country - Div 3/4 - Fixture 3 - Oxhott Woods - 12th Jan - 14:30

Attached are the details of the next Surrey League cross-country race. NOTE the start time is 14:30 NOT 15:00 as previously publicised. Anyone who is travelling by public transport will be happy to know that it is right next to Oxshott railway station.

I wonít be there because I accidentally booked a holiday which clashed. Donít forget to bring the numbers that you have previously used this season. I will pass the rest of the numbers to one of the team (probably Ian Cunningham) to enable any season first timers to pick up theirs.

Neil Frediani

Jan 2019 Dream MileDream Mile Thursday 3rd January Results

03-Jan-19 Matthew Stratful 00:06:20
03-Jan-19 Ian Cunningham 00:06:30
03-Jan-19 Chris Kelly00:07:30 (approx.)
03-Jan-19 Roderick Hoffman 00:08:15
03-Jan-19 Steve Hillier 00:08:54
03-Jan-19 Steve Newell 00:10:25

The first dream mile of the year was held on Thursday 3rd January in cool temperatures and with next to no wind.  It was neck and neck between the Office Workers and Non-Office Workers with three from each, though not surprisingly the three younger Office Workers were faster than the Non-Office Workers. 

There was a timing issue with Chris Kelly's run but the photographic evidence shows that he finished shortly ahead of Steve Newell. Then again, perhaps they didn't start together.

Roderick Hoffman

The next Dream Mile will be held on Thursday 7th February.

The Vitality Big Half 10th March 2019 #

It's just under four months to go until our major marshalling event of the year, the London Marathon.  Prior to that, we've again been asked to marshal one crossing at this year's Big Half.  We had a team in Greenwich in 2018 to manage a busy crossing near Cutty Sark, and the London Marathon organisation have asked to help again in 2019.

The race is described as a "Community Running Festival" from Tower Bridge to Greenwich.  It's a lively, noisy day out.  If you would like to help by marshalling at The Big Half, please can you let me know?

Many thanks,

Steve Hillier {}

Club parkrun results for New Year's Day 2019

In the interests of space and balance, the parkrun results for last Saturday will be included with next Saturday's in next week's digest.

Start1st Januaryparkrunner Time parkrun Comment Age Grade
08:30 Richard Ruffell 22:01 Dinton Pastures (8:30) 1st run at Dinton Pastures, park #83 (Record 597) 71%
08:30 Barry Walters 24:23 Dinton Pastures (8:30) 1st run at Dinton Pastures 68%
09:00 Chris Kelly 20:36 Andover (9am) 1st run at Andover, club course record 73%
09:00 Roderick Hoffman 28:49 Billericay (9am) 1st run at Billericay, club rec, park #256 (Record 361) 55%
09:00 Anne Bannister 27:17 Bushy Park (9am) 4th run at Bushy Park, course pb 71%
09:00 Bob Bannister 23:15 Bushy Park (9am) 6th run at Bushy Park, course pb 70%
09:00 John Coffey 28:43 Bushy Park (9am) 238th run at Bushy Park 67%
09:00 Ian Cunningham 24:29 Bushy Park (9am) 291st run at Bushy Park 63%
09:00 Trish McCabe 27:17 Bushy Park (9am) 15th run at Bushy Park 56%
09:00 Denis Foxley 29:24 Canons Park (9am) 1st run at Canons Park 59%
09:00 Joan Foxley 38:46 Canons Park (9am) 1st run at Canons Park 57%
09:00 Caroline Cockram 25:26 Fareham (9am) 1st run at Fareham, club rec(F) 65%
09:00 Ian Cockram 23:27 Fareham (9am) 1st run at Fareham, club course record 63%
09:00 David Duggan 28:44 Fareham (9am) 1st run at Fareham plus run report writer 55%
09:00 Alastair Heslop volunteer Guildford run director run director
09:00 John Lennon 30:43 Guildford (9am) 4th run at Guildford, course pb 51%
09:00 Piers Keenleyside 27:04 Highbury Fields (9am) 3rd run at Highbury Fields 60%
09:00 Kelly Davis  31:24 Hove Promenade (9am) 1st run at Hove Promenade (Record 787) 48%
09:00 Sarah Gordon 31:39 Leicester Vic. (9am) 25th run at Leicester Victoria (Record 500) 61%
09:00 Scott Davison 24:45 Old Deer Park (9am) 2nd run at Old Deer Park 58%
09:00 Maria Jovani 23:33 Old Deer Park (9am) 20th run at Old Deer Park 66%
09:00 Steve Newell 37:45 Old Deer Park (9am) 18th run at Old Deer Park 49%
09:00 Ben Chaytow 23:31 Richmond Pk  (9am) 1st run at Richmond Park (Record 575) 59%
09:00 Julie Barclay 23:25 Rushmoor (9am) 39th run at Rushmoor 76%
10:00 Monica Alonso 31:52 Kingston (10am) 2nd run at Kingston (Record 502) 53%
10:30 Sarah Gordon 33:52 Braunstone (10:30) 67th run at  Braunstone (Record 753) 57%
10:30 Kelly Davis  44:01 Brighton&Hove(10:30) 1st run at Brighton & Hove (with Chloe) (Record 826) 33%
10:30 Paul Davis  29:53 Brighton&Hove(10:30) 1st run at Brighton & Hove 45%
10:30 John Taylor 20:11 Cassiobury (10:30) 2nd run at Cassiobury 75%
10:30 Marion Woodhouse 31:47 Cassiobury (10:30) 2nd run at Cassiobury 56%
10:30 Ben Chaytow 32:28 Crane Park (10:30) 187th run at Crane Park (Record 489) 43%
10:30 Jonathan Cox 28:35 Crane Park (10:30) 80th run at Crane Park 55%
10:30 Ian Cunningham 25:31 Crane Park (10:30) 3rd run at Crane Park 61%
10:30 Scott Davison 25:34 Crane Park (10:30) 32nd run at Crane Park 56%
10:30 Neil Frediani 50:10 Crane Park (10:30) 8th run at Crane Park 32%
10:30 Trish McCabe 28:47 Crane Park (10:30) 34th run at Crane Park 53%
10:30 Chris Kelly 21:24 Eastleigh (10:30) 1st run at Eastleigh, club course record 71%
10:30 Denis Foxley 30:31 Harrow (10:30) 103rd run at Harrow 57%
10:30 Joan Foxley 41:08 Harrow (10:30) 108th run at Harrow 54%
10:30 Caroline Cockram 25:37 Lee-on-Solent (10:30) 1st run at Lee-on-Solent, club rec(F) (Record 777) 65%
10:30 Ian Cockram 23:36 Lee-on-Solent (10:30) 1st run at Lee-on-Solent, club record 63%
10:30 David Duggan 28:28 Lee-on-Solent (10:30) 1st run at Lee-on-Solent 55%
10:30 Maria Jovani 22:24 Osterley Park (10:30) 7th run at Osterley (Record 514) 69%
10:30 Steve Newell 40:49 Osterley Park (10:30) 6th run at Osterley 46%
10:30 Steve Taylor 25:50 Osterley Park (10:30) 3rd run at Osterley 59%
10:30 Richard Ruffell 23:54 Prospect Park (10:30) 1st run at Prospect Park, park #84 65%
10:30 John Lennon 33:29 Reigate Priory (10:30) 1st run at Reigate Priory, park #31 47%
10:30 Roderick Hoffman 29:37 South Woodham Ferrers (10:30) 1st run at South Woodham Ferrers, club rec (Record 248) 53%
10:30 Eddie Giles 27:43 Salisbury (10:30) 31st run at Salisbury 64%
10:30 Petra Otto 34:06 Whittlesey (10:30) 6th run at Whittlesey 61%
10:30 Alan Friar 30:56 Woodley (10:30) 83rd run at Woodley (Record 659) 60%

An extraordinary day for parkrun with at least 150 UK venues attracting record attendances and many runners taking advantage of the variety of start times and running 5km twice on the same morning.  Starts of 9 a.m. and 1030 a.m. were the most popular combination.  No club runner attempted a 9 a.m./10 a.m. pairing this year. Club members contributed to 13 records as noted in the table above, including airline familiar numbers of 777 and 787. Flows between parkruns are shown in this table: [Google Map by Charlie Pearce, Data from Ian Rutson] and of club runners Kelly Davis was in the biggest crowd - 457 from Hove Promenade to Brighton & Hove. John Lennon was in the smallest - just one other person made it from Guildford to Reigate Priory.

It was good to see Barry Walters (24:23 at Dinton Pastures) in the results after a break of six months and he and Richard Ruffell had the earliest run start time of 08:30.

Maria Jovani (23:33 at Old Deer Park followed by 22:24 at Osterley Park) was the only member to achieve a better time on the second run, and she ran from Richmond to Osterley as well so she had a busy morning.

No new parks were added to the club total but many of our tourists visited one or two new runs and several new club records have been set :Ė

  • Roderick Hoffman: Billericay (28:49) and South Woodham Ferrers (29:37),
  • Ian Cockram: Fareham (23:27) and Lee-on-Solent (23:36),
  • Caroline Cockram: Fareham (25:26) and Lee-on-Solent (25:37),
  • Chris Kelly: Andover (20:36) and Eastleigh (21:24).

Ed: Some may spot a familiar trend - Roderick taking records off from Steve Newell but losing them to Chris and Ian.

Happy New Year

Steve Newell / Roderick Hoffman

Updated parkrun stats - club parkrun stats

Parkrun records

As well as numbers at parkrun, performance records have also been tumbling. First Alex YEE set the second fastest men's unassisted parkrun time of 13:57 at Dulwich and then Charlotte ARTER broke the women's record by running 15:50 at Cardiff. Charlotte broke the previous record held by Hannah WALKER, set at St Alban's on an occasion when I was there, so I'm sad to see her record broken. Andrew BADDELEY still holds the men's record, set in 2012 at Bushy.

Sir Steve Redgrave statueClub Featured parkrun Higginson Marlow 19th January #

Higginson parkrun Marlow started in August 2018, the 19th January will be the 22nd running of what has quickly become a very popular event with both locals and tourists, regularly attracting between 150 and 200 runners.

Parking is available at Court Garden leisure centre though there is a charge, arrive early and you may be lucky and get 2 hours free parking on the causeway, either way, itís a short jog across the park to the start. As the names implies, the run starts and finishes in Higginson Park, two small laps of the park help to spread the runners out, look out for the larger than life figure of Sir Steve Redgrave. Itís then an out and back course along the Thames towpath towards Hurley where thereís plenty of opportunities to high five or cheer on your team mates as you pass one another. If youíre not too speedy youíll see the beautiful Bisham church and Bisham Abbey across the river. Post run we meet in the Court Garden coffee shop, the entrance to which is just past the Steve Redgrave statue.

All in all, Higginson parkrun is hard to beat, we look forward to welcoming lots of BAAC members on the 19th Jan.. Webpage:

Please note unfortunately the course is not suitable for dogs or buggies.

Alice Banks (also Run Director that day - and there are unfilled slots on the volunteer roster if you are unable to run on the day)

Cliveden 10k XCountry 6th January 2019 Results

472nd Trish McCabe 1:05:13

627th Janet Smith 1:51:44

Running shorts...

  • Well, I have been preaching for years the importance of smiling as part of running and it seems that Kipchoge has been listening... Nolan
  • Dear Ed. No report of a jog/s this week but an eleven mile cycle was managed in 53.40. On a general note, if I may, I wish all the best to my old friend, Tony Barnwell, and also to Steve Hillier and Simon Turton. My new year's resolution is to have the strength of Brian, marvel at what Piers does and stand back and applaud the Great Jas. If you have not read it, peruse the "Clock Of Time" by Rudyard Kipling. Thank you Ed. for your Promulgations and John Williams for giving me London Marathon entries for 1990 onwards (my first was in 1988). Time flies!    Andy Rayner
  • Ealing Street-O Orienteering - Tuesday 8th January, meeting at the Castle Inn W5 5EU at 18:30.

Want to see someone else's performances here? Send them in...

Tom's back

Happy new year, hoping itís your best ever,

A couple of parkrun results of non-first-claim BA members. The year beginning well for Julie Barclay but unfortunately not for Paul Watt.

On Dec. 8th Julie pulled out Osterley 10k prior to start owing to a painful knee cap.  Dec.22th walked the Woking parkrun in 31.46;    Dec.  29th ran Hazelwood on the grass in 23.54, Jan.1st ran Rushmoor in 23.25, Sat.5th Jan ran Rushmoor in 22.42 - a slow favourable improvement. Julie starting 2019 a happy bunny.

Paulís luck not so good after having injections in each knee in mid Dec. has been grounded as treatment not responding too quickly so does his share of volunteering.

Jacqui Musselwhite starting her 2019 training (track build up) ran at Woking on 5th Jan in 23.42.

Tom Rowley

PS: Attended the Surrey XC Championships at Lloyds Park in Croydon today (Sunday) and again reminded that under local authority's by-laws it is against the law to start a race/run with a gun, you must use Claxton/Whistle or shout "Ready, Steady, Go" or any other way.

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