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BA Athletics Club News Digest 22nd April 2024

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London Marathon 2024 - Results & Thanks

BAAC & Friends Results

Place (Overall) Name Club Runner Number Category Event Half Finish Comment
8952 Hogge, Frankie (GBR) London Heathside 4842 18-39 Mass 01:38:56 03:26:21
11987 Hogge, Murray (GBR) 7105 60-64 Mass 01:41:38 03:36:04
15223 Keenleyside, Piers (GBR) Ealing Eagles Running Club 8657 65-69 Mass 01:48:48 03:46:06
20093 Rushmer, Gary (GBR) - 44706 60-64 Mass 01:47:23 03:58:16 Former member
21694 Prosser, Jo (GBR) Chichester Runners & AC 15806 55-59 Mass 01:58:38 04:02:25 Regular marshal / charity place
348 Jovani, Maria (ESP) SHAEF Shifters Running Club V1669 45-49 Virtual 04:12:43 Virtual Event
24894 Edwards, James (GBR) British Airways AC 13879 18-39 Mass 01:56:00 04:12:55
30459 Reid, Jain (GBR) British Airways AC 55429 55-59 Mass 02:08:33 04:30:18 PB
31235 O’Hagan, Michael (GBR) 55302 65-69 Mass 02:06:12 04:33:00 Regular marshal / ballot place
34644 Taylor, Stephen (GBR) British Airways AC 25936 60-64 Mass 02:16:44 04:44:48 BA Place
35679 Baker, Trevor (GBR) Inspire Runners Chichester 68801 75-79 Mass 02:22:22 04:48:33 BA Place / Regular marshal
46424 Modaher, Jasvir Singh (GBR) British Airways AC 23766 65-69 Mass 02:33:09 05:41:05 BA Place
48797 Singh, Jagjit (GBR) British Airways AC 35589 65-69 Mass 02:38:45 05:58:33
49095 Jhooti, Harjit (GBR) British Airways AC 71378 55-59 Mass 02:46:57 06:01:03 BA Place

Thank You

Morning all,

Just a quick note to say thank you for all your efforts yesterday in making the 44th London Marathon such a success. Circa. 50000 finishers meant spectators and supporters were out in their droves but feedback indicates you coped admirably and whilst they’ll always be a few problems, I’m not aware of any major issues. The cooler temperatures helped the runners but appreciate it might have been a bit chilly at times for volunteers…. but at least it didn’t rain! Team leaders will have captured feedback, that’ll be fed back to the organisers; every year we learn something new and try & improve for the following year.

Enjoy the rest and I’ll be in touch again later in the year to start the ball rolling for 2025. BAAC get a small allocation of guaranteed entries and if you’d like to be considered for a place, please email

Thanks again, I couldn’t do it without you!


Simon Turton

Photo Montage

London Marathon Photos

Various sources though more than half provided by freelance photographer Melanie Miller.

Next Year? Entry process...

The Ballot for entry into next year's London Marathon is already open and will close this Friday 26th April. If you are inspired to enter the London Marathon do so now [but remember, other Marathons are available and are very nice]. The BAAC do get a small number of guaranteed places but these are allocated to us after the draw. In considering who to give places to we take into account whether applicants have tried to enter the marathon but have been rejected.

ENTER NOW [if this link doesn't work then try via the TCS London Marathon website: Home - TCS London Marathon - TCS London Marathon

Track and Field…first two events

We are now only a week away from the start of the season. 

Firstly, our season opener at Feltham track on Wednesday 1st May at 6pm.  The event comprises five events: 1500m, 800m, 400m, 200m and 100m, with an opportunity for a breather between each.  You don't have to run all five events...but most of us will. Street parking is available in Shakespeare Avenue, a five-minute walk from the track.  The Feltham arena (TW14 9HX) is now a shared facility, so expect to be joined by some evening joggers and walkers…it all seems to work out in a very friendly manner.

Our first Veteran’s league match will be at Battersea Park track (SW11 4NJ), on Monday 13th May, in the shadow of Battersea power station.  All abilities are welcome, and there is a range of events to choose from:

1830  Discus M35 M50 M60 M70
1830 High Jump W35 W50
1845 Shot W35 W50 W60
1900 100m M35A M35B M50 M60 M70
1910 100m W35A W35B W50 W60 W70
1920 2000m walk M35 M50 M60 M70 W35 W50 W60 W70
1930 High Jump M35 M50 M60
1930 Long Jump W35 W50 W60
1940 400m M35A M35B M50 M60
1945 Shot M35 M50 M60
1950 400m W35A W35B W50 W60
2000 Discus W35 W50 W60 W70
2000 1500m M35A M35B M50 M60
2015 Long Jump M35 M50 M60
2025 1500m W35A W35B W50 W60
2040 4x400m relay men
2050 4x400m relay women
Please let me know if you would like to get involved in one or both of our first two events!

> Steve Hillier

Ride London 2024 – Sunday 26th May

Next month we will once more be marshalling at Ride London, an event which grew out of the 2012 London Olympic cycle race.  British Airways AC has been involved in every one of these events, as they have moved from the Olympic loop of Surrey to a new course through Essex. 

Each year has brought its challenges:  Torrential rain, a bicycle crash and road closure near to our pen, and an uncontrollable advertising balloon, to name but three.  Each time, our team has risen to the challenge and shown how well we can work together.  More importantly, we’ve had a close-up view of an exciting race.  Since the switch to the Essex course, we have had a great location next to the Tower of London, and plenty of support and appreciation from competitors and spectators.

Thank you to those of you who have already signed up for this year’s event.  We need further volunteers to complete the team.  The shift is from approximately 0900 to 1730 on the Sunday.  If you would like to come along, but can’t commit to the full day, that’s fine.  Just let me know what you can do.  Food and kit will be provided.

If you have been inspired by marshalling at the London Marathon, here’s another chance to enjoy the sights of London.

Many thanks,

> Steve Hillier

Ride London Fast CyclistRide London Slow Cyclist

Runnymede Endurance Relays Saturday 29th June 2024 - Windsor Great Park from 12:00

This event used to be for teams of six and the club regularly entered a team but in recent years we've struggled to find six people keen to do it. Obviously other clubs have had similar issues so the format is different this year - it is now for teams of either two or four with each team member encouraged to run more than one of the 3.7mile laps. Let me know if you would be interested in being in a BAAC team.

More details:

It is now called The Runnymede Runners Endurance Relay

It is still a relay format with each team consisting of either 2 or 4 runners with the aim of completing as many laps of the 3.7mile course as possible between 12:00 and 3:00pm.

Each team member handing over to the next after they complete their lap.

Teams can be single sex or mixed, of any age group as long as each runner is over 18 on race day.

Of course there is no pressure to run multiple laps, and as in previous years each team member can run a single lap and then enjoy the rest of the afternoon.

Prizes will be awarded for the teams completing the most laps in each category:

  • Single sex pair (both male and female)
  • Mixed sex pair
  • Single sex 4 (all male or all female)
  • Mixed sex 4

The course will still be an undulating route through Windsor Great Park with clear views of the castle, and often local wildlife running about (Deer, Rabbits, Foxes etc) (Course map)

The last lap will be allowed to start at the latest 2:59:59 i.e. 1 second before 3 o’clock

SportSystems this year will be providing the timing and registration platform (as timing multiple laps would be much more complex for us to manage in house)

Cost to enter would be £15 to £20 per individual but a club team will probably have half the cost paid for by the club.

> Roderick Hoffman

Recent Activity Achievements

13 entries this week, although I could have included more from the Marathon.

Colleague Activity Distance Course When Duration Comments
Adrian Haines Hill Sprints 12x250m Dordogne training camp. Last week Dordogne training camp. Hill session 12 x 250m hills
Andy Rayner Various Various Mon: fast walk estate 10m 3s / Tues Dog trot to Cox Green and return 26m 51s / Fri Fast cycle to Maidenhead 18m 45s and return 17m 43s / Sat Fast cycle Ockwells and Cox Green 19m 40s (Muntac spotted!) / Sun London Marathon (watched on TV)
Barry Walters Running 6km Bracknell Sun am 00:38:08 Easy early morning run over Swinley forest in pleasant but cool conditions. Hamstring is holding up at the moment. Followed this up with a 45 minute group cycling class in our new "disco" studio at my local leisure centre.  
Ian Cunningham  Race Marathon Boston Marathon Mon am 04:10:14 See below
Jain Reid  Race Marathon London Marathon Sun am 04:30:11 A PB for me.
Julie Barclay  Race 10km Doncaster Sun am 00:46:36 Yorkshire run with wildlife 10k (see below)
Paul Watt  Race 10km Doncaster Sun am 00:40:11 Yorkshire run with wildlife 10k (see below)
Keith Johnson  Race  9Miles Steaming to the Coast   01:21:11 In Minehead in Somerset for the inaugural Steaming To The Coast event. This had various route options ranging from 11k up to full marathon distance. I was credited with the win on the 9 mile.
Mike Thorn Marshalling Marathon London Marathon Sun Another great day with a fantastic team. This year was one of the busiest ever and undoubtedly the longest! Starting at 08:20 it certainly was a long day without all the trains home being delayed / cancelled!!. Also somehow missed Palace scoring 5 against West Ham!!
Petra Otto Gym Various Sat Felt far too cold for parkrun today so…weights at the gym, plus spinning, testing my new gel saddle cover (hamstring and groin held out well). Plus, pushing the sled, starting with 35kg, and finishing with 50kg, just 2kg off my own body weight.
Piers Keenleyside  Race Marathon London Marathon Sun 03:46:06 Just over my target time of sub 3:45! Damn!
Roderick Hoffman Running 15.35km Grand Union Yeading to Stockley return Wed 01:37:45 Trying to run 13 to 15k at 6:30 k pace I surprised myself by doing the whole 15 at 6:22 pace. Consequently I'm reassessing my target pace for my forthcoming Wings For Life World Run on May 5th.
Simon Turton Marshalling Marathon London Marathon Sun 36700 steps; which equates to about 18 miles of looking after a section of the Victoria Embankment at the marathon. Great team of volunteers as always and the spectators were out in force.
Stephen Taylor  Race Marathon London Marathon Sun am 04:44:48 The cool weather was great for runners but maybe not for spectators or marshals. I finished in 4:44:48 which I'm really pleased with. It's such a fantastic event and a big thanks to the BA team out on the course all day.

Week Achievement Photos

Monday 15th April was Patriots Day in the US but more important it was the date of this year's Boston Marathon. A race that has been around 18 months in the making for me including all the effort to qualify last year. The race itself was undoubtedly the toughest of the marathon majors (did I mention I’ve done 5 out of 6 now) and that, plus a lack of training this year meant Monday was definitely a hard day at the office. A decent first half was followed by an almighty struggle for the second half and the resulting 4:10:14 wasn’t what I wanted …. But it was another great experience and Boston is indeed special. What’s next?

Ian Cunningham

parkrun Results for Saturday 20th April 2024

30 activities are recorded below. Please get in touch if your activity is missing.

Club parkrunner parkrun Run# Pos Time Age Grade Comment
Joe NOLAN Black Park 709 262 0:29:49 58.47% First sub-30 of the year.
Kevin HOLLAND Brooklands 188 452 0:38:02 50.70% 42nd run at Brooklands, best time there this year
Maria JOVANI Bushy Park 981 177 0:21:45 75.25% largest attendance at Bushy since last Christmas day
Colin HAYLOCK Bushy Park 981 188 0:21:58 69.35% run #81
Ian CUNNINGHAM Bushy Park 981 827 0:27:55 57.97% run #550
Diana Smith Bushy Park 981 1602 0:46:49 50.87% run #64
Steve NEWELL Catford 241 222 0:50:24 41.70% 12th run at Catford
Ben CHAYTOW Crane Park 555 12 0:22:08 65.06% 307th run at Crane Park
Trish MCCABE Crane Park 555 89 0:28:43 56.41% run #464, 46th run at Crane Park
Julie BARCLAY Cusworth Hall 163 32 0:25:50 74.06% F4, first run at Cusworth Hall (Doncaster). New BA parkrun, token sorting.
Paul WATT Cusworth Hall 163 33 0:25:51 61.51% first run at Cusworth Hall (Doncaster).  Not flat! Plus, token sorting
Alastair HESLOP Guildford 515 Timekeeper at Guildford.
Piers KEENLEYSIDE Gunnersbury 571 390 0:29:08 58.64% Largest number of finishers at Gunnersbury since 2020 (although only by one)
Joan FOXLEY Harrow 396 278 0:40:21 60.10%
Denis FOXLEY Harrow 396 Run Director at Harrow
Sarah GORDON Holkham 314 99 0:43:45 48.50% first run at Holkham Hall (Norfolk), Flakey finish (99), P-Index is 5
Fiona Bishop Lancing Beach Green 200 75 0:26:32 76.38% first run at Lancing Beach Green
Benita SCAIFE Maidenhead 406 306 0:35:10 61.28% 144th run at Maidenhead, P-Index is 5
John SCAIFE Maidenhead 406 307 0:35:11 50.12% 144th run at Maidenhead, P-Index is 5
Adrian HAINES Nonsuch 578 9 0:18:34 83.48% M9, first run at Nonsuch. New BA male record (from Ian Cunningham). New BA Age Grade (from Fiona Bishop).
Elise LAWRENSON Nonsuch 578 456 0:30:30 53.66% 217th run at Nonsuch
Scott DAVISON Osterley 473 65 0:23:58 62.52% fifth run at Osterley this year
Bob BANNISTER Osterley 473 99 0:25:34 66.82% Flakey finish (99)
Anne Bannister Osterley 473 249 0:31:31 67.32%
Jeremy SHORT Osterley 473 253 0:31:38 51.58% fastest parkrun for over a year
Alan ANDERSON Osterley 473 361 0:47:19 57.59%
Christopher T KELLY Reading 625 208 0:45:35 34.59% Reading returns after a (wet) winter break (since early February)
Roderick HOFFMAN Stockley Country 66 Run Director at Stockley Country
David Cowell Stockley Country 66 Barcode Scanning at Stockley Country (ahead of afternoon duty)
Mike DENNISON Winchester 476 20 0:20:29 82.67% run #555, 6th at Winchester

parkrun Review Saturday 20th April 2024

We can’t blame climate change for everything but there have been very new parkruns in UK this year, in fact before this week just one!  The lucky run, at Montalto Estate (Ballynahinch, Co Down) in Northern Ireland didn’t get off to a very good start and the inaugural planned for 6th April actually got cancelled because of the weather but it finally got going on 13th April by which time the cloud of secrecy surrounding new parkruns had inevitably evaporated and it attracted 432 runners and 29 volunteers.  Week 2 – 253 finishers.  This week saw run #1 at Wakehurst in West Sussex – plenty of people seemed to have heard about it – the attendance was 423. 

The record entry (50,000 +) to the London Marathon brought the predicted visitors to London parkruns.  Becton parkrun, handy for the Excel Centre registration location attracted 189 parkrunners –  exactly three times the number of a week earlier, many of them “first timers” and probably “only timers!”  At Bushy Park, there were more finishers than on any normal Saturday ever except for the 10th and fifteenth anniversary runs in 2014 and 2019- do you have any plans for 5th October this year?   Christmas Day is the big day at Bushy when crowds of over 2000 can be expected.  There was a record attendance of 1213 at Clapham Common and 918 at Burgess Park (Camberwell).

Adrian Haines (18:34) was our fastest parkrunner this week setting a new club record on his first appearance at Nonsuch.  Elise Lawrenson (30:30) was there too but for the 217th time.  Anne Bannister (31:31) was at Osterley. 

There was one addition to the club parkrun collection this week.  Julie Barclay (25:50) and Paul Watt (25:51) were at Cusworth Hall in Yorkshire where no member had been before.  The inaugural there in 2019 must have been well publicized – the attendance of 212 was only been exceeded twice anytime since – and only by handful (i.e. 5). 

Reading parkrun happened!  Chris Kelly (45:35) was there for the 417th time. 

Steve Newell


Full club parkrun database - {read access to club parkrun database} - Download or save a copy, and explore at your leisure.

Club Event Map: [Clickable link to Google Maps]

Roderick Hoffman

parkrun Counting off the Counties and Doncaster Wildlife 10k

Last weekend was the second of three weekends in Northern England. Our quest is to parkrun in each of the 47 counties that host an event and each year after Easter, we venture to new territories. Two years ago we went to Cumbria, Northumberland and Durham and last year we visited West Yorkshire, Lancashire and Greater Manchester. This year, working our way slowly back down the country we have been to East Riding of Yorkshire, South Yorkshire and then to Nottinghamshire on Monday.

We braved the lovely Sewerby parkrun last week and ran a disciplined parkrun at the equally lovely Cusworth Hall this week. Disciplined and carefully as our target this week was to run well at the Run with Wildlife 10k at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park in Doncaster.

We entered this race months ago and in the meantime we have studied the course and watched videos on YouTube: we were expecting a flat, paved and fast course but not quite so. Most of it was but there were a few hills, some lengths of gravel track and a lap of a very uneven grassy field which would explain why RunBritain show this as a multi-terrain course. These unexpected surfaces did not thwart us and we both finished well and within our targets. Julie ran very well - faster than her previous 10k at Eastleigh last month - and won a trophy for being first VW60. I was delighted to achieve a 10k pb and to finish 14th in a field of 1041.

A fabulous weekend at lovely places and a very satisfying race which also included free entry back in to the Wildlife Park which allowed me to see animals that I totally missed during the race.

Different runs, different locations, different speeds and a different focus but equally as enjoyable and rewarding which surely is why we all love running.

Looking forward to Colwick parkrun next Saturday which will leave four counties remaining.

Paul Watt & Julie Barclay

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