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BA Athletics Club News Digest 18th November 2019


  • Wednesday 20th November - Five Mile Handicap # and Club Charity Quiz at the Bedfont Club from 18:00/20:00 THIS WEEK - have you told us to expect you? (see below)
  • Sunday 1st December - Run-of-the-Month Perivale 5mile # NOW FULL
  • Thursday 5th December - Xmas Dream Mile from 12:45
  • Wednesday 18th December - CIE mile race and Xmas social at the Bedfont Club #

Our next Bedfont Club meeting will be on Wednesday 20th for the Five-Mile Handicap and Quiz. December club evenings will be on 4th and 18th. All members are welcome.

New members and potential members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at most of our events. The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml. Last updated: 1st November.

* Club Event Map: [Clickable link to Google Maps] (parkrun details updated 18th November 2019) / # Club Points event.

Facebook: (formal "front window" club page), BA Runner Facebook Group (informal "back office" - ask to join).

Inclusions, with photos, please to Roderick Hoffman at

NOW Run Rickmansworth 13th November Report

NOW runnersA small band of “Non-Office Workers” were joined by a couple of new faces for the November NOW run, at Rickmansworth last Wednesday.  These monthly events give us a chance to run as a group in daylight, and enjoy a drink or lunch in a local café afterwards.

Denis Foxley led us on two loops of the Aquadrome, the first following the traditional parkrun loop, before we re-grouped to explore the western lake and part of the Grand Union Canal. 

The NOW events are a social lunchtime run (not race) which suits runners and walkers, and we look forward to seeing further new faces next time.

Steve Hillier

The next NOW event isn't yet planned although there is the Retired Runners Lunch in December (details follow) and the Round-the-Block race planned for the lunchtime of Tuesday 28th January.

Retired Runners Lunch 2019 - Tuesday 10th December, 12.30 for 1 p.m.

The Retired Runners (Xmas) Lunch will be held once again in a pub* near Kew Bridge.  Well served by public transport and car parking is also possible as local restrictions only apply up to 12 noon.

Please let Steve Newell know if you plan to attend (or, if you are a regular, if you definitely won't).

* venue may not be the same as last year but food and prices will be similar.

December "Xmas" Dream Mile - Thursday 5th December 12:45 - advance notice

Buried CannonsThe photograph left is a short distance away from the start point of the Dream Mile course. The one on the right is in a suburban street the other side of Hanworth, 27,404 feet away. How do we know it is that distance away? Because in 1784 General Roy measured the distance between the two spots using a set of glass rods and then, in 1791, Captain Mudge repeated the measurement using 30 meter metal chains; and the two measurements differed by less than three inches. This was a key step in establishing the processes for accurate measurements leading to the mapping of the whole country by the Ordinance Survey. The buried cannons are therefore the forerunners for the concrete triangulation markers dotted around the country. GPS has now made the triangulation points unnecessary - but only after checking the potential accuracy of GPS by using those same triangulation markers.

As you run the December Dream Mile think about how the distance you are running is linked to the distance between those two cannons...or think about the mulled wine that Neil will serve you at the end, if that helps you run faster.

Roderick Hoffman

BAAC Quiz: Wednesday 20th November 2018, Bedfont Club - PLEASE RESPOND

It’s time for our annual quiz, at the Bedfont & Feltham Football & Social Club, close to Hatton Cross.   It is on the east side of Hatton Road and the entrance to its large car park is opposite the Duke of Wellington pub. The postcode is TW14 9QT.

The quiz will start at 8pm, following our Five Mile handicap run (6pm to 7:15pm).  Food will be provided before or during the quiz.  Please contact Steve beforehand if you have specific dietary requirements.

As usual the quiz will be run by Steve and Linda Hillier and will be raising funds for our preferred charity, White Lodge.  As last year, we will be recommending a minimum donation of £5 for each adult (remember, you are getting fed!).  The team size should be between four and six – come as a team or join up with some others on the night.  No-one will be left out.

Please can you let Steve know if you are considering taking part, so we can order the right amount of food.

Steve Hillier {}

Note that BA Clubs will be holding a "Members Mingle" at the venue between 6pm and 8pm, so you have the option of hearing news from them before the quiz. Current members of BA Clubs will be asked to "sign-in" but will be given a complimentary drink. Non-members of BA Clubs should buy their own drinks, but may listen quietly!

Club parkrun results for Saturday 16th November 2019

Member 16th November parkrun Pos Time Grade PB Comment
TRUE Mike Dennison Bedfont Lakes 10 00:20:11 80.18% M-10, leads VM60 age group
TRUE Maria Jovani Bedfont Lakes 17 00:21:23 73.03% F-2, & Pre-event setup
TRUE Anne Bannister Bedfont Lakes 115 00:28:38 68.74%
TRUE Bob Bannister Bedfont Lakes 55 00:24:23 67.53%
TRUE James Shoulder Bedfont Lakes 3 00:19:38 65.70% M-3, run #59, 34th at Bedfont Lakes
TRUE Paul PRESCOTT Bedfont Lakes 6 00:19:59 64.64% M-6, run #53, 40th at Bedfont :Lakes
TRUE Caroline Cockram Bedfont Lakes 107 00:28:07 59.63%
#N/A Paul SINTON-HEWITT Bedfont Lakes 108 00:28:07 56.55%
TRUE Scott DAVISON Bedfont Lakes 76 00:26:20 55.13%
TRUE Ian Cockram Bedfont Lakes 106 00:28:06 53.32% run #500
TRUE David DUGGAN Bedfont Lakes 125 00:29:51 53.27% & volunteer "Other"
TRUE Zoe OSTLEY Bedfont Lakes 177 00:35:47 51.28%
TRUE Kelly Davis Bedfont Lakes 178 00:35:59 41.69% just loves the puddles !
TRUE Eddie KETTERICK Bedfont Lakes 196 00:42:15 38.97% plus granddaughter in a buggy
TRUE Steve NEWELL Bedfont Lakes Marshal
TRUE Joe NOLAN Black Park 373 00:32:12 51.60%
TRUE Sarah GORDON Braunstone Marshal & litter picker-upper
TRUE Ian CUNNINGHAM Bushy Park 273 00:23:34 66.34%
TRUE Ben Chaytow Crane Park 21 00:21:48 64.07% run #250, 209th at Crane Park
TRUE Alice BANKS Eden Project 104 00:26:45 74.64% club rec (all genders), park #43
TRUE Piers KEENLEYSIDE Fire Service College 83 00:29:09 55.97%
TRUE John Lennon Guildford 426 00:35:21 44.60%
TRUE Alastair Heslop Guildford Timekeeper (Maddie RD)
TRUE Denis Foxley Harrow 137 00:27:53 63.24% best run at Harrow for 27 months
FALSE Joan FOXLEY Harrow 262 00:37:13 59.83% run #158, 137th at Harrow
TRUE John COFFEY Hazelwood 55 00:31:18 62.83% going getting a bit soft !
TRUE Petra OTTO Huntingdon 265 00:40:33 52.32% first run at Huntingdon since Xmas Day 2018
TRUE Julie BARCLAY Ifield Mill Pond 21 00:21:54 82.65% F-2, "I", club rec(F), 2nd/50 in agegroup
TRUE Adrian Haines Ifield Mill Pond 4 00:19:00 78.86% M-4, missed pb by 5 secs
TRUE Paul WATT Ifield Mill Pond 18 00:21:37 70.47% "I", 1st run at Ifield, park #30
TRUE Janice Jones Ifield Mill Pond 90 00:29:14 59.58% "I", 1st run at Ifield, park #19
TRUE Frankie HOGGE Mile End 109 00:23:24 63.25% run #45, park #3, club rec (time -all genders)
TRUE Stephen K TAYLOR Northala Fields 126 00:26:47 57.87%  
TRUE Trish MCCABE Peckham Rye 178 00:28:02 55.29% 1st run at Peckham Rye, park #52
TRUE Janet Smith Peterborough 356 00:37:01 48.27% run #113, 9th at Peterborough (2nd this year)
TRUE Murray HOGGE Reading 35 00:22:32 70.56%  
TRUE Christopher T KELLY Reading 256 00:43:57 34.66% run #455
TRUE Simon Turton Reigate Priory 48 00:24:22 62.04% run #7, park #7 (over 7 years!)
TRUE Jain Reid Richmond Park 257 00:29:25 59.21% best run at Richmond since April
TRUE Roderick HOFFMAN River Valley (ie) 67 00:29:33 53.81% park #288, (6th in Eire), BA park #541
TRUE Eddie GILES Salisbury 167 00:26:36 67.11% run #130, 49th at Salisbury
TRUE Paul TIMMS Seven Fields 30 00:24:25 63.48% 1st inaugural, BA park  #540
TRUE Keith Johnson The Leas 18 00:23:33 62.14% run #32, park #8, BA park #539
TRUE Micheal BALL Woking 122 00:26:21 59.33% run #163, 147th at Woking
TRUE Benita Scaife Wycombe Rye 306 00:30:39 66.12% run #167, 8th at Wycombe
TRUE John Scaife Wycombe Rye 307 00:30:43 54.58% run #193, 10th at Wycombe
TRUE Tony BARNWELL Wycombe Rye 441 00:47:21 41.53% run #194, 92nd at Wycombe Rye

Ian Cockram duly competed his 500th parkrun at Bedfont Lakes to become only the second club member to achieve that milestone.  He has also volunteered on scores on occasions over the years and might have reached his 500 far earlier had he just concentrated on running 5km every Saturday morning. He is an event director at Bedfont Lakes and a parkrun ambassador for the London region. Parkrun founder Paul Sinton-Hewitt was there to add his congratulations and ran the course as well (dog assisted). A dozen members were at Bedfont this week to eat the cake at the finish. That was in addition to Eddie Ketterick who was part of a family group of five spanning three generations.

After last Saturday’s events the parkrun 500 club reached its own milestone by admitting its 100th member.  Ten of those have gone on to top the 600 mark.  Alan Anderson is on 573 and still just clinging on to a place in the top 20.  The next club member to reach the magic "500" mark is likely to be Chris Kelly, though it won't be until late next year since Chris is currently on 455. It is a truth about parkrun that the more addicted you have become the higher the probability that you will be there again next week.  Elliott Line summarises this very precisely with his weekly bulletin.  However, take heart – Nicola Whitford ran the Wimbledon Common parkrun 500 times between 1st March 2008 and 10th August 2019 and appears to have called it a day.  Her pb of 25:46 (65.85%) was achieved when she was more than ten years into the mission.  She never tried running anywhere else.

Some people of course take a different approach.  Roderick Hoffman became famous (or infamous) by running his first 50 parkruns at 50 different places (which wasn’t actually an option in 2008).  Tim Bellars was on course to join the club and was up to 14 when he recently returned to Reigate Priory to try it again.  This week another of our members emerged as a possible new candidate but this reporter is unlikely to still be alive when he reaches 50. Simon Turton (24:22) ran at, guess where, Reigate Priory chalking up his seventh run, all at different parks, in seven years.  He reports that it was every bit as muddy as it was the last time he was there for a Surrey League XC match.

Ben Chaytow (21:48) ran at Crane Park for the 209th time and reached the 250parkrun total to qualify for his green vest.

There were two runners achieving age grade scores over 80% this week.  Julie Barclay (21:54, 82.65%) ran at Ifield Mill Pond (Crawley) for the first time and is now 2nd out of 50 runners in her age group there.  Mike Dennison (20:11, 80.18%) was at Bedfont Lakes where he is the top performer in his age group already.  Three sub-20 minute runs to report – Adrian Haines (19:00) at Ifield Mill Pond, James Shoulder (19:38) and Paul Prescott (19:59) both at Bedfont Lakes.

Our tourists broke new ground.  Keith Johnson (23:33) ran at The Leas, Minter on the Isle of Sheppey which has been going for just eight weeks.  Paul Timms (24:25) ran at an inaugural for the first time as Seven Fields in Swindon opened up this week.  His Wilson Index (2) is up and running. Roderick Hoffman (29:33) was in Dublin again, this time at the well-established River Valley parkrun in Swords, to the north of the airport.  The club total has moved on to 541.

Frankie Hogge (23:24, 63.25%) bettered all club members previous efforts at the Mile End parkrun in terms of time but Benita Scaife’s recent age-grade score of 65.41% from August is better.  Alice Banks (26:45) lowered the club course record at the Eden Project in Cornwall. Alice’s home run at Marlow was cancelled because the Thames towpath was covered in rainwater! Jain Reid (29:25) had her best run at Richmond since April while Trish McCabe (28:02) continued her tour of South London with a visit to Peckham Rye.  Eddie Giles (26:36) is having an amazingly consistent autumn with five out of his last six runs at Salisbury within a five second band.

Steve's parkrun stats - club parkrun stats

Full club parkrun database - {read access to new club parkrun database} - UP TO DATE - Download and explore. PLEASE NOTE - this has been reworked due to a change to the parkrun data source used. Please report any errors. The new source no longer includes "Region" data so this has had to be removed from the reports. The old data source is no longer available. For the time being nobody is allowed to be a parkrun "regionnaire".

Roderick Hoffman

Marathon Results

Jersey Marathon

Jas at the Jersey MarathonJasvir Singh ran in the Jersey Marathon the other week, finishing in 5:12:58. Trish found this excellent photograph of him. Anyone familiar with Jersey will instantly recognise the lighthouse in the background, and therefore where on the island this shot was taken.

Battersea Street-O result and report...

  Controls Penalties Net Position Pts
Jain Reid 230 0 230 65th 36
Christine Munden 190 (assisted) 0 190 71st 30
Roderick Hoffman 290 105 185 72nd 29

Street-O courseSo, what went wrong, you quite rightly ask. Well, to cut a long story short, I fell into an evil trap concocted by the organiser, for which he made no apology (quite the opposite in fact - "No apologies to those who were tricked into trying to run across Battersea Railway Bridge or through the Morgan’s Walk estate by Battersea Bridge – the map is fairly clear. ".  'Clarity' depends on circumstances and reading the map whilst running in the dark including crossing roads doesn't help!  But I'm supposed to be an expert at this event and Christine also went in that direction and managed to do better than me even though she dropped and broke her glasses at one of the controls! But she was "assisted", by a No 22 London Transport Bus. In retrospect it was a mistake for me to have gone north in the first place - although the bait was a "50" point control just beyond World's End (bit of a clue there) there was an equally desirable 50 pointer just south of the start/finish pub. I could have collected 185 points with less than 30 minutes running, had I gone south! Jain Reid outscored us both - she arrived early and helped a novice around the course and finished within the hour wishing she had pushed out further.

The series table shows a different story, after three events I'm in 14th place out of 149 participants with 173pts. That is in part due to high scoring last month in Turnpike Lane even though I got more time-penalties that evening than I did at Battersea last week. That proves the point that time-penalties are only a problem in conjunction with a bad routing. The series table counts the top five of nine events so I'll quickly be able to drop my Battersea result! Christine has also done three events and is in 11th place in the ladies with 113pts. Turnpike Lane was also her highest scoring event with 53pts. Simon and Jain have only done one event so far and are in 77th and 137th places respectively. Jain is doubly handicapped because the organisers haven't identified her as female!  

Next event - Tuesday 10th December in the Northfields area, meeting at the Forrester in West Ealing (W13 9EP).

Roderick Hoffman

Triathlon Update

Alistair Brownlee will miss the Perivale 5 (1st December) as he plans to do his third Ironman race of the year (in Western Australia) and if he wins or comes second would qualify for the race in Hawaii next year (10th October).  He would still like to clinch a hat trick of wins at the Olympics.  The race on Tokyo is on 27th July.

Steve Newell (from John Levison)

Brian's shirtsRunning shirts

Linda Hillier has passed on this photograph showing the results of another batch of "unwanted" club shirts from Brian's garage having been handed out to needy groups in Togo.

The intermediary, KC Kunakey reported "We gave out t-shirts and sweatshirts. The sweatshirts were particularly popular to 'keep warm' the patients were saying. They were so grateful and said a big thank you to Brian-Linda-Steve! I could not help but sob."

This is a great use for larger batches of unwanted shirts and other clothing, but probably doesn't work for small batches because of the transportation logistics. Talk to Steve or Linda at the Quiz if you want to find out more.

Next Digest - Results, news, pictures, feedback, jokes, stories - send them to the editor, Roderick Hoffman, at

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