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BA Athletics Club News Digest 18th July 2022

Events Calendar - online here

Events marked "#" are points scoring for the club's participation trophy - for the 2022 title.

Club Event Map: [Clickable link to Google Maps]

For future weeks: inclusions, with photos, please to Roderick Hoffman at

This Week's Events

This week's Great City Race was cancelled on Friday of last week due to the extreme weather forecast for the day. It was not considered safe for participants or marshals. It will probably be rearranged for a date later this year in which case we'll need to check the availability of volunteers and probably call in some substitutes.

Please help me by sending in your results, for instance by filling in the tables below and forwarding to Some events will have "Prompts" set up in Facebook. These allow the posting of a single image and some text and make it easy to flip through everyone's entries.

Weekly Athletic Achievement (by late Sunday) or use the Facebook group prompt:

Participant Event Distance Location Day/Start Time or Duration Details or comment, and other achievements
e.g. Running

Editorial Moan

In a few weeks' time we will be celebrating ten years of these weekly digests. They go out each Monday to a distribution list of over two hundred current and former club members and friends. In a typical week almost nothing comes back, other than a few out-of-office replies. Last week was no exception - no "letters to the editor", no "caption competition entries", no offers to write the parkrun report and next to nothing in response to the Speedbird Ladies announcement. Some positives - thank you to Graham for telling me about the Taylor's latest parkrun, Steve H for the Track&Field report and of course to those who submit weekly activity reports via email or Facebook.

But perhaps the ten year anniversary issue can be noted as the one where I had so much spontaneously submitted content from yourselves that I struggled to fit the regular stuff in.

The Editor - hot and bothered today.

Speedbird Ladies Race - Wednesday 3rd August #

Confirmed on Harmondsworth Moor for Wednesday 3rd August with a start time of 7pm.

We need:

  • Ladies to sign up for the race (entry cost is frozen at the £7/£5 rate it was in 2019, though the package has been made smaller in size - e.g. no medals this year). Sign-up via: and check other details at: baRUNNER Event Ladies Race page.
  • Men are asked to volunteer to marshal the course or man the finish, and may be able to check the course beforehand.
  • Everyone is asked to promote the event - we are setting this up with just a few weeks' notice and for a date in the holidays that also clashes with the Yateley 10k so we need all of you to pass the message on.

I've prepared an A5 leaflet handout:

This could be forwarded as an attachment to a cover note: SpeedbirdLadies_Aug2022_A5_1.pdf

Or printed two at a time on an A4 printer for handing out at events: SpeedbirdLadies_Aug2022_A5_x2.pdf

Some of us are meeting at the traditional start area this Wednesday from 18:00 to check the condition of the course and the start/finish area.

> Roderick Hoffman (Speedbird Ladies Race Director)

PS Last time I checked we had six entries each representing a different club! I wonder which will have the first team entry of three runners.

British Airways Athletics Club 2022 AGM Outcome

Last week a group of members took part in one of the most important events of the calendar.  We heard about our successes during the past year, elected a new committee, and debated some issues of significance for the club going forward.  The full text is attached, and I would encourage you to read through them.

Full minutes: BAAC AGM2022 minutes.docx

Some items of significance include:

  • Membership remains at around 100, with some new younger members balancing our aging population.
  • Membership of BA Clubs has declined below 20, which is a concern.
  • Our bank balance has declined a little, but is still healthy.  Investment has been made in events, entertainment and training.
  • As a club, we continue to compete in and marshal many events during the year.
  • There are plenty of opportunities to get involved with the committee in planning and running club events.
  • The level of subs for 2023/4 was debated, and it was decided to remain at £9.

Steve Hillier

July Mile results

July mile resultsFive mile results this month including two from last week's Orchard mile and two from the weekly Arethusa Mile in Bushy Park. We were all slower than previously, but it has been hotter.

Perivale Vets TeamTrack & Field 2022 – Week 4 #

Our final week of track competition saw an annoying clash between the Rosenheim League and the Vets League.  For the first time since we entered the Vets League ten years ago, we were forced to split our team across two locations. 

The Vets League at Perivale attracted five competitors, supported by Julie Barclay.  Steve Taylor made his track league debut in the 3000m, fitting the run into the middle of a long, hot, marathon training run from home.  Paul Watt also featured in this race, moving up from his more usual middle-distance track efforts, to take second place in his age group.  Steve Hillier once again threw the javelin, and for the first time this season competed in the Hammer throw and a track event.

The ladies were also well represented.  Janet Smith excelled in the field events, with big throws in Hammer and Javelin.  Fiona Bishop competed hard in the shorter 800m and 200m, then cruised seven-and-a-half laps as the boiling sun started to set.  This time it wasn’t Fiona breaking records, but Janet.  She improved her own club records in both throwing events.

Mike Ball and Ian Haylock were also flying the flag for BA, down south in the Rosenheim League at Walton. They produced some good times at opposite ends of the distance spectrum, in the stifling heat.

We await the final league tables for both leagues, although I suspect we’ve just missed out on the finals for both competitions.  Our small teams have produced some great performances over this short season, and enjoyed themselves. 

Vets League Track & Field, Perivale, 13th July 2022

Event BAAC Act.Group Time/Distance Position Note
200m Fiona Bishop W60 44.9 5th W60
200m Steve Hillier M65 40.9 5th M60
800m Fiona Bishop W60 3:45.9 5th W60
3000m Fiona Bishop W60 15:37.9 3rd W60
3000m Steve Taylor M55 14:33.1 6th M35
3000m Paul Watt M55 11:22 2nd M55
Hammer Janet Smith W55 37.52 1st W50 3kg / CR
Hammer Steve Hillier M65 18.63 3rd M60 5kg
Javelin Janet Smith W55 17.85 2nd W50 500g / CR
Javelin Steve Hillier M65 15.15 5th M60 600g

Rosenheim League Track & Field, Walton, 13th July 2022

Event BAAC Act.Group Time/Distance Position
100m Mike Ball M60 16.21 3rd
200m Mike Ball M60 34.12 3rd
3000m Ian Haylock M55 11:47.79 4th

Thank you to everyone who has competed and supported during the short summer programme.  Our aim is to make more events available and encourage more BAAC talent to compete next summer.  Watch this space for details.

> Steve Hillier

This year's participation competition for the Tom Rowley Award

Competition is well underway with points having been awarded in 27 events up to the start of last week. Six club members who have already accumulated ten or more points - Benita Scaife, John Scaife, Roderick Hoffman, Stephen Taylor, Steve Hillier, and Steve Newell. Five more are on eight or nine points. At the top it looks like being the usual three horse race with me edging Mr. Newell by a single points and Mr. Hillier one further point behind.

Four points for an organiser, one point for running and two for being a non-running volunteer. The next points scoring events are marked with a "#" in the calendar - In August the Speedbird Ladies Race, the Club Featured parkrun at Rickmansworth and the Langley Park Orienteering event.

Roderick Hoffman 

Recent Activity Achievements

I picked up on 19 club members and friends reporting recent activity achievements this week.

Colleague Activity Distance Course When Duration Comments
Andy Rayner Cycling 3.5miles Sun 00:16:55 Avoiding the heat where possible. Also Mon 11 July cycle 3.5 M=17m 9s, Thurs 14 July 4M XC stroll=no time. Fri 15 July cycle 3.5 M=18m 4s.
Barry Walters Running 6km Swinley Forest Sun 00:43:32 Ran a steady effort over Swinley forest this morning and was pleased to have plenty of shade on the run. Managed a quicker second half.
Ben Cooper Hike 3.39km North Cardiff Wed pm 01:11:45 My son's Cub Scouts group asked for parents to volunteer on a group hike so I duly obliged on Wednesday evening. 126m descent over ~3.5km at snail's pace .
Benita Scaife Running 4miles Thornham Magna, Suffolk Fri 00:45:00 Our activity was a woodland trail run in Thornham Magna, Suffolk.
Chris Kelly Running 22miles Henley and back Sun am 04:17:00 Up and over to Henley, found a new way avoiding more roads, and increasing nicer shadier running... 22 miles in 4:17 with 1248ft of up.
Clara Halket Running 4.17km Local Sun am 00:37:13 Got out for a short run at 05:30. The sun was just starting to lift. Did 10 laps of the local football field before walking back. Usually my warm-up before a proper run, but will have to do for now as I build my legs and distance slowly. Nice to be out at this time, nobody else about, not even dog walkers.
Denis Foxley Running Ruislip Woods and Lido Sun 01:00:00 Joan and I ran an hour slowly round Ruislip Woods and the Lido this morning. Distance not measured, too hot to worry about how far we were running.
Jacqui Haines Cycling 11.31km Downs to Shoreham Sun am 00:48:19 Lovely cycling along Downs link from Steyning to Shoreham on the coast in the sunshine and breeze.
Jain Reid Running 17.71km Richmond Park Sun am 02:02:48 Around Richmond Park and back. Fine in the shade but struggled in the sun up the hills in spite of getting up early. They've put some nice paths in on the steepest bits of the Tamsin trail. As ever Richmond Park is an absolute delight to run in.
Janet Smith parkrun 5km Wormwood Scrubs Sat am A bit of parkrun tourism at Wormwood Scrubs!!  I was throwing & officiating at the Linford Christie Stadium and seeing the parkrun was right there, it was too good an opportunity to miss   Had to be careful not to fall into big cracks in the paths.‍♀️
Joan Foxley Running Ruislip Woods and Lido Sun 01:00:00
John Scaife Running 4miles Thornham Magna, Suffolk Fri 00:45:00 Our activity was a woodland trail run in Thornham Magna, Suffolk.
Michael Ball Sprints Walton Wed Busy week 100 and 200 Wednesday at Walton then 100 at Bracknell on Saturday also helped raking the long jump pit.
Mike Dennison Running 16.1km Hounslow Green Spaces Sun am 01:22:39 10 miles at 7:30 this morning, a reasonably shady route round Hounslow Heath, Crane Park and Hanworth Park (where there was a bit of breeze), before timekeeping for junior parkrun…
Petra Otto Gym My usual gym, plus tailwalker at March parkrun.
Roderick Hoffman  Race 5km Langley Park Wed pm 00:32:10 Joe Nolan and I ran the last of the Summer Series. Joe overtook me on my tactical walk of the second hill but I edged him to finish in 46th place in 32:10. Joe finished 48th with 33:31. Over the series of three races me and Joe were 2nd and 3rd M60 respectively.
Simon Turton Running 3km Twyford Sun am 00:21:00 First run in several months after being given the all-clear by the foot consultant. No underlying issues with my foot. Appears lack of cushioning, under pronating and being a toe striker all contributed to the pain. Invested in some ASICS Gel pulse 13s; lovely. With the girls; and got told off by a local for running in the heat
Stephen Taylor Running 18miles Hammersmith Bridge and back Sat 03:12:36 My long slow run was down to Brentford and along to Hammersmith bridge and back, with an early start to stop me overheating. They have covered parts of the bridge in foil to stop them overheating.
Steve Hillier Running 8.7km Slough to Ditton Park Sun am 01:13:00 From Slough, through Lascelles, Upton Court and Ditton Parks to Ditton Park Manor, then back.  Tried to find maximum shade, but it didn't always work, and I also ran the gauntlet of a smoky remote-controlled helicopter.

Week Achievements

Roderick Hoffman

parkrun Results for Saturday 16th July 2022

39 activities are recorded this week. Please get in touch if your activity is missing. If [*] appears in the comment then please ensure that you have paid your subs and let me know.

Club parkrunner parkrun Run# Pos Time Age Grade Comment
Mike DENNISON Alice Holt 411 14 0:20:51 79.70% First run at Alice Holt. BA record male (from Barry) and grade (from Julie).
Maria JOVANI Alice Holt 411 45 0:23:19 68.76% First run at Alice Holt. 2nd lady. BA record lady by 4 seconds (from Julie).
Kevin HOLLAND Brooklands 106 179 0:37:39 49.49%
Ian CUNNINGHAM Bushy Park 885 784 0:32:45 48.55%
Ben CHAYTOW Crane Park 464 77 0:27:48 51.02%
Scott DAVISON Crane Park 464 83 0:28:25 52.32%
Jeremy SHORT Crane Park 464 89 0:29:10 55.49% 3 seconds faster than last week.
Joe NOLAN Crane Park 464 93 0:29:37 57.68%
Harjit Jhooti Donaupark 34 51 0:37:28 47.06% Austria. New BAAC country and parkrun #662
Trish MCCABE Edenbrook Country 13 164 0:28:08 56.46% A week away from getting Londone - for Fibonacci 13 [next needs a 55]. BA fastest lady.
Roderick HOFFMAN Edenbrook Country 13 207 0:29:58 54.00% My watch said 30:01, so I'll take the official time.
Anne Anderson Gunnersbury 478 424 0:54:22 54.75%
Alan ANDERSON Gunnersbury 478 425 0:54:31 47.97%
David DUGGAN Hanworth 95 37 0:33:28 48.75%
Benita SCAIFE Harleston Magpies 41 33 0:31:49 66.68% New BA parkrun #664.
John SCAIFE Harleston Magpies 41 34 0:31:50 54.19%
Joan FOXLEY Harrow 305 175 0:38:06 61.46%
Denis FOXLEY Harrow 305 Timekeeper at Harrow
John COFFEY Hazelwood 146 81 0:37:10 56.55% [*]
Adrian HAINES Horsham 344 16 0:20:06 76.45%
Petra OTTO March 260 106 0:50:51 43.07% Tail walker at March
Barry WALTERS Marlborough Common 116 57 0:30:36 55.34% Another new parkrun for Barry.
John TAYLOR Nova Prestatyn 50 7 0:21:20 73.28% Started the run nursing an injury…but still finished 7th. New BA parkrun #663.
Mark TAYLOR Nova Prestatyn 50 9 0:21:40 75.31%
Graham TAYLOR Nova Prestatyn 50 48 0:29:19 55.66%
Neil FREDIANI Prudhoe Riverside 219 84 0:34:41 48.34%
Murray Hogge Reading 558 37 0:21:02 76.94%
Ben Kelly Reading 558 88 0:23:19 55.33%
Christopher T KELLY Reading 558 89 0:23:20 67.00%
Jain REID Richmond Park 710 205 0:32:03 56.47% 15th consecutive parkrun. 100th parkrun - time to order a new shirt
Eddie GILES Salisbury 301 104 0:26:26 69.42%
Paul WATT Sandringham 41 7 0:21:14 73.63% On holiday in the Sandringham area. Best BA grade [David Cowen retains men's time]
Julie BARCLAY Sandringham 41 47 0:27:06 69.62% Fastest BA lady.
Vera Simms Sandringham 41 79 0:30:32 63.54%
Janice JONES Sandringham 41 96 0:32:33 55.61%
Ray HAMPTON Sheringham 429 154 0:35:55 55.92% [*] Last ten parkruns, since 2016, have all been at different venues.
Paul TIMMS Tetbury Goods Shed 92 23 0:22:56 69.33% Improves his own BA grade record.
Janet SMITH Wormwood Scrubs 502 84 0:37:32 48.89% First run at Wormwood Scrubs, ahead of officiating.
Melanie Miller York 418 488 0:59:19 29.73% I wonder why? Melanie now has 24 of the 25 available initial letters of parkrun names. Just the "Z" required.

parkrun report for week of 16th July 2022








This section deliberately left blank, because no one offered to write it.

Blue is the Colour, parkrun is our aim

Taylors on Tour

"Taylor brothers on tour again. Another different country, Wales, Prestatyn. John and Graham carrying injuries into the event, although John’s was during warm-up. So John started near the back with Graham, but he soon decided that it wasn’t that bad and finish 7th. The balloon was to celebrate the parkrun's 50th event, and someone had baked medals with “Parkrun 50” engraved. For info, there was a lady running who had done 79 consecutive park runs at all different venues, as was aiming to do 100 !!!!!."

Graham Taylor

Ed: Doing 100 different parkruns consecutively is impressive but more so if you do so from your first parkrun, called a "Bailey" after the first achiever - Alex Wilson had previously run at Isabel Trail several times before starting her run of different parkruns. At the event I ran, Edenbrook Country, there was a lady, Sue Conway, doing her 86th consecutive parkrun at a different venue so only 14 away from achieving her "Bailey". 41 runners have already achieved a "Bailey" (and 94 the "Hoffman" with 50 in 50).

Roderick adds:

A parkrun report this week might have focused on the different reasons for visiting particular parkruns. Many of us ran at our regular, local, home parkrun because, in short, that's what we want to do on a Saturday morning (though in Jain's case also to celebrate at home her 100th run). Others went to the nearest parkrun to where they are currently on family holiday. But many of us went further afield - Harjit to collect a new country, Melanie to collect a new initial letter, Trish for a specific event number and me so that I could walk a loop of the Basingstoke Canal as part of my Canalathon effort. It was by chance that Trish and I met...but I should still have taken a photograph!

Full club parkrun database - {read access to club parkrun database} - Download and explore.

Club Event Map: [Clickable link to Google Maps]

> Roderick Hoffman

Caption Competition

What is Adrian thinking or saying? Or perhaps someone chasing him has something to say? Or is it a shout from the crowd that has caught Adrian's attention?

Adrian Cation Competition photograph


"I could have sworn that this was the 800 metres!"

"I wonder what Jacqui has got us as a packed lunch?"

"I'm winning - is it Steve Cram in the commentary box?"

"Perhaps I should have a pre-race curry more often - they can't get close to me."

Runner number 2:

"Adrian's had a pre-race curry - we daren't get close to him."

From the crowd:

"Is your place available the first week of September?"

"It's BA on the phone - could you do the early shift tomorrow?"

[all of the above from me]

> Roderick Hoffman

Letters to the Editor


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