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BA Athletics Club News Digest 4th January 2022

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Events marked "#" are points scoring for the club's participation trophy - now for the 2022 title.

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This Week's Events

Please help me by sending in your results, for instance by filling in the tables below and forwarding to Some events will have "Prompts" set up in Facebook. These allow the posting of a single image and some text and make it easy to flip through everyone's entries.

Track-on-Field (by end of Sunday 9th January, to be reported on in the following digest):

Name Date 1500m time 800m time 400m time 200m time 100m time Comment:
              e.g. Location

Weekly Athletic Achievement (by late Sunday) or use the Facebook group prompt:

Participant Event Distance Location Day/Start Time or Duration Details or comment, and other achievements
e.g. Running

40th Anniversary Clothing

Our 40th Anniversary clothing is available to purchase - sweatshirts and a technical tee shirt. Both feature the 40th logo on the sleeve and the full club colours on the back. The club colours also feature on the front with a full image on the shirt (making them suitable as race shirts) and on the sweatshirts as a small image. The sweatshirts come in small, medium, large and extra large. The shirts come in a men's fit from small to extra-large and in a ladies fit from small to large. The ladies fit are slightly smaller than the equivalent sizes in the men's fit. The men's fit are longer - so if you are short and don't want a dress, choose the ladies fit. The price of the sweatshirts is £18 except that each paid-up club member can buy one sweatshirt for £10. The price of the tee shirts is £13 but again each paid-up club member can buy one shirt for £7. I'll also provide a free club logo bandanna with every order. There may be delivery costs also, but if we can arrange free delivery then we will.

Please let me know what shirts you may want and I can then discuss with you when and how I can get them to you. Payment will be via electronic transfer to the club's account the details of which I will send you.

So let me know how many tee shirts of what size and fit you are interested in and how many of each size for the sweatshirts. Also let me know where you are geographically.

> Roderick Hoffman


2021 Athletic Achievements and Targets for 2022

We had 32 listed last week and there are another 7 below. I've also had "Happy New Year all club member" messages from contacts including Chris Kelly and Malcolm Field.

2021 Achievement 2022 Target
Stephen Taylor My best for 2021 would undoubtedly be the London Marathon, it was just so good to be back at a mass event, running with other runners with the crowds cheering you on. I was pleased with my finish time and kept going to the end, overtaking lots in the last few miles so it felt like the training had paid off. For 2022 I've entered in to the Edinburgh Marathon which will be my first outside London but I need to sort out some injury niggles if I'm going to make it.
Paul Timms I only did two races in 2021, both 10Ks and neither were a PB.  However, I did manage to run 2,765km (53.2k average per week) in 2021 which is the most I’ve run in a year. Surprisingly, I didn’t have any injuries, which makes such a difference. Stay safe in 2022
Nick Edge I am unfortunately unable to run at all these days, having had the cartilage in both my knees removed some years ago. I can walk quite comfortably for 2 or 3 miles so I do get out and about. Let me know when you next plan a pub stop!
Michael Ball l would say that my most unusual run would be the naked 5k I did in September. My hope for next year is to become the v60 100mtrs and 60mtrs record holder for Woking AC and also have a successful injury free season.
Jagjit Singh I did 10 marathons in 10 days in Staines and Egham from 22/10/2021 to 31/10/2120. Over 2021 in total I completed 29 full marathons and raised over £3,300 for the Mayor of Hillingdon charities. I have already completed a full marathon this year (on 02/01/2022) on the Hillingdon Cycle Circuit, still this year rasing money for the same charity (until the end of April).
Dorothy Cook I have been walking round the village for up to 3 hours in the summer, and singing for 1 to 2 of them.  Indoors I am up to 10 modified press-ups, i.e. knees and hands touching the floor. The idea is to overcome / reduce the osteoporosis in one of my arms. Take care and keep active.
Bob Bannister Gaining a national ranking of 10th in the VM65 age group for 10,000 metres on the track. The qualifying race was at Wimbledon Park on 15th September and just a few weeks earlier on 15th August I gained a silver medal in the VM60 age group in the 5k Surrey County Championships, again at Wimbledon. During the year I also managed personal bests at 5k (22:01 at Osterley parkrun on 15/12) and 10 miles (01:19:35 at Great South Run on 17/10). My initial target for 2022 has for some time been to compete in the World Masters VM65 at Tampere in Finland in the summer. However, a recent diagnosis of osteoarthritis in my lower back may limit my ability to train properly to run competitively but I'll keep my options and targets open and see how the training goes over the coming months.

Roderick Hoffman

Round Heathrow photographRound Heathrow Run # 2021 Club Participation Outcome

Last Thursday, 30th December, Ian Cunningham and I met up for the traditional Christmas/New Year Round Heathrow Run. We ran together for the first half and then for the second I ran the standard second half so finishing the 12mile circuit in just over 2 1/4 hours and Ian ran the longer way via the canal for 17.5miles in just under 3 hours.

This was the last featured run in the club's 2021 Participation competition so Ian and I got the final points on offer.  No one else broke through the ten point barrier so I can confirm that across 2021 the 14 club members who contributed most to club participation at events were Amanda Coombs, Benita Scaife, Chris Kelly, Denis Foxley, Jain Reid, John Scaife, Julie Barclay, Mike Dennison, Paul Watt, Roderick Hoffman, Simon Turton, Stephen Taylor, Steve Hillier and Steve Newell.  One of these will be presented with the Tom Rowley Club Participation trophy but which one I'm not saying. That is for two reasons, partly to save the surprise for the club 2021 awards evening (pencilled in for the 23rd of March) but primarily because I'm not sure of the winner myself - it is so tight at the top, including with the table administrator (myself), so I'm needing to refer the results to others for checking and adjudication.

The first events of the 2022 Participation competition will be on January 15th with the Surrey League Cross Country matches.

Roderick Hoffman

Recent Activity Achievements

I picked up on 14 club members and friends reporting recent activity achievements.

Colleague Activity Distance Course When Duration Comments
Andy Rayner Fast walks 2miles local Mon-Thur Daily 2mile walks for four days of Christmas
Barry Walters Running 8km Lightwater Sun am 00:51:06 Did an easy run to Windlesham village and back home feeling quite good. Conditions were breezy and pleasantly mild.
Ben Cooper Running 8.46km Pontprennau Xmas eve 00:45:12 A steady Xmas eve effort for me. I had my booster on 28th and combined with terrible weather I've not had opportunity to run again. It will be interesting to see the impact of the festive feasts when next on the weighing scales
Benita Scaife Walking 7km To Cookham Sun am We walked to Cookham on a new route mostly following Strand Water which meanders across Cookham Moor and Widbrook Common before discharging into the Thames…
Clara Halket Walking 10.15km In my happy place! Sat am 01:47:10 Starting the New Year as I mean to carry on... in my happy place clocking up the miles. Think running has to take a back seat at the moment, walking it is then . Loving my walking boots
Ian Cunningham Running Round Heathrow Run Thur lunch See above.
Jagjit Singh  Race Marathon Hillingdon Cycle Circuit Sun See achievements above
Jain Reid parkrun 5km Richmond Park Sat am 00:34:13 After a long break from running I'm finally back. Albeit with a lot of walk breaks I managed 5k at Richmond Park parkrun - my first one in 10 months. Hoping to build from here. Excited for 2022.
John Scaife Walking 7km To Cookham Sun am ...This required us to head south towards Maidenhead in order to pick up the footpath going north. The mud enroute was plentiful but the weather was just right.
Michael Ball parkrun 5km Homewood Sat am 00:30:36
Petra Otto parkrun 5km Manor Field, Whittlesey Sat am Never mind the last two weeks - I finally got my butt moving again, rejoining my leisure centre last Thursday and, since then, did 3x gym, plus NYD Parkrun - 4x exercise in 4 days.
Piers Keenleyside  Race 10km Serpentine New Year's Day 10k, Hyde Park Sat 00:54:00 Was very mild yesterday and records were broken today with an official temperature of 16.3c in the adjacent St James' Park - almost felt like a summer's day. Also did the Serpentine "Last Friday of the Month" 5k on Friday in 26:35.
Roderick Hoffman Running 18.95km Round Heathrow Run Thur lunch 02:17:09 See above
Steve Hillier Running 6km Rayners Lane parks Mon am 00:43:43 The council have been doing some further flood avoidance work, and the result is a new footpath through Newton Park West, along the eastern arm of Yeading Brook.  I looped back via Roxbourne Park and the western arm.

Photos include some from the 2021 achievements lists.
Week Achievements

parkrun results for Saturday 1st January 2022

At least 35 of us started off 2022 well with an early morning parkrun or volunteer. I don't have information on how much sleep individuals got the previous night - though it was well under six hours for me and my sisters. Please get in touch if your activity is missing.

Club parkrunner parkrun Pos Time Age Grade PB? Comment
Melanie Miller Bartley Park 195 00:39:00 45.21% (and Token Sorting) BA Park #611
Barry WALTERS Basingstoke 177 00:29:53 56.66% first run at Basingstoke, park #49
David DUGGAN Bedfont Lakes 126 00:34:00 47.60%
Harjit Jhooti Bedfont Lakes 113 00:32:11 54.79%
Scott DAVISON Bedfont Lakes 68 00:28:41 51.42%
Julie BARCLAY Bethlem Royal Hospital 15 00:27:59 66.47% BA female and grade record
Paul WATT Bethlem Royal Hospital 4 00:23:56 64.76% BA male record, rapid recovery from last week's injury
Charlotte HABGOOD Brixworth Country 99 00:44:17 41.44% My other sister - visiting from Oz
Roderick HOFFMAN Brixworth Country 56 00:30:03 53.85% BA male record.
Sarah GORDON Brixworth Country 76 00:34:39 58.49% PB   PB by over 3 minutes, new club ladies record and grade record.
Andrew William Jordan Bushy Park 500 00:27:29 56.40%
Ben Chaytow Bushy Park 202 00:22:57 61.80% 20th run at Bushy, 2nd NYD, time better than 2016
Di Smith Bushy Park Marshal al Bushy
Ian CUNNINGHAM Bushy Park 805 00:32:09 49.46% With Janet and Kiki
Neil FREDIANI Chopwell Wood 92 00:34:07 48.71%
Alastair Heslop Guildford Run Director at Guildford
Joan FOXLEY Harrow 154 00:37:36 62.28%
Micheal BALL Homewood 88 00:30:36 51.96% run #178, 8th at Homewood
Keith Johnson Houghton Hall 62 00:28:08 52.84%
Maarten Stenham Lymington Woodside 16 00:23:52 58.94% PB   3rd run at Lymington Woodside Gardens, 42s improvement
Benita Scaife Maidenhead 222 00:34:47 60.09%
John Scaife Maidenhead 223 00:34:48 49.09%
Petra OTTO Manor Field, Whittlesey 56 00:48:47 44.89%
Anne Bannister Osterley 207 00:28:34 70.95%
Bob Bannister Osterley 69 00:23:36 71.05%
Maria Jovani Osterley 44 00:22:10 71.65%
Mike Dennison Osterley 8 00:19:54 82.75% best time and age grade for the club this week
Stephen K TAYLOR Osterley 162 00:27:01 58.36%
Steve NEWELL Osterley 417 00:46:01 42.74% 10th appearance at Osterley, 3rd NYD
Trish MCCABE Osterley 228 00:29:05 54.10% run #345, 27th run at Osterley but first time on NYD
Christopher T KELLY Reading 29 00:24:07 64.27% Run #498
Murray HOGGE Reading 11 00:21:58 73.67%
Jain Reid Richmond Park 294 00:35:02 51.67% First run since restart
Jacqueline MUSSELWHITE Rushmoor 108 00:25:57 67.12% run #111, 8th at Rushmoor
Janet Smith Sandhurst Memorial 111 00:39:52 46.03% run #127, first at Sandhurst, park #45


We have known for some time that the NYD parkrun experience this time round would be a little different.  With 1st January falling on a Saturday it could have been business as usual but several core teams decided to take a rest especially if they had operated on Christmas Day.  For once-a-week parkrunners the excuse of over over-exercising didn’t apply for once but whatever the official line about parkrun being a benefit rather than a hindrance to good health some people will have understandably stayed away from what are often crowded occasions.  The 0900 starting time may have been a challenge for those partying into the small hours, in past years there have been many 1030 options available as well but not this year.

In UK, Christmas Day attracted almost 76,000 runners spread over 362 events against the 103,000 at 762 events the previous Saturday. New Year’s Day witnessed 499 5km parkruns and 97,405 runners.

With several parkruns in West London (e.g. Gunnersbury, Northala Fields, Crane Park. Wormwood Scrubs) not being held, Osterley Park attracted the biggest group of our members with Mike Dennison (19:54, 82.75%) achieving a top 10 finish and the best time and age grades of the day.  Trish McCabe (29:05) was at Osterley for New Year for the first time with her usual choice of a Bushy/Crane Park double not on the menu this year.

Our other runner with a top ten finish was Paul Watt (23:56), 4th at Bethlem Royal Hospital.  That is less than half the time he took to limp to the finish at Old Deer Park last week.  There were PBs for Maarten Stenham (23:52) at Lymington Woodside, and Sarah Gordon (34:39) at Brixworth Country.

Melanie Miller (39:00) ran at a new venue for the club at Bartley Park in Southampton which only started the week before Christmas so 51 parks for her and 611 now for the club.  She helped sort the finish tokens out afterwards as well so she’ll be invited back! Roderick Hoffman (30:03) set a new club record at Brixworth Country in Northamptonshire as he notched up his 314th different park.

Life is a bit uncertain at the moment so trying to predict more than a week ahead can bring frustration and disappointment – so avoid it!  Relax! Suffice it to say that Chris Kelly (24:07) was at Reading to record his 498th parkrun finish this week and hopes to complete his 500 later in the month. See below, but watch this space. 

Steve Newell

Full club parkrun database - {read access to club parkrun database} - Download and explore (this is where I get most of my club stats from).

Club Event Map: [Clickable link to Google Maps]

Chris Kelly's current plan is to run his 500th parkrun on Saturday 22nd January at Reading parkrun. Obviously things may not go to plan, but if they do we would like members to support Chris becoming our second club member of the parkrun "500 club" (after Alan Anderson). However, that would create a bit of a dilemma for us since we had pencilled in Gunnersbury to be a Club Featured parkrun on that Saturday, and at least one of our members is listed on the Gunnersbury volunteer roster for that date. The club's philosophy with parkrun is that we don't tell members which parkrun to do, we encourage both local parkrun support and parkrun tourism and will point out opportunities for club participation. So we have decided that for the 22nd January we will have both Gunnersbury and Reading as Club Featured parkruns - feel free to join some of us at either of these, or run your local parkrun, or run any parkrun; your decision.

Note that Steve is expecting to be away for the next couple of weeks so the weekly report is likely to be down to me - unless anyone else would like to volunteer (the process is that I extract the club's results on the Saturday, then Steve writes the report based on the weekly results on the Sunday or Monday).

Roderick Hoffman

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