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BA Athletics Club News Digest 30th July 2018


  • Wednesday 1st August - Vets T&F match at Perivale # AND informal club evening at The Bedfont Club (run & drink)
  • Thursday 2nd August - August Dream Mile from 12:45 Bath Road
  • Saturday 11th August - Club Featured parkrun - Dinton Pastures (Reading) - See below

New members and potential members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events. The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml. Last updated: First week of July.

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BAAC Annual General Meeting Wednesday 25th July - Chairman's Editorial

I've now been Chairman for 18 months and at the AGM I was elected unopposed for another 12.  Over the last 18 months the total number of members has increased, the financial position has improved, we've moved from having no base to having a base at The Bedfont Club and some of the events that we host have shown relatively high turnouts. It sounds therefore that I'm probably doing something right...or it could be that it is an easy job and I've a good team around me.  I did make it clear that by the next AGM I'm hoping that someone (or someones) can do what I did a few years ago and come out of the shadows and shake up the committee and the way that we are running the club - I'm confident that the club now has the level of stability that would enable some shaking of the tree!

So...think about what you want from the club and what you can do to make it happen.

Roderick Hoffman (Chairman)

The minutes from the meeting will be available from a future digest. There are no radical changes of direction for the club.

This Wedneday

Some of us will be competing at Perivale in the final Veterans match of the year (more details - see below).  Others will be having an informal run and social at the Bedfont Club.  We'll also meet at the Bedfont Club on other Wednesday's throughout August other than the 22nd (BBQ - see below).  Contact me if you need to be reminded of any details of the Bedfont Club (or check the back issues of this digest).

Roderick Hoffman

Vets League Track & Field, Battersea, 18th June 2018

Our third Vets League fixture took us back to leafy Battersea Park, surrounded by keen tennis players, the looming power station and the drone of aircraft descending into London City Airport.  Our team had grown from the previous event, to just two men, but four ladies.  Was a relay entry on the cards?  Only time and exhaustion would tell.

For the first time this season, we fielded four athletes in different categories in one event: in the 100m, Julie Barclay dropped down two age groups to ensure we collected good points.  In the 400m, Christine Munden led us out, while Jacqui Musselwhite took BAAC’s first victory of the evening with a blistering 72.1 seconds.

The longer track events saw Julie and Paul Watt once again achieving similar times in the 1500m, Paul just coming out on top this time in a crowded men’s race.  Janet Smith chose to test her hips and back in the 2000m walk, picking up more valuable points.

In the field, Janet had a great evening in the Hammer, with a huge win over second place, then three team members tackled the javelin.

The evening closed with an exciting ladies’ 4 x 400m.  Our determined team of four returned for one more effort in the heat, Jacqui dipping at the line at the end of this gruelling event to try and claim an improved place.

Event BAAC Athlete Age groupDistance/Time Place
100m W35A Julie Barclay W55 16.8 5th
100m W35B Christine Munden W40 19.6 5th
100m W50 Jacqui Musselwhite W50 15.7 2nd
100m M60 Steve Hillier M60 17.3 6th
400m W35A Christine Munden W40 93.2 5th
400m W50 Jacqui Musselwhite W50 72.1 1st
400m M50 Paul Watt M50 69.5 5th
1500m W50 Julie Barclay W55 05:56.8 3rd
1500m M50 Paul Watt M50 05:53.3 7th
2000m walk W50 Janet Smith W50 16:39.7 4th
4 x 400m Ladies Julie, Christine, Janet, Jacqui W 06:15.4 4th
Hammer W50 Janet Smith W50 43.26 1st
Hammer M60 Steve Hillier M60 16.88 5th
Javelin W35 Christine Munden W35 8.65 5th
Javelin W50 Janet Smith W50 18.53 2nd
Javelin M60 Steve Hillier M60 17.12 5th

It was an enjoyable evening.  There is only one more to go, at Perivale on Wednesday 1st August.  Everyone is welcome, and there will be a slot for you in the programme.

Steve Hillier

AGM Wraysbury Sailing Base Mile results 2018 - Wednesday 25th July

For a second year the pre-AGM mile race was held around the Sailing Base boat park and lakefront path. The lap has been measured at 322 metres. The temperature was in excess of 30 deg C at 6.30 p.m. and everyone was 3%-5% slower. Gary Rushmer's course record of 6:08 set in 2017 still stands.

Runner 2018 Result lap 1 lap2 lap3 lap4 lap5 2017
Simon Turton 6:35 1:15 1:18 1:19 1:21 1:22 6:24
Brian Bennett 8:04 1:31 1:36 1:38 1:40 1:39
Roderick Hoffman 8:45 1:39 1:45 1:47 1:47 1:47 8:19
Steve Hillier 9:12 1:45 1:55 1:54 1:55 1:43 8:55
Helen Smith 9:13 1:52 1:51 1:49 1:52 1:49
Alan Anderson 10:45 1:52 2:14 2:13 2:12 2:14 10:13
Steve Newell 10:51 1:56 2:11 2:14 2:18 2:12 10:26

Thanks to Harry Wild and Paul Brandon for acting as officials.

Steve Newell

World Airline Road Race Sept 2018 updates #

At least 17 are signed up with the BA Team - twelve of them as airline runners and five as non-airline (Piers, Clara, Tim, Michelle, Megan, Finbarr, John S, Caroline, Anthony, Steve N, Jane, John T, James, Ian, Richard & Bridget).  From this week I'll be communicating with the team separately to this digest.  If you would like to be copied in then please let me know. 

Roderick Hoffman {}

Club BBQ - Wednesday August 22nd at Harmondsworth

It is nearly time for our annual BBQ.  We will be holding this on Harmondsworth Moor on Wednesday 22nd August and will have a fun/training event beforehand. Now that the hot weather has broken we can talk about the possibility of rain disrupting our plans - in the event of inclement weather we would have the option of retreating to the Five Bells.

This is a first call to anyone who is willing to help with either the BBQ or the event beforehand.  Please get in touch - it can't happen without you.

Roderick Hoffman

Club parkrun results for Saturday 28th July 2018

28th Julyparkrunner Time parkrun Comment Age Grade
Julie Barclay 21:47 Stratford-upon-Avon F-1, park #23, club rec (all genders) 82%
Paul Watt 22:43 Stratford-upon-Avon run #82, 1st at Stratford-upon-Avon, club rec (M) 67%
Kay Trinder 21:10 Littleport 1st run at Littleport, F-1, =agecatrec, club rec 81%
Steve Newell 38:25 Foots Cray Meadows London park #53 (Lon-Done, again) 49%
Danny Norman 23:17 Foots Cray Meadows run #599, park #254 58%
Jonathan Pegg 39:20 Foots Cray Meadows park #200 38%
Roderick Hoffman 30:11 Clumber Park 1st run at Clumber 52%
Bob Winning 38:35 Llanerchaeron run #186, park #11 56%
Linda Winning 36:59 Llanerchaeron run #180, park #11 62%
Bob Bannister 26:19 Bedfont Lakes run #322 62%
Caroline Cockram 27:18 Bedfont Lakes run #323 61%
Ian Cockram 26:30 Bedfont Lakes pacer, run #441 56%
Scott Davison 23:19 Bedfont Lakes run #262 62%
David Duggan 30:57 Bedfont Lakes pacer, run #263 51%
Maria Jovani 22:36 Bedfont Lakes pacer, run #236 69%
John Lennon 28:51 Bedfont Lakes run #274 54%
Trish McCabe 28:36 Bedfont Lakes run #246, 154th at Bedfont 54%
Zoe Ostley 37:05 Bedfont Lakes run #215, 151st at Bedfont 49%
Ian Cunningham 26:10 Bushy Park 280th run at Bushy Park 59%
Gareth Snook 22:17 Cardiff run #20, 14th at Cardiff 70%
Jonathan Cox 26:43 Crane Park run #364, 69th at Crane Park 59%
Alan Anderson 36:30 Gunnersbury run #519 62%
Piers Keenleyside 50:48 Gunnersbury tailwalker 32%
Lesley Chamberlin 26:43 Hazelwood 5th run at Hazelwood 71%
John Coffey 28:45 Hazelwood 16th run at Hazelwood 67%
Benita Scaife 31:58 Maidenhead run #120, 63rd at Maidenhead 62%
Petra Otto 42:52 March run #55, 44th at March 48%
Alan Friar 29:48 Reading run #255, 167th at Reading 62%
Chris Kelly 20:50 Reading run #392, 306th at Reading 73%
Denis Foxley 28:50 Rickmansworth 8th run at Rickmansworth 60%
Joan Foxley 38:00 Rickmansworth 12th run at Rickmansworth 58%
Anne Bannister volunteer Bedfont Lakes marshal
Ben Chaytow volunteer Crane Park run director
Tom Rowley volunteer Woking marshal

The parkrun 500 club which currently has 22 members is about to expand dramatically with no fewer than ten runners now into the “four nineties”.  The records of runners graduating imminently help to illustrate how parkrun has now successfully colonised the provinces and consolidated itself nationwide. Brian Platt (499) has run mostly in the northeast Cheshire area and just once at Bushy.  Heather Pearson (498) runs mainly in Yorkshire and has never been to Bushy and only Stewart Holmes (499) is from the old establishment with over 490 of his runs having been at Bushy, Kingston, Richmond, Crane and Old Deer Park.

There have been a couple of changes involving long term members which have affected our statistics.  Simon Ashford is still a member but now appears in parkrun results under Hitchin AC and a few of his runs this year were not picked up.  One that was missed was at St Andrews (24:51, 19th May) and this has been added to our club total which was up to 429 before this Saturday’s results came in.  Piers Keenleyside resigned from 1 April but has rejoined again this week.  His run at Jamaica Pond in Boston in mid-April cannot be counted.

The weather seemed to be on the point of breaking this weekend but there was a good gathering of our members at Bedfont Lakes where several volunteered to be pacers.  Julie Barclay (21:47) and Paul Watt (22:43) travelled to Stratford-upon-Avon to take in a performance of Romeo and Juliet.  Events turned out better for our runners than the Shakespearean lead characters, coming away uninjured and with club records to boot.  Kay Trinder (21:10) was at Littleport in Cambridgeshire for the first time, was first lady across the line, equalled the record for her age category and set a new club record.

Steve Newell (38:25) travelled to Foots Cray Meadows (LB Bexley) to maintain his LonDone status and found himself in the company of parkrun legend Danny Norman doing his 599th run and 254th park.  Even more than Roderick Hoffman (30:11) who was at Clumber Park (Notts)(National Trust)) for the first time to notch up his 238th park and maintain his place in the top 20 parkrun tourists (worldwide).

Former members Bob (38:35) and Linda Winning (36:59) who were at Bushy Park at the beginning of the month were back in Wales to try the fairly recently launched Llanerchaeron parkrun for the first time.  The riverside course is also held on National Trust land and close to the Irish Sea coast.

Steve Newell

Updated parkrun stats - club parkrun stats

parkrun Stats

On the subject of the members of the 500 club the Facebook parkrun statsgeek group discussed who might have spent longer running parkruns than anyone else. I can offer you three data points:

  • Darren Wood, with most parkruns at 678, has spent 242 hours and 20 minutes parkrunning,
  • Alan Anderson, on 519, has spent longer, 247 hours and 25 minutes parkrunning,
  • Patricia Cue, on 492 runs, has spent longer still with over 277 hours parkrunning.

These are long times - but not ridiculously long, Alan has only spent ten and a quarter days of his long life running parkruns (this is ignoring travelling time, course set-up and take-down times, recovery etc.). Is that about the same as spending eleven months watching Eastenders? But less painful?

Club Featured parkrun for Saturday 11th August - Dinton Pastures

A parkrun so new even I haven't run it!  August 11th will be the 5th running of Dinton Pastures parkrun ( This is on the nearside of Reading, just off the M4, and so about a 35 minute drive from Hatton Cross. The name may sound familiar to parkrunners because Dinton Pastures used to be the venue for the Reading parkrun when the Thames flooded the normal Reading course. But please note that the start/finish area is different from the one that Reading parkrun used - head for postcode RG10 0TH and then Dinton Pastures Country Park and the Dragonfly Cafe. If anyone needs a lift from the Hatton Cross area (which will also reduce the net carpark charge) please let me know.

From now on, if/when the Thames floods you can expect Reading parkrun to be cancelled and the Reading parkrunners will be free to visit whichever parkrun they wish - with three others now in the Reading area and others nearby.

Roderick Hoffman

New Parkruns

There will be no shortages of new parkruns to visit over the next month or so.  Long in the planning, Loughborough (or more specifically "Dishley, Loughborough") was one of two UK parkruns to start last Saturday and I'm aware of eleven other new ones starting in the UK across August. I'm not saying in print where or when but there will be some interesting new places to visit for Saturday morning runs.

There is also a parkrun starting soon in the USA which will get some travellers excited - it is in New York State on the road from New York to Philadelphia ( ). If you are heading that way, then it starts on 18th August.

Roderick Hoffman

Ride London; View from the back….. (of the shuttle crossing that is, not the ride!)

As you’ll know I’ve been the BAAC co-ordinator for London Marathon events for many years and have been grateful to Clara for picking up the Vitality 10km volunteer organisation and Steve for the Prudential Ride London. Whilst I had experience of the former, I’d never been to the latter since its inception in 2013 so signed up to help.

Ride London MarshalsIt was nice to take a backseat for once and Steve kicked the day off with a pre-brief, kit allocation and a plan for where we’d all be helping. Packed lunches were delayed but Steve was on the case! So by 09:30 I was in the company of Trish, Zoe and Guilaine {pictured, from Trish's Facebook page} manning the south side entry / exit point of the shuttle on Whitehall.

If you’re familiar with the shuttles at the marathon, you’ll know that the team lead invariably instigates the sweeps but Ride London is different in that the sweep actually controls the direction of travel past not just one crossing on Whitehall, but three and if they’re not co-ordinated….. well, safe to say bikes and people coming together wouldn’t make a pretty sight. Step in Bandeep from SFM Security, who’s role was to make sure all the crossings were in sync.

And so the day progressed, through the rain & wind and then a reasonably dry afternoon; before the drizzle returned. There was great camaraderie in the team and we were able to take breaks to stretch our legs. Not surprisingly spectator numbers were down but bemused tourists kept us on our toes and tested our knowledge of the London sights. By mid-afternoon bikes outnumbered people in the pen as weary cyclists made their way home; most in good humour and understanding of why they had to wait to cross.

Yes, it was a long day, but it was enjoyable; fab. company, nice food (the packed lunches turned up!) and the cyclists were grateful for the time the volunteers had given to allow safe passage around course. We also had a good spot to watch the professionals flying through. So thank you Steve and team, great job!

Simon Turton

Wedding Day 7k - Friday 27th July

A good turnout of nine BA runners for the Wedding Day 7k on Friday evening and Joe Nolan on supporting duties. I also grabbed a quick chat with Bill Byrne as he passed me in the closing stages! As ever a high quality field (first woman was Mara Yamauchi in 26:41). We all enjoyed the rain shower at the start to cool everyone down!

Place Time Name Team Category Number Grading
133 00:30:38 Ian Cunningham British Airways AC Vet Men 50-59 138 70.43
190 00:32:13 Scott Davison British Airways AC Vet Men 40-49 161 62.78
200 00:32:40 Ben Chaytow British Airways AC Vet Men 40-49 101 59.22
235 00:33:43 Ian Cockram British Airways AC Vet Men 50-59 115 61.90
271 00:35:05 Caroline Cockram British Airways AC Vet Ladies 45-54 114 66.32
346 00:38:17 Lesley Chamberlin British Airways AC Vet Ladies 55-64 96 67.09
368 00:39:12 Trish McCabe British Airways AC Vet Ladies 35-44 402 55.38
455 00:43:37 Jasvir Singh Modaher British Airways AC Vet Men 60-69 429 52.25
548 00:50:22 Zoe Ostley British Airways AC Vet Ladies 55-64 462 49.41

Ian Cunningham

Tom's Diary

Wed.25th: Julie Barclay and Paul Watt nipped down to run the Lakeside 5k Portsmouth. This is a series of five races during the summer months.  Both have run four with Julie sure of the 0/50 award with two 1st and two 2nd places with one more race to go. Paul is in 2nd position at moment and looks like going down to the wire for first place.

On the day Julie was 2nd 0/50 (57th o/a) in 22.15; Paul very pleased to get a run in owing to niggling calves, finished 2nd 0/50 (62 o/a) in 22.51, 98 finished.

Paul/Julie headed to Stratford Friday to see a Romeo/Juliet show and stopped overnight so took in the local Stratford-upon-Avon parkrun before returning.  Both pleased they did, Julie finished 1st lady (43rd o/a) in 21.47 - an 0/55 PB and 82%.  Paul well pleased he was able to run two races in 3 days with no after affects either.  Paul was 65th in 22.43, 295 finished.

Julie’s training partner, Kay Trinder, on a week-end family visit to Cambridge (Ely) checked the parkrun website and found Littleport.  She also found the same form as Julie by finishing 1st lady(20th o/a) in 21.10, an 81% performance.

Tom Rowley

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