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BA Athletics Club News Digest 26th November 2018


  • Saturday 1st December Club Featured parkrun at Fulham Palace at 09:00 #.
  • Sunday 2nd December - Run of the Month the Perivale Five #. See perivale_5 but note that this event is already sold-out. It may be possible to get a late entry as a club favour but you might have to offer to transport the club clock to or from the event to earn this!
  • Thursday 6th December Bath Road Dream Mile (with Christmas treats) and/or Retired Runners' Lunch

New members and potential members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events. The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml. Last updated: First week of October.

* Club Event Map: [Clickable link to Google Maps] (parkrun details updated 2nd week of October) / # Club Points event.

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Still travelling...

I'm still away next Mondays so can't guarantee to get digests out on time or with memory-hungry pictures. But you can help by sending me prepared copy by the end of Sunday.  >>>Roderick Hoffman

If you want to use the changing rooms at the Bedfont Club THIS WEDNESDAY (28th November) please contact Steve Newell in advance since he has the keys and probably won't attend if no one else plans to. >>> Steve Newell

Winter Five-Mile Handicap at the Bedfont Club - second run 21st November #

A seriously chilly moonlit evening with an easterly breeze greeted a bigger turnout than previously at Bedfont.  Some runners are now getting familiar with the course although newcomers are still encountering navigational difficulties.  A bigger map for first timers will be available next time.

Maarten Stenham (36:40) and Simon Turton (38:12) are showing speed and consistency and top the league table after two runs.
Paul Davis set off last and very fast but went off course and didn't complete.  Thanks to Kelly Davis for helping with the timekeeping on this occasion.

runner target elapsed diff rank determ't ranking pts this brought forward carried forward next target clock start clock finish
Maarten Stenham 37:00 36:40 0:20 0:20 1 25 18 43 36:30 01:37:00 01:00:20
Simon Turton 37:45 38:12 0:27 0:54 3 18 25 43 38:00 01:38:00 00:59:48
Lydia Bennett (F) 50:00 50:23 0:23 0:46 2 21 15 36 50:30 01:47:00 00:56:37
Trish McCabe(F) 50:00 48:25 1:35 1:35 4 16 15 31 48:30 01:47:00 00:58:35
Neil Frediani 44:00 41:42 2:18 2:18 5 15 13 28 41:30 01:43:30 01:01:48
Richard Ruffell 43:00 40:42 2:18 2:18 5 15 0 15 40:30 01:42:30 01:01:48
Steve Hillier 52:15 53:34 1:19 2:38 7 13 0 13 53:30 01:50:00 00:56:26
Benita Scaife (F) 52:15 53:34 1:19 2:38 7 13 0 13 53:30 01:50:00 00:56:26
John Scaife 52:15 53:34 1:19 2:38 7 13 0 13 53:30 01:50:00 00:56:26
Alan Friar 52:15 54:35 2:20 4:40 10 10 0 10 54:30 01:50:00 00:55:25
Paul Davis 35:00 20:00 dnf 1 0 1 35:00 01:35:00 course violation
Harry Wild walk 45:00

The next run is Wednesday 12th December from 6 p.m. again with starts staggered to produce a good chase up Hatton Road in the minutes leading up to 7 p.m.

Midweek football matches are usually played on Tuesdays but Bedfont was busier than usual for a Wednesday as this week was the first round of the Middlesex FA Premier Cup with ground sharers Bedfont & Feltham FC and British Airways (Saturday) FC both being drawn at home.  Bedfont played on Tuesday and won after extra time.  British Airways played on Wednesday and lost to Enfield Borough 5-1 in 90 minutes.  Sharing the changing room worked out amicably (I just hope we left enough hot water for our fellow club team).  As the season progresses there is a diminishing possibility that this could happen again.

Steve Newell

Club parkrun results for Saturday 24th November 2018

24th Novemberparkrunner Time parkrun Comment Age Grade
David Duggan 28:05 Clermont Waterfront 22nd Nov - Thanksgiving Day special event * 56%
David Duggan 28:46 Depot, Gainsville 1st run at Depot, 2nd in age category 55%
Kay Trinder 21:04 Brooklands 1st run at Brooklands, age category record 83%
Julie Barclay 22:16 Brooklands 1st run at Brooklands, age category record 80%
Ian Cunningham 22:34 Brooklands 1st run at Brooklands, 2nd in age category 69%
Paul Watt 24:02 Brooklands 1st run at Brooklands, 5th in age category 63%
Michael Ball 24:29 Brooklands run#2 at Brooklands (pb), 6th in age category 63%
Janet Cunningham 29:40 Brooklands 1st run at Brooklands, 4th in age category 61%
Michael Waine 20:35 Brooklands former member, 2nd in age category 79%
Anne Bannister 29:21 Bedfont Lakes 148th run at Bedfont, 1st in age category 66%
Alice Banks 26:37 Dinton Pastures 1st run at Dinton Pastures, age cat record 74%
Richard Ruffell 21:30 Gladstone Park run #1 at Gladstone, park #81, club record, agecat-1 73%
Steve Newell 35:07 Gunnersbury 134th run at Gunnersbury, 1st in age category 53%
Alan Anderson  1:02:56 Gunnersbury tail walker & course clear up 36%
John Coffey 28:10 Hazelwood 30th run at Hazelwood, 1st in age category 68%
Chris Kelly 21:07 Reading 317th run at Reading, 1st in age category 72%
Bob Bannister 24:34 Bedfont Lakes 280th run at Bedfont, 2nd in age category 66%
Caroline Cockram 25:55 Bedfont Lakes 194th run at Bedfont, 2nd in age category 64%
Simon Turton 24:18 Henley 1st run at Henley, 2nd in age category 62%
Trish McCabe 27:43 Osterley Park 9th run at Osterley, 2nd in age category 56%
Paul Timms 45:26 Cirencester 14th run at Cirencester, 3rd in age category 60%
Denis Foxley 28:48 Harrow 99th run at Harrow , 3rd in age category 61%
Joan Foxley 39:08 Harrow 103rd run at Harrow, 3rd in age category 56%
Benita Scaife 31:18 Medina, IOW 1st run at Medina, 3rd in age category 64%
Steve Taylor 24:48 Northala Fields 70th run at Northala, 3rd in age category 62%
Chris Evans 23:18 Bedfont Lakes 212th run at Bedfont, 6th in age category 65%
Paul Davis 23:41 Bedfont Lakes 89th run at Bedfont, 5th in age category 57%
Ian Cockram 26:54 Bedfont Lakes 27' pacer, 13th in age category 55%
John Lennon 29:42 Bedfont Lakes 239th run at Bedfont, 12th in age category 53%
John Scaife 31:21 Medina, IOW 1st run at Medina, 8th in age category 53%
Roderick Hoffman 29:17 Queens Domain first run in Tasmania, 4th in age category 54%
Jain Reid 29:26 Richmond Park 35th run at Richmond, 7th in age category 58%
Piers Keenleyside 29:55 Stratford-upon-Avon "1st" run at Stratford, 5th in age category 54%
Kathryn Keenleyside 37:47 Stratford-upon-Avon 1st run at Stratford, 5th in age category 52%
Zoe Ostley volunteer Bedfont Lakes funnel manager

David Duggan is now odd-on favourite to be the first member to reach 50 runs this year as he was in Florida this week and ran at Clermont Waterfront (28:05) on Thanksgiving Day, rested up on Black Friday and then arrived at Depot Park in Gainsville (BApark #456) in time for the 7.30 a.m. start on Saturday.  He is now on 48 runs, two ahead of Alan Anderson.

Our Woking based group went mobhanded to Brooklands parkrun week#2 watched over by coach Tom Rowley who reports it is an excellent course for spectators even in horrible weather! Kay Trinder (21:04) set a new (all genders) club record and an age category record.  Julie Barclay (22:16) also set an age category record.  Ian Cunningham (22:34) set a new male club record.

Alice Banks (26:37) went to Dinton Pastures for the first time and set a new age category record and club female record.  Richard Ruffell (21:30) went to Gladstone Park (Dollis Hill), was first in his age category and set a new club record.  He has now visited 81 different parks.

Before this weekend, Simon Turton’s parkrun career had been confined to four appearances in the immediate afterglow of the 2012 Olympics.  Well he is back with an intrepid visit (24:18) to the far from easy course at Henley-on-Thames and promises he won’t let six years clock by before he runs again.  Perhaps some of our other slumbering giants could take some inspiration from this.

Roderick Hoffman (29:17) has moved on to Tasmania and Queens Domain parkrun by the Botanical Gardens in northern Hobart.  Not quite as far as New Zealand but one of the furthest flung parkruns nevertheless.

Steve Newell

Updated parkrun stats - club parkrun stats

Club Featured parkrun - Saturday 1st December Fulham Palace

Next Saturday we have a club featured parkrun at Fulham Palace.  Essentially three fast flat tarmac laps with a chicane and one very sharp corner to negotiate.  The nearest underground stations are at Hammersmith and the South Western Railway serves Putney (but check for strikes and weekend engineering before travelling -  Several bus routes go near Putney Bridge.  Car parking is available for a fee in streets near Bishops Park but is free on Saturdays in the area between Fulham Palace Road and the river opposite Charing Cross Hospital to the north of Crabtree Lane (a useful warm-up jog away).  There are toilets near the start and a good café close to the finish.

Steve Newell

* Bonus parkruns...

For those addicted to parkrun it is possible to do more than 52 parkruns over the calendar year.  Most of us know about Christmas Day and the New Year double possibility but in fact each parkrun country is able to nominate one special day per year for its bonus parkrun - in the UK the bonus parkrun is on Christmas Day but in the States it is on Thanksgiving Day, enabling David to count two parkruns this last week. The following is a list of all of the possible days next year on which somewhere in the world there may be a bonus parkrun.  It is still up to each individual parkrun to decide whether or not to operate on their country's bonus day.

  • Tue 2019-01-01 New Year's Day
  • Tue 2019-01-01 New Year's Day permitted second run
  • Mon 2019-01-07 Orthodox Christmas (special day for Russia)
  • Tue 2019-02-05 Chinese New Year (Singapore)
  • Thu 2019-06-06 National Day of Sweden (Sweden)
  • Mon 2019-07-01 Canada Day (Canada)
  • Mon 2019-09-16 Malaysia Day (Malaysia)
  • Thu 2019-11-28 Thanksgiving (USA)
  • Tue 2019-12-24 Christmas Eve (Denmark, Finland, Norway)
  • Wed 2019-12-25 Christmas Day (Australia, France, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, South Africa, UK)
  • Thu 2019-12-26 Boxing Day (Germany, Poland)

Note that New Year's Day is the only day that parkrun will permit you to record two runs.  Whilst it could be possible for you to record two finishes on the same day across different countries or with different start times parkrun have now said that they will enforce the deletion of your second time.  This is on safety and insurance reasons - parkrun do not want to be seen condoning people dashing between parkruns other than on New Year's Day when the roads are quiet.  In the past there has been a Danish Double allowed, and I've done a Polish Double, but these are not expected in future. 

Roderick Hoffman

Simon Says...

If you're a regular parkrunner you'll notice a name this week you haven't seen for a while.... mine! It's become evident that since the reduction in frequency of Wednesday evening club runs my speed has decreased and it can't all be age related. So in conjunction with track training on Monday at Uxbridge (all welcome) and the establishing of the Club's new base at Bedfont, I thought a parkrun a month might help. Why Henley? it's one of the closest runs to home and I liked the idea of a pure XC course; albeit I wasn't expecting the hill to be so brutal (twice!). It certainly helped clear away the cobwebs and gave me a base to build on. Incidentally, first parkrun in six years, to the day; pure coincidence.

Regards, Simon Turton 

Tom Says...

I visited the Brooklands parkrun on Saturday for the first time.  As a spectator - excellent as you can see the runners over 50% of the course plus they pass closely 4 times.  Parking within 100m of the start/finish.  Owing to the weather I did not check toilets/cafe.  A couple of our lads ran while their wives went shopping in Marks and Spencer and Tesco 200m away.

Chatted to Ian/Janet Cunningham who both enjoyed the course and did not let the drizzle spoil their run and like Julie/Paul/Kay all first timers. Michael Ball having his second outing ran a PB.  18 Woking Athletic Club members gave Woking a miss, many for the second time; general opinion of course is many “LIKES”.

Kay and Julie took over their age group course rec.  
That’s it,
Next event for Julie/Paul Saturday 8th December, Osterley Park 10k. May see other BA members there.

Tom Rowley

Last calls...

...Retired runners' lunch

The annual retired runners' lunch will be held at the familiar venue of the Fullers pub, One-over-the-Ait at Kew Bridge (Middlesex side) from 1 p.m. on Thursday 6th December. If you haven't already confirmed with Steve Newell that you plan to attend please do so during the coming week.  No deposit required.

Steve Newell

 ...KLM beach run (December 15th)

Last call for me to arrange dinner tickets for this event - I'm currently getting tickets for myself, Gareth Snook and Tim Bellars. Anyone else who intends to join us for the run and/or dinner please let me know soon.  See the previous digest for full information on the event:

Event summary...

The location of the beach/dune run is Langevelderslag +/- 20 km south west of Schiphol airport. The race distances are 6km and 10km. The start of our event is at 15:00 for the 6km and 15:10 for the 10km (14:30 children's run).  The course goes north following a winding footpath through the dunes before returning along the beach. The 6km runners finish after one lap; the 10km runners will run an additional smaller loop.  There are awards for male seniors and masters, female seniors and masters on both distances and every finisher will receive a special KLM Road Runners souvenir. All runners take part in a free lottery with many fine prizes. The award ceremony starts at 17:00.

A free bus service will be available. It will pick-up runners from Schiphol airport (AMS) at 13:30. We will also take care of transport back to the airport. The bus will return at 17:30 to Schiphol airport.

If you want to join us for our run on the beach and dunes than please sign up via Participating in the race for invited airline runners and family is FREE!!

After the Race we continue with a buffet BBQ dinner and if you decide to stay for this dinner you can sign up also via The costs are €29.50 for the buffet dinner per person. (Children under 13 are € 9.75).

Roderick Hoffman

Running shorts...

  • Dear Ed. Today (23Nov)  I extended my XC to incorporate more difficult terrain and more mud of course! Time=39:58. Quite pleased, Andy Rayner.

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