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BA Athletics Club News Digest 26th March 2018


  • Wednesday 28th March - 5 mile handicap - Cranford Community College from 18:00* (see below)
  • Thursday 5th April - Dream Mile - Bath Road 12:45*
  • Wednesday 11th April - Watersplash Running Festival from 18:00 (see below)

New members and potential members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.  The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml.

*Club Event Map: [Clickable link to Google Maps]

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Five Mile Handicap Wednesday 28th March

The final run of this winter's five-mile handicap will be held this Wednesday, 28th March starting and finishing in Cranford High Street. 

Car parking, changing rooms and showers will be available in the Cranford Community Centre.  The intention is to analyse the results on the night and present the series winner with a prize in the Queen's Head after the run.  With only the best four scores to count and double points up for grabs on the final evening the winner is far from certain.  Just remember, the scoring system rewards consistency and modest improvement.  Individual start times (from 6 p.m.) will be based on previous runs (if applicable) and aiming for a close finish at 7 p.m.

Steve Newell

Club NOW run attendeesClub NOW run Wednesday 21st March at Rickmansworth

Our second club NOW run (targeted at Non-Office Workers) had a good turnout of eight of us (pictured, plus myself). Steve Newell encouraged us to treat the event as a "Joe Nolan" training session. We ran the first lap of the parkrun course at a slow pace and then injected pace into the second lap to see how much faster we could run. As chance would have it, this second lap was disrupted by a team laying down a new path so we all ran extra distance on the second lap...and then didn't fancy a third back at the slow pace.  We did manage to jog from the position of the photograph to the cafe.

Roderick Hoffman

Watersplash Running Festival Wednesday 11th April

The annual Watersplash 10km (with 5km option) run will be held on Wednesday 11th April, starting and finishing in the Field of Hope pedestrian area at M4 junction 3.

10km runners will complete two x 5km laps with start times aiming to finish at 7.15 p.m.  The elite start will be at 6.32 p.m.  Any runner reaching the 7.9km point later than 7.05 p.m. and will their time recorded and asked to stop.

For those wanting a shorter run, there will be a 5km option with a mass start at 6.35 p.m. 

Steve Newell is looking for a volunteer or two to help with time keeping/marshalling.

Car parking, changing rooms and showers will be available at the Cranford Community College and there will be get together in the Queen's Head afterwards.

Steve Newell

Awards Follow-up / Chairman's "Club Health" editorial

I've found the time to update the awards section of the website with the awards presented last month for 2017. The website page is and this includes lists of winners of each trophy year by year, back to 1984 in one case (though many records from the early days are missing). Now, the annual awards can sometimes be dismissed as "the same old faces" retaining "the same old awards".  But it became obvious to me, updating the records, that that wasn't the case with this club, not this year anyway. 13 awards were presented this year to worthy candidates. Of those 13 awards just four were awarded to someone who had previously won that award in a previous year (but in no case was this last year), also three of the awards were presented to individuals who had never been presented with an outright award in a previous year (Paul Watt, Trish McCabe and Harry Wild) and a fourth, the Alamo trophy, was presented jointly to three club members none of whom had ever featured in the awards before - Tim Bellars and John and Benita Scaife. The remaining five awards went to four individuals who had won different awards in previous years - Steve Hillier winning the men's Track&Field trophy for the first time, Adrian Haines the 10k trophy (though he had shared it in 2014), Neil Frediani the Athlete of the Year and myself the parkrun trophy...and also, after the recount, the Round-the-Block trophy.  The Round-the-Block trophy is earned based on the participation that a member makes to club events - one point for running, two for marshalling and five for being the prime organiser for the event. That this trophy was the most closely fought over (with Steves Hillier and Newell) is further proof of the current strength of the club and I'm looking forward to the battle for this trophy next year, to be between five or more of us.  I'm also looking for ways that participation can be recognised by the club at levels other than "first past the post" but the committee needs to discuss the purpose of such before agreeing a process. 

Roderick Hoffman, Club Chairman

WARR Announcements

It has been confirmed that the World Airline Road Race 2019 will be held in Amsterdam as part of the KLM 100 years celebration. I don't have any further details at this point but I'd hazard a guess that the date will be towards the end of September or early October, the usual 5k and 10k races will be supported and there will be one or two or many opportunities to share drinks with current, former and future airline running colleagues.

BUT our current focus is on WARR 2018 which is at Victoria in Canada from September 26th to 29th. Registration is at and the cost of this goes up by $10 on 1st April so if you know that you'll be going save money by registering this week.  If you register and subsequently discover that you will be unable to attend, it is possible to transfer your registration to someone else, for a small fee.

See the website referenced above for details of hotels and discounts available from Tourism Victoria and local companies.  There are also discounts available on Air Canada for those without concessions on BA (but also ask a BA colleague what price we can get for a "hotline" deal).

Roderick Hoffman

Club parkrun results for Saturday 24th March 2018

24th Mar 2018 family & friends time parkrun commentary grade
Julie Barclay 22:03 Hastings all genders club course record / BA park #393 80%
Paul Watt 23:05 Hastings 1st run at Hastings, club rec(M) 65%
Janice Jones 29:49 Hastings 1st run at Hastings. 57%
Caroline Cockram 25:31 Clapham Common inaugural, club record (F) 65%
Ian Cockram 25:11 Clapham Common inaugural, club record  / BA park #394 59%
Ben Chaytow 26:13 Mole Valley 1st run at Mole Valley / BA park #395 52%
Gregory Bailey 26:50 Crewe run #232, park #232 56%
Roderick Hoffman 30:57 Crewe run #290, park #223 / BA park #396 51%
Jonathan Cox 23:34 Renton (Seattle) run #350, M-3 / BA park #397 66%
Ian Cunningham 21:33 Bushy Park best run at Bushy this year 71%
Denis Foxley 29:16 Harrow run #97, 2018 SB 59%
David Tyas 19:51 Bushy Park run #499 76%
Lesley Chamberlin 26:49 Hazelwood club course record (F) 70%
John Coffey 28:59 Hazelwood age cat record 67%
Scott Davison 24:00 Hazelwood club course record 60%
Steve Newell 37:54 Hazelwood run #305, park #94 48%
Dave Dixon 17:43 Hackney Marshes run #16, 13th at Hackney 85%
Richard Ruffell 20:48 Cassiobury run #139, 9th at Watford 75%
Jacqui Musselwhite 23:33 Woking run #56, 53rd at Woking 70%
Chris Kelly 22:04 Reading 295th run at Reading 68%
Benita Scaife 30:38 Maidenhead run #106 64%
Alan Anderson 34:33 Gunnersbury run #501 64%
John Scaife 26:15 Gladstone Park 1st run at Gladstone, park #51 63%
Piers Keenleyside 26:15 Gunnersbury run #195 62%
James Shoulder 21:00 Upton Court run #29, 2nd at Upton Court 61%
David Duggan 28:25 Northala Fields run #246, 3rd at Northala 56%
Trish McCabe 28:05 Brockwell Park 1st run at Brockwell, park #26 55%
Joan Foxley 40:08 Harrow run #92 55%
Joe Nolan 30:38 Black Park 1st run at Black Park this year 53%
Zoe Ostley 33:45 Crane Park run #204, 24th at Crane 53%
Steve Hillier 32:01 Northala Fields run #5, 1st at Northala 51%
Martin Connor 29:08 Crane Park 1st parkrun since 2014 48%
Bob Bannister volunteer Bedfont Lakes marshal

The slightly milder conditions this Saturday stimulated a spring like burst of tourism with five more parks added to the clubís worldwide collection.

Julie Barclay (22:03) travelled to Hastings with Paul Watt (23:05) and her two sisters Vera Simms (27:38) and Janice Jones (29:49). Only Sarah Gordon had run there previously (before she became a member).

Ian Cockram (25:11) and Caroline Cockram (25:31) attended the unadvertised inaugural at Clapham Common.  With the nearby Tooting Common parkrun operating beyond a comfortable capacity this fast two lap course could get very popular very quickly.  Ben Chaytow (26:13) was the first member to try the Mole Valley parkrun at Denbies vineyard.  This one is likely to get busy as well in the summer months, but it is a hilly challenge.

Roderick Hoffman (30:57), still nursing a skiing injury, travelled (by car) to the railway town of Crewe and joined the single-minded tourist Gregory Bailey (26:50) who maintained his streak and is now on 232 runs, all at different parks.  Roderick is up to 223, but out of 290.

The final result of the day came in from Renton (near Seattle), Washington ,USA where Jonathan Cox (23:34) was third finisher.  Jonathan has also run at the Richmond Olympic parkrun in Vancouver.  Ed: Renton is unusual amongst US parkruns because its average attendance of around 50 runners a week is made up almost entirely of local American runners.

Four more members tried the new all grass parkrun at Hazelwood in Sunbury including John Coffey (28:59) who established an MV75 record and is the oldest runner to have completed the course so far.  It is very much a cross country course, very flat but with plenty of mud, puddles and wet grass.  It could be a pleasant run in the summer and handy for LHR based members.  The car park (free) is huge and the aprŤs run offering well organised and within yards of the finish line.

Steve Hillier (32:01) ran at Northala Fields for the first time.  It is probably the nearest run to his home but that neednít mean anything.  With a career average of rather less than one parkrun a year he has now suddenly run on consecutive Saturdays.  This kind of behaviour is actually more common than you might suppose.  Watch this space.

Steve Newell

Updated parkrun stats - club parkrun stats

New Parkruns

Although the Clapham Common parkrun had been strongly rumored to be starting at around the same time as "The Wammy" in Newcastle-under-Lyme which started on Saturday, its actual start date and gathering point wasn't announced until sometime late on Friday afternoon - when the parkrun page for Clapham Common was first made live. Some tourists still managed to make it to the inaugural (and I'm not including the Cockrams in that statement, since they were there in their official capacity as parkrun Ambassadors). In total there were 110 runners at the inaugural.  Why did they announce the inaugural so late? I've run my inaugural forecasting model and based on the number of people who live in Clapham, on the size and distance of nearby parkruns and on the ease of getting to Clapham Common from other population centres (including the rest of London) my forecast would be for 720 attendees.  The forecast could be wrong...but it is probably as likely for it to be low as high (I forecast 239 for The Wammy, they had 226 on the day).  Obviously therefore the silent launch was to reduce the risk of the inaugural Clapham Common parkrun also being the last. How many turn up next week - we will have to wait and see.  Steve Newell and I won't be there - we are travelling over to Victoria Dock parkrun, who will welcome the extra visitors.

Roderick Hoffman

Hastings parkrun

For the past eight years Julie Barclay has run the Hastings half-marathon and her sisters, Janice Jones and Vera Simms, have joined her for six of those. I went along once as motivator and support as it is far too long a run for me. For various reasons we could not make it this year and so in lieu, we decided to run the parkrun instead. How pleased we are with the decision.

Today was not too cold and no wind which is quite lucky on a course that is run entirely along the shoreline. A flat and straight out-and-back run in ideal conditions is something that all time-aware runners pray for. A very fast course that boasts the second fastest parkrun ever recorded of 14:14.

As I do, I checked the Club records for Hastings and was surprised that there were none. Bearing in mind that the course is so runner-friendly and for most of us  is just ninety minutes away, to come away with the male record in 23:05 is even more surprising. Julie now holds the Club record with 22:03. Vera and Jan had not run much since Christmas and were pleased with their respective times of 27:38 and 29:49. These records are for the taking and when we are fitter and I have shaken off the curse of most improved runner inherited from Neil, we will definitely return.

Just imagine an early clear drive to Hastings followed by a refreshing and rewarding run and a day on the beach: what better way to spend a summer Saturday morning.

Paul Watt

Silver for GB at European Masters Indoor 800m in Madrid

Adrian wins silverAdrian Haines, running in a GB shirt, finished in Silver medal position in the 800m. The only runner to beat him was also a Brit, Dominic Boker-Ingram, so that made it a one-two for the country. Adrian's times in each round - Heat 5 - 1st in 2:13.02, Semi-final 1 - 1st in 2:10.48, Final - 2nd in 2:05:46.  It does look like the racing over North Sea sand dunes in December has paid off for Adrian's fitness this year!

Lohhofer Osterlauf 10k near Munich Airport

Iím currently near Munich, visiting my mum. While there, I ran in the Lohhofer Osterlauf (Easter Run), a really lovely, and very well organised 10 km road race. Its venue is a few minutes' walk (less than 5 minutes) from one of the two trains that run to and from Munich Airport (S1 to Unterschleissheim). Itís the perfect 10km for anyone wishing to spend a weekend in Munich. Hot showers in one of the local schools, followed by a really nice awards ceremony at 6 pm round up this lovely event. The race itself comprises 5 laps, clearly marked with 1 km markers, as well as laps run. Chip timing with its electronic mat is another great bonus, which one crosses 5 times. Also, the course is absolutely flat, with huge potential for a PB.

The race, which starts at 3 pm, is now in its 24th year, with trophies and certificates in all 5-year age-groups, right through to 70+ years. The only thing to bear in mind is that one *has* to finish in under 1:10 hours, I was told, as the 10 km route crosses the childrenís 2.2 km route, who start after the 10 km. That was a real concern for me, as I hadnít done sufficient training during the winter months. However, Iím very happy to report that I just about managed 1:06:42, taking home the trophy for the 2nd O/65 by default - there were only two of us ladies in that age-group!!!

More information can be found by going to their website

Best wishes,

Petra Otto

Running Shorts

  • Lovely to see the pics of people, also be reminded the UK has both wet and sun shine - Doro (Dorothy Cook).

  • Cranford Park has succeeded in getting lottery fund support for its major restoration project for the park and buildings. This is only a portion of the total funds needed so we may still not see much progress - nor is anything guaranteed to make it better to run around the park...though a new toilet block IS included in the proposals.

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