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BA Athletics Club News Digest 22nd April 2019


  • Wednesday 24th April - Pre London Marathon Meeting from 18:00 at the Bedfont Club * [non-participants may go running from 18:00]
  • Sunday 28th April - 26 miles through the streets of London or a long marshalling stint! #
  • Thursday 2nd May - Dream Mile - Bath Road 12:45 *
  • Wednesday 8th May - Speedbird Ladies (see below) *#

We meet at 18:00 at the Bedfont Club on most Wednesdays throughout the year.

New members and potential members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events. The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml. Last updated: 4th April.

* Club Event Map: [Clickable link to Google Maps] (parkrun details updated 20th March) / # Club Points event.

Facebook: (formal "front window" club page), BA Runner Facebook Group (informal "back office" - ask to join).

Inclusions, with photos, please to Roderick Hoffman at

Speedbird Ladies - 8th May - Entries and Marshals Request #

The Speedbird Ladies event is coming up fast - it is on the evening of Wednesday 8th May on Harmondsworth Moor.

We've already got 47 runners signed up (and Steve Taylor will know of some others). Then there are an additional six names on Facebook saying they will run the event (and 64 "Interested"). Last year we had a recent record of 60 participants so there is a good chance that we'll exceed that this year.

BA Ladies - don't forget to enter the event - we haven't got a team's worth of entries yet!  There are team's worth from Datchet Dashers, Ealing Southall & Middx. AC, Runneymead Runners, Shepperton Running Group and The Stragglers. You can enter on the day, but we'd prefer to get your running number and finishers medal planned for you in advance.

 BA Gents - please reserve that Wednesday for marshalling duties AND confirm your availability to me at Roderick Hoffman .

The planned schedule has the Ladies race starting at 19:00.  The single lap 5k course will be set by 18:00 and anyone who wants to check the course at that time is welcome to do so - before taking up marshalling positions.

Everyone - please forward these details to any ladies who could be interesting in entering...

2019 Entry Form including event details and details of postal entry process: Entry Form

Enter online:

Facebook event: (info only).

Roderick Hoffman

Headstone Manor NOW event photoWednesday 17th April NOW run at Headstone Manor, Harrow

Attendees were those pictured (Joan Foxley, Steve Newell, Denis Foxley, Roderick Hoffman, Barry Walters and Steve Hillier) plus Piers Keenleyside (who started his long run home before the photograph was taken).

We all met in the carpark and then ran various laps round the various fields and spaces around the site before settling down in the cafe for a chat, drink and bite. Afterwards some of us went round the Manor House which also included a museum of Harrow. The guide, John Stratford, turned out to be a Concorde 10k/5mile regular who knew Denis and some other club members.

We had enjoyed this and previous NOW events so much that we decided to set up some more such events for the summer months. The next one will be organised by Barry Walters at Richmond Park for TUESDAY 4th June (we chose a Tuesday so as to keep Wednesdays free for the many Track&Field events over the summer months).

Roderick Hoffman

Ride London Marshalling PointPrudential Ride London - August 4th - Entry Opportunity

The marathon hasn't happened yet and we're already talking about Ride London!  As you probably know, London Marathon Events provide support for Ride London, and ask us to help by providing a pedestrian crossing in Whitehall.  We need to provide around twenty marshals, and in return we receive two guaranteed entries for the event.

We're going to restrict ourselves to the Sunday only once more, so if you're available to marshal on August 4th, I would love to see you there.  Please keep the event in mind, and I'll badger you again in May for help.

More urgently, we have been offered two spaces to ride in the event this year. If you'd like a place, let me know by the end of May 10th and I'll put your name into the ballot.  As usual, those of you with a history of supporting BAAC in marshalling LM events will take priority.

Steve Hillier


The companies that became British Airways started operating 100 years ago this year and in celebration of that there are a number of initiatives underway.  One such is MOVEBA with the idea of getting BA colleagues to undertake a number of 5k runs, formally or informally, with the idea of completing sets of 100k. Matt Foden is setting this up with BA Wellbeing.

BA employees can join the Yammer group "moveba" and there is also a Strava group "Move BA".

More information as this develops - including how those of us who are not active employees may be able to take part or assist others.

Roderick Hoffman 

Club parkrun results for Saturday 20th April 2019

20th AprilRunner Time parkrun Comment Age Grade
Kay Trinder 20:07 Rushmoor #242 F-2, 4th run at Rushmoor, course pb 87%
Julie Barclay 22:31 Rushmoor #242 F-7, run #159, 45th at Rushmoor, 2018 sb 79%
Alice Banks 27:53 Hampstead Heath #413 1st run at Hampstead, park #40, club rec(F) 71%
Maarten Stenham 27:00 Lymington Woodside #134 run #163, 1st at Lymington Woodside,cr(M) 51%
Chris Kelly 23:25 Lyme Park #264 run #430, 1st at Lyme Park, park #46, club rec 65%
Denis Foxley 34:55 Harrow #206 run #127, 1st run with new knee 51%
Benita Scaife 31:06 Ellenbrook Fields#155 1st run at Ellenbrook, club rec(F), park#58 64%
John Scaife 31:06 Ellenbrook Fields#155 1st run at Ellenbrook, park #65 54%
Roderick Hoffman 28:09 Jamaica Pond  #58 11th country in 11 weeks (World Parkrun Record) 56%
Eddie Giles 26:21 Salisbury #205 run #116, 38th at Salisbury, 2018 sb 67%
Caroline Cockram 26:18 Bedfont Lakes #506 run #355 + carpark marshalling 64%
Ian Cockram 24:39 Bedfont Lakes #506 run #476 + carpark marshalling 60%
David Duggan 28:34 Bedfont Lakes #506 run #304, 200th at Bedfont Lakes 56%
Chris Evans 23:29 Bedfont Lakes #506 run #237, 230th at Bedfont Lakes 64%
James Shoulder 19:44 Bedfont Lakes #506 run #41, M-5, 28th at Bedfont Lakes 65%
Ian Cunningham 25:51 Bushy Park #785 run #375, 302nd at Bushy Park 60%
Ben Chaytow 32:32 Crane Park #367 run #228 43%
Megan(JW10) Chaytow 32:32 Crane Park #367 (nm) run #3, pb 56%
Jeremy Short 22:42 Crane Park #367 run #111, 68th at Crane Park 69%
Steve Newell 38:08 Foots Cray Meadows#36 course pb, Wilson Index advances to 39 50%
Piers Keenleyside 25:33 Gunnersbury #383 run #229, 154th at Gunnersbury 64%
Oliver Mathai 24:54 Gunnersbury #383 run #62, 38th at Gunnersbury 67%
Joan Foxley 40:45 Harrow #206 (nm) run #134, 113th at Harrow 55%
John Coffey 29:03 Hazelwood #58 run #326, 46th at Hazelwood, drying out 68%
Trish McCabe 30:16 Homewood #133 run #282, 4th at Homewood 51%
Joe Nolan 32:15 Homewood #133 run #321, 2nd at Homewood 52%
Zoe Ostley 38:24 Homewood #133 run #226, 5th at Homewood 48%
Jacob(JM10) Stenham 27:00 Lymington Woodside #134 (nm) run #23, 1st at Lymington Woodside 63%
Paul Davis 23:58 Mole Valley #60 run #136, 1st at Mole Valley, park #26 57%
Alan Anderson 40:41 Osterley Park #289 run #549, 19th at Osterley Park 56%
Scott Davison 24:46 Osterley Park #289 run #298, 3rd at Osterley Park 58%
Petra Otto 34:36 Whittlesey #34 run #84, 10th at Manor Field, Whittlesey 60%
Michael Ball 25:43 Woking #233 run #149, 136th at Woking 61%
Alan Friar 33:26 Woodley #276 run #272, 88th at Woodley 56%
Tony Barnwell 46:30 Wycombe Rye #346 run #188, 88th at Wycombe 41%
Maria Jovani volunteer Bedfont Lakes #506 run director
Anne Bannister volunteer Bedfont Lakes #506 marshal
Bob Bannister volunteer Bedfont Lakes #506 marshal
Alastair Heslop volunteer Guildford run director

This probably isn’t the last ever weekly report from Steve Newell because he has promised to keep going until the club reaches the goal of 500 different parkruns. This week we only moved up one to 492 as Roderick Hoffman (28:09) completed (perhaps) an odyssey of 11 different countries in 11 weeks at Boston’s Jamaica Pond.  Roderick himself will be collecting the data over the next three weeks as Steve will be cruising round Japan on a ship with unaffordable maritime Wi-Fi charges and consequently maintaining radio silence.  It will make life much easier if everyone makes sure that “British Airways AC” appears as the club in their parkrun profile.  This can only be edited by the runners themselves, not club membership secretaries.  If you have been getting a regular mention in this column but have decided not to continue membership into the new year (started 1st April) then please let Alan Friar know, now.  Indeed, if you have never really been a member at all then please let Roderick know as well.  Arrangements can be made for second claim members and remember that membership can work out as cheap as £9 a year (which you could get back in the form of free food at the Bedfont Club if you are there on the right week).

This week’s outstanding run came from Kay Trinder (20:07, 86.58%) at Rushmoor.  That is a new age category record, a club record and quicker than any of our men have managed there.  Julie Barclay (22:31, 79.35%) had her best run of the year there and topped her age group this week too.

Alice Banks (27:53, 70.59%) ran at Hampstead Heath for the first time and set a new female club record.  To be fair, Caroline Cockram (27:17, 58.22%) did run there a bit faster when she was much younger but before she joined us.

Lyme Park - after the fireDenis Foxley (34:55) gingerly put his new (replacement) knee to the test at Harrow and found himself quicker than he’d dare hope.  Chris Kelly (23:25) ran at the far-from-flat Lyme Park in Cheshire and set a new club record {Ed: And would perhaps have had to have run faster if they hadn't managed to put out the grouse fire (picture from Saturday's run)}.  Maarten Stenham (27:00) ran at Lymington Woodside for the first time (and with his son Jacob who was also at Brooklands last week).  Maria Jovani is our record holder there with 21:27. Benita and John Scaife (31:06) ran at Ellenbrook Fields (Hatfield), their first time there and indeed their first ever parkrun venture into Hertfordshire. Eddie Giles (26:21) continues to improve at Salisbury as he powers his way into his eighth decade.  Steve Newell (38:08) edged his Wilson Index up a few notches at Foots Cray Meadows.  This might never get mentioned again!

Steve Newell

Updated parkrun Stats - club parkrun stats


Steve Newell is away for the next three weekends and I'll be collating the parkrun report. The text side of it may be brief so please write in and tell us all about your parkrun exploits - particularly new and interesting courses.  I anticipate doing one more different country next Saturday BUT it might be a parkrun we have already ticked off the list. After that I'll be running much closer to home, and I'll probably resist the temptation to do a parkrun "in a galaxy far, far away" on May 4th. Also I won't be doing a parkrun on Green Belt Relay weekend. So perhaps the weekend that we achieve "500 parkruns" will be that of 25th May?  Perhaps on that date we can leap across the 500 barrier by several of us doing new parkruns?  I'll update the club map nearer to that weekend to show which parkruns we have and haven't run.

Roderick Hoffman 

Last Week's photo from the Club Featured parkrun at Brooklands

Brooklands cfp[Barry, Helen and Guilaine missed off]

Photos from Facebook

Petra Otto AwardJas and MayLast week Petra celebrated 30 years of running by participating in the Westpark parkrun (36:10) AND, on the same day, finished the 25th Lohhofer Osterlauf 10k in 1:08:49 as second over 65 year old lady (and with several younger women well behind her).

But even she didn't get to high-five the Prime Minister! Jasvir Singh in the Maidenhead Easter 10 (finished the 10 miles in 1:45:39).

Tom's Diary

I think Kay Trinder is this month's star and well deserved. On 6th of April Kay with others ran the Osterley Park Run and with Maria who set a great pace. Kay came away having broken the 0/50 course rec. (running 20.00).

On 16th April ran the VAC 5 mile on the inside road of Battersea Park finished 2nd lady (14th o/a) in 32.54 a life time best performance.
Peirs Keenleyside also ran finished 25th in 41.02. 

Kay feeling so good said to me “I am going to Rushmoor on Saturday and going for the ladies 0/50 course record of 20.35”.

We arrived early as Kay wanted a long easy warm-up. Meeting Julie Barclay running the opposite way around. Kay’s target time was slightly up on first lap and instead of slowing the second lap was faster and passing me at 450m to the finish was going to do it although taking dislike to the stony path. Her finish time was 20:07 and nearly 30 seconds inside the previous course record for her age.  Kay well pleased and admitted saying “I have had lots of help with my results - not having a single injury in 9/10 months that is a great help”

Julie having arrived back from Argentina on Wed. after a week just touring (no running) but still looking to run sub 22:00 and is now preparing to focus on 3000m track races as the 800/1500 are out of her reach to compete properly.

Today Julie ran 22:31 as 1st 0/55 with 79%.  Kay’s 86.58% was the highest out of the 617 running.

Next step, Speedbird 5k, BA girls have been chatting and they can put out a very strong team [Ed - they'll have to enter it first (see above)].

Tom Rowley

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