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BA Athletics Club News Digest 21st May 2018


  • Monday 28th May Vitality 10,000 marshalling, Central London #
  • Wednesday 30th May Rosenheim T&F 2 Ewell Court #
  • Monday 4th June Vets T&F League, Perivale # (see below)

We are still meeting at Cranford Community Centre most Wednesdays for an informal run from 18:00, including May 23rd.

New members and potential members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.  The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml.

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Vets League Track & Field, Battersea, 14th May 2018 #

We took part in our first Vets League Track & Field event of the season last Monday at Battersea.  A warm, sunny evening turned distinctly cool by the end.

Jacqui Musselwhite and Julie Barclay produced storming performances in the 100m.  Julie went on to run a swift 400m while Julie took fourth place in the metric mile.  Janet Smith continued her leading role in field events, winning the discus and taking second in her less favoured Shot Put.

The men also starred in the 1500m, Ian Haylock and Paul Watt producing strong times in their age groups, while Steve Hillier picked up points in the Discus and Shot and chased everyone home in the 100m.  Everything was overseen by our coach extraordinaire, Tom Rowley.

Event Age group Time/Distance
100m W35 Jacqui Musselwhite W45 15.8 4th
100m W50 Julie Barclay W50 16.8 4th
100m M60 Steve Hillier M60 18.2 6th
400m W35 Jacqui Musselwhite W45 72.6 4th
1500m M35 Ian Haylock M45 05:17.7 5th
1500m M50 Paul Watt M50 05:48.5 7th
1500m W50 Julie Barclay W50 05:59.5 4th
Discus W50 Janet Smith W50 25.68 1st
Discus M60 Steve Hillier M60 21.82 3rd
Shot W50 Janet Smith W50 8.26 2nd
Shot M60 Steve Hillier M60 7.56 5th

Come and join us for our next fixture at nearby Perivale, on June 4th.  All are welcome!

Steve Hillier {}

The start of Spring?

Our first Track & Field Grand Prix took place on Monday 30th April at Uxbridge Track.  Three athletes competed in the rarely run 1000m distance, before springing into action in the Triple Jump.

Gary Rushmer returned to form with a blistering run, beating his 2017 time by two seconds.  Steve and Tony kept Gary in sight, if only because we were running in circles. 

Next came the more technically challenging Triple Jump.  By this time the Monday night boot camp crowd had arrived at the track, and three young children of camp participants became very excited at the prospect of a sand pit being opened up to them.  They decided to try long jumping across the pit, while we were triple jumping the length of it.  Jonathan Edwards didn’t have to deal with these issues in Gothenburg, hence his distance narrowly beat us.  However, subject to ratification, Tony Barnwell may have created new age group records in the Triple Jump and 1000m. 

Uxbridge track, 30/4/18 1000m   Triple Jump  
Gary Rushmer V55 1st 03:14.6 1st 7.43m
Steve Hillier V60 2nd 05:09.5 2nd 5.87m
Tony Barnwell V75 3rd 07:09.3 3rd 3.76m

Steve Hillier

2018 Green Belt Relay teamGreen Belt Relay Saturday 19th/20th May #

BAAC made it round the Green Belt Relay once again this year, enjoying 2 days of fabulous weather, challenging running, clockwork logistics(!), and in some cases, Neil, a healthy number of tea room pitstops.

Final Result – 220 miles in 1:05:33:16 – coming 24th of 50 teams, and 3rd Vets out of 6 – which considering we were “SuperVets” really, was a really super result.

Full report next week.

Chris Kelly

Pictured - six members of the running team (Barry Walters, Neil Frediani, Murray Hogge, Graham Taylor, Dave Bird and Chris Kelly), two members of the support team (Nick Edge and Roderick Hoffman) and Ian Cunningham (who was our Trojan Horse in Team Bushy ;-) ). 

# Club Points update...

The two points scoring events over the last week has resulted in four club members crossing the ten-point threshold - Chris Kelly, organiser of the Green Belt Relay team (it was interesting to hear the GBR Run Director say that he became Run Director of that event because it was less difficult than being a team captain), Neil Frediani and Graham Taylor as GBR team members and Paul Brandon for GBR marshalling, the fifth event he has helped with so far this year.

Roderick Hoffman

Club parkrun results for Saturday 19th May 2018

19th May 2018 family & friends time parkrun commentary grade
Steve Hillier 30:18 Northala Fields run #7, course pb 54%
Alastair Heslop 35:00 Wetherby 1st run at Wetherby, parkrun pb 47%
Julie Barclay 21:44 Hazelwood age cat record, club rec(F) 81%
John Coffey 27:49 Hazelwood 9th run at Hazelwood 69%
Paul Watt 22:25 Hazelwood 1st run at Hazelwood 67%
Kay Trinder 21:23 Woking run #98 80%
Jacqui Musselwhite 22:10 Woking run #61, parkrun pb 75%
Adrian Haines 22:10 Woking 1st run  at Woking 67%
Maria Jovani 21:24 Old Deer Park club rec (F), 17th run at Old Deer 72%
Roderick Hoffman 32:49 Henley on Thames run #297, 1st run at Henley 48%
Alice Banks 26:37 Prospect Park 1st run at Prospect (Reading) 73%
Paul Timms 24:18 Cirencester course pb, club rec 63%
Jonathon Cox 23:20 Crane Park run #358 67%
Ben Chaytow 21:42 Crane Park run #194, 2018 best at Crane 63%
Trish McCabe 26:55 Crane Park run #236, 2018 best at Crane 57%
Anne Bannister 28:15 Bedfont Lakes run #169, 139th at Bedfont 69%
Caroline Cockram 25:29 Bedfont Lakes run #314 65%
Chris Evans 23:06 Bedfont Lakes run #202 65%
Bob Bannister 25:31 Bedfont Lakes run #312 63%
Scott Davison 23:15 Bedfont Lakes run #253 62%
Ian Cockram 24:29 Bedfont Lakes run #432 60%
David Duggan 30:52 Bedfont Lakes run #253 51%
Sarah Gordon 35:41 Braunstone run #191, 54th at Braunstone 54%
Kimberley Turner 27:29 Clover Point 4th run at Clover Point (BC) 60%
Oliver Mathai 25:42 Gunnersbury run #48, 25th at Gunnersbury 65%
Alan Anderson 36:03 Gunnersbury run #509 61%
Steve Taylor 25:24 Gunnersbury 20th run at Gunnersbury 61%
Steve Newell 35:46 Gunnersbury run #312 52%
Joan Foxley 37:46 Harrow run #97 58%
Petra Otto 35:06 March run #49, power-walking ! 53%
Jeremy Short 21:35 Osterley run #101, 18th at Osterley 72%
Joe Nolan 28:29 Osterley best parkrun of 2018 58%
Zoe Ostley volunteer Bedfont Lakes run director
Denis Foxley volunteer Harrow barcode scanning

The Green Belt Relay and the Royal Wedding were two counter-attractions this week but the fine dry weather provided good conditions on Saturday morning.  Two longstanding committee stalwarts with only occasional parkrun appearances in the past chose the day the brave the sunshine.  Steve Hillier (30:18) grabbed a course pb at Northala Fields while Alastair Heslop (35:00), previously loyal to Guildford, went on tour to add Wetherby in Yorkshire to the club collection and chalk up an all-time parkrun pb.

Julie Barclay (21:44) visited Hazelwood for the first time and set a new female club course record.  Ian Cunningham’s mark of 21:40 set early on is just a few seconds better.

Jacqui Musselwhite (22:10) enjoyed her last run before moving up to a higher age category next week.  She recruited her brother Adrian Haines (22:10) to provide some well-judged pacemaking to land a pb at Woking.  New member Kay Trinder stole the show with 21:23 and is just two short of her parkrun century.

Another recent joiner, Maria Jovani(21:24) set a new female club record at Old Deer Park while Alice Banks (26:37) opened the club account at Prospect Park (Reading West).

Steve Newell

Updated parkrun stats - club parkrun stats

10th Stockley Park 10k 20th May 2018

Pos Race No Name Time Net Time Category Cat Pos Gender Gen Pos Club
35 138 Craig Lunnon 00:44:24 00:44:11 MV40 10 Male 34 British Airways AC
36 231 Alan Tilly 00:44:27 00:44:17 MV50 7 Male 35 Hayes and Harlington road runners
54 224 Nathan Sutton 00:47:28 00:46:35 MV40 14 Male 50 Hayes and Harlington road runners
113 177 Emma Parkes 00:54:32 00:54:18 FV40 5 Female 16 British Airways AC
123 19 Rebecca Bird 00:55:55 00:55:38 Female Senior 11 Female 18 Hayes and Harlington road runners
155 280 Brian Bennett 00:58:25 00:58:07 MV70 4 Male 128 Runnymead
194 270 Jasvir Singh Modaher 01:02:39 01:01:54 MV60 9 Male 154 British Airways AC
220 107 Roderick Hoffman 01:08:41 01:07:51 MV50 34 Male 166 British Airways AC

2018 Stockley Park 10k startI had had to drop out of the Green Belt Relay due to my recent operations, but I was keen to regain my fitness so as a substitute event I entered the Stockley Park 10k which happened to be the 10th running of the event.  This was my fourth running over those ten years.

At the start I took my position at the back (see photo) and watched Jasvir run away from me BUT I finished, and had run most of the way.  My time was very slow and initially it wasn't included in the results - my chip hadn't registered at the finish. I considered not reporting this, and leaving the slow time off my global stats...but then I remembered the effort I'd put into the run and emailed to have the time added.  However, I'd actually run a slower 10k race last year - Singapore WARR in 1:08:24 suffering from a cold and with the heat.

Further towards the front of the Stockley Park race Craig was running still a BA employee whereas Emma was celebrating having left BA last Friday. She doesn't have far to go for her new job - Stockley Park to be exact.

It was also good to meet up with Brian Bennett, a second claim member we don't see enough off, and of course Jasvir who runs for us so often he keeps wearing out his BA running vest.

Roderick Hoffman

West Wycombe Park 10k and 5k trail races - 8th July

On the 8th July there will be an opportunity to run in the historic grounds of West Wycombe Park in an event in aid of the charity ChildbereavementUK. I did an equivalent event a few years ago so I can warn you to expect an undulating course. For more information and entry see: and if you enter then let me know.

Roderick Hoffman {}

Tom's Diary


First:  I went with John Coffey to Hazelwood again, and tried their Bacon Butty (going again).

John was 30 seconds down this week.

Julie ran 21.44 taking the course record and running her fastest park run since Jan.1st in Poland so very pleased.

Paul ran 22.38 his fastest since last September, pleased not only with time but with having no problem after the race with leg pains.

Also Julie met a retired BA couple who both had worked with her - Paul and Wendy Happs.  Paul was time keeping and Wendy was tail walker so they had lots to chat about and exchanged text numbers plus Julie was doing her best to persuade them to join the club.  A very happy friendly couple.

Looking at Woking results - Jacqui Muselwhite is 50 next Tuesday so had a family gathering and brother Adrian came from Crawley to help her run a PB and succeeded.  Not being present, so did not meet up, but would like to see him return and try for the 0/50 record {the Mens over 50s record is 18:26 although the over 55s is lower at 18:14.  The Ladies over 50s record is held by our new member Kay Trinder at 20:04}.

Tom Rowley

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