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BA Athletics Club News Digest 20th August 2018


  • Monday 20th August - T&F Grand Prix 200m & Javelin, 18:00 at Hillingdon Athletics Stadium [get your skates on - you might still be able to make this]
  • Wednesday 22nd August - Club training event at Harmondsworth from 18:00 (see below)
  • Tuesday 4th Sept - Round-the-Park 5k run at Harmondsworth at 12:30

New members and potential members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events. The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml. Last updated: First week of August.

* Club Event Map: [Clickable link to Google Maps] / # Club Points event

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Early digest this week - I'm to have a busy day tomorrow and I've no time to issue this tomorrow night.

This Wednesday - Harmondsworth training event - Instinctive Pace Training Session - 22 August 2018 @ 18:00 + Social from 19:30

The goal of the session is to help develop steady pacing, essentially ‘blindly’ without the use of watches, in able to instinctively apply the correct pace to different distance events.

Five Bells locationMeet at the telephone box outside the Five Bells in Harmondsworth at 18:00 prompt, registering recent best 5k times. Watches are not to be used……however if you cannot run or feel naked without your Rolex or activity tracker this is fine as long as you don’t look at them !  It would be useful to have a few safety marshals if available.

10min warm up slow jog followed by dynamic stretch exercises.

Staggered starts by runners over an approx. 1k course loop, beginning at the telephone box, along Moor Lane turning back at the concrete road block, back to around the small green in front of the pub and up part of the High Street, and then turning back to the start/finish line.

  • 1st loop – to be run instinctively and steadily at your recent 5k best pace.
  • 2nd loop – to be run instinctively and steadily at a pace equivalent to 2mins slower than your recent 5k best pace
  • 3rd loop – to be run instinctively and steadily at a pace equivalent to 1min faster than your recent 5k best pace
  • 4th loop – to be run instinctively and steadily, repeated at your recent 5k best pace

Each loop will be followed by a 10-20sec recovery rest (as instructed by the starter).

To finish there will be a slow jog and static stretch warm-down.

Times for each ‘instinctive’ circuit will be processed and the closest ‘achievers’ calculated.

As means of recovery, we will retire to the Five Bells bar for food & beverages !

Joe Nolan

This event has been changed from the previously advertised BBQ because no one stepped forward to do the cooking and very few volunteered to do the eating either!  Instead the club will provide food at the Five Bells. Typically the Five Bells can only deal with about ten "walk-ups" without long delays so please tell us to expect you so that we can warn the pub and make plans accordingly. Tell Neil directly at Neil Frediani {}.  The list at the moment is Roderick, Neil, Joe, Christine M, Trish, Steve H, Steve N, Tony B, but not Chris K, Helen, Denis & Simon T.

Club parkrun results for Saturday 18th August 2018

18th Augustparkrunner Time parkrun Comment Age Grade
Benita Scaife 30:48 HigginsonMarlow inaugural, park #46 65%
John Scaife 30:51 HigginsonMarlow inaugural, park #56 54%
Tony Barnwell 39:42 HigginsonMarlow inaugural, park #12 49%
Maria Jovani 22:49 Henley on Thames 1st run at Henley, park #29, club rec(F) 67%
David Duggan 29:52 Henley on Thames 1st run at Henley, park #48 53%
Bob Bannister 23:21 Bedfont Lakes run #324, parkrun pb ! 70%
Sarah Gordon 33:47 Braunstone run #201, 57th at Braunstone, very average! 57%
Anne Bannister 48:17 Bedfont Lakes run #173, 143rd at Bedfont 40%
Ian Cockram 24:21 Bedfont Lakes run #444, 267th at Bedfont 61%
Scott Davison 25:36 Bedfont Lakes run #265, 220th at Bedfont 56%
Chris Evans 24:32 Bedfont Lakes run #208, 202nd at Bedfont 62%
Neil Frediani 42:43 Bedfont Lakes run #203, 133rd at Bedfont 38%
Lesley Chamberlin 26:48 Bushy Park run #177, 53rd at Bushy (2nd in 2018) 70%
Ian Cunningham 24:11 Bushy Park run #340, 281st at Bushy 64%
Paul Timms 24:16 Cirencester run #16, 7th at Cirencester 63%
Ben Chaytow 28:52 Crane Park run #201, 172nd at Crane 48%
Roderick Hoffman 29:36 Foots Cray Meadows run #310, park #241 53%
Julie Barclay 23:04 Frimley Lodge run #136, 24th at Frimley 77%
Alan Anderson 33:56 Gunnersbury run #522, 286th at Gunnersbuiry 67%
John Coffey 27:40 Hazelwood run #293, 19th at Hazelwood 70%
Petra Otto 32:20 March run #57, 46th at March 65%
Caroline Cockram 28:04 Old Deer Park run #325, 7th at Old Deer 59%
Steve Newell 35:39 Old Deer Park run #323, 17th at Old Deer 52%
Joan Foxley 38:20 Rickmansworth run #109, 13th at Rickmansworth 57%
Eddie Giles 29:01 Salisbury run #101, 24th at Salisbury 60%
Alastair Heslop volunteer Guildford timekeeper
Alice Banks volunteer HigginsonMarlow finish tokens/marshal
Zoe Ostley volunteer Bedfont Lakes run director

There was a parkrun inaugural in our region this weekend and here is short report from one of our runners who was there:

The inaugural Higginson parkrun in Marlow took place in perfect running conditions this morning, with 283 parkrunners trying out the new course. Two anti-clockwise laps of a field within the park make up the first km, then it’s along the Thames Path towards Hurley and straight back to the start. The riverside section is narrow and two-way so the keep left etiquette is very important. The three BA runners - two Scaifes and one Barnwell - were handed their finish tokens by Alice Banks, one of a substantial contingent of Marlow Striders who were either helping or running.”  John Scaife

Piers Keenleyside also noted that his other club – Ealing Eagles – was represented at the inaugural and hopes our committee will select Higginson as a venue for a cfp sometime in the future.  It may be sensible to see how it settles down and how it copes with average numbers in the weeks to come.  All courses have a comfortable capacity and enjoyment can be seriously impaired when overcrowding occurs.  Perish the thought that parkrun should resort to wave starts and chip timing! 

Two other members, Maria Jovani (22:49, club record) and David Duggan (29:52) went to nearby Henley instead where the inaugural attendance (in 2017) of 175 has never been matched and yesterday’s count of 75 finishers was fairly typical.  Street parking near the start is reported to be easy to find at 8.30 a.m. on a Saturday morning.

Joyous news from Bedfont Lakes where Bob Bannister (23:21) achieved a parkrun pb on his 324th run.

And now a little game most of us can play.  Sarah Gordon (33:47) was at Braunstone as a runner for the 57th time (she has volunteered in various roles over the years as well). Her average time at Braunstone before she started was 33:47 and obviously still is now.  So, look at your record for a parkrun you have run, let’s say, at least 20 times and possibly including the odd tailwalker duty and see if you can match your career average time.   There will be a bottle of Fullers for anyone matching it (to be presented at the club quiz at Bedfont FC in November).

Steve Newell

Updated parkrun stats - club parkrun stats

Who attends inaugurals?

As well as forecasting attendance at UK parkrun inaugurals I also do an analysis after the event to determine where the attendees came from (indeed I had to do the latter first to understand the flows so that I can do the forecasting). I've reproduced here the results from my analysis of the Higginson Marlow parkrun that I've shared with that parkrun team. BAAC comments in {brackets}.

Attendee Type Forecast Actual Comments
Total 320 283 Overall - fewer than forecast but still quite a crowd. I hope that the local dog walkers accepted the event.
New Locals 30 66 (including the “no barcodes”) A healthy number - these are your core runners and volunteers for the future. There were also 11 in the categories below who hadn’t run a parkrun for over a year.  These may also be locals to Marlow and become regulars.
Wycombe Rye 90 82 As expected many regulars at Wycombe Rye made it to Marlow and for many it’ll be because Higginson is now their nearest parkrun.  Interestingly numbers at Wycombe Rye on Saturday matched the summer average. {The 82 included Tony}
Maidenhead 60 35 Not as many as Forecast. {The 35 included the Scaifes.  I can't say anything about the volunteers, such as Alice being a Maidenhead regular, because that information isn't readily available in one of the public parkrun reports - although the results list "Alice Banks" as a volunteer it doesn't say which of the six registered Alice Banks it was}
Henley-on-Thames 7 4  
Reading parkruns (4) 50 13 Not as many as expected – but the parkrunners there may be still getting used to the two recent additional parkruns near Reading itself.
Upton Court/Black Park/Bracknell 53 28 Mainly from Black Park (23).
Further afield including parkrun tourists 30 55 More than expected.  26 parkruns represented with bigger groups from: 9 from Aylesbury, 8 from Frimley Lodge, 7 from Gunnersbury (Gunnersbury was closed for much of July and I think that some of its regulars have got into the habit of trying different parkruns). 16 of the 55 fall into my category of “uber-tourist”, runners who regularly visit different parkruns. {The Scaifes didn't qualify as "Uber-tourists" for two reasons - they haven't been visiting enough different parkruns over the last few weeks AND their obvious home parkrun is one of those adjacent to Marlow so their visit there could be quite legitimate even if they were uber-tourists}

Roderick Hoffman

Club Athlete British Record and just 0.08sec outside a World Record! (from Facebook)

An amazing effort by the British M50 team in a world record 4 x 800m attempt today in the Masters Grand Prix at Lee Valley. The British record was smashed by about 13 seconds I think, but the World record was missed by a tantalising 8/100th of a second. It was quite windy down the home straight which we could of done without. A big thank you to the M45 team for pacing us Simon Coombes, Mark Symes, Christopher Andrea Westcott and Simon Cooper who also secured a British record. Well done our M50 team Gary Burnett, David Cowlishaw, Steve Atkinson, Adrian Richard Haines. Splits were roughly 2:05, 2:06, 2:08/7, 2:06.

Andrea Westcott via Adrian Haines

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