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BA Athletics Club News Digest 14th January 2019


  • Wednesday 16th January - Club CIE event and social at the Bedfont Club - see below #
  • Saturday 19th January - Club Featured parkrun at Higginson, Marlow for 09:00 - reminder below #
  • Tuesday 22nd January - ROM Round-the-Block (now in approx. its 38th year) - details below #

We meet at 18:00 at the Bedfont Club on most Wednesdays throughout the year.

New members and potential members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events. The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml. Last updated: 10th December.

* Club Event Map: [Clickable link to Google Maps] ( details updated 10th December) / # Club Points event.

Febook: (formal "front window" club page), BA Runner Febook Group (informal "bk office" - ask to join).

Inclusions, with photos, please to Roderick Hoffman at

Club CIE Training Exercise and Social - 16th January at the Bedfont Club (18:00 & 19:30) #

Join us on Wednesday for a training session that will involve a warm-up, some 200 or 400m sprints and then an exercise in the dark!  Bring your GPS devices if you have them.

I'll be at the club from 17:45 and we'll start shortly after 18:00.  There are changing rooms with hot showers.

There will be a social afterwards in the right-hand bar.  The club isn't providing food for this social but if there is demand then we can phone for a takeaway.

Roderick Hoffman

Men's Surrey Cross-Country - Div 3/4 - Fixture 3 - Oxhott Woods - 12th Jan - Results

Surrey League Men's team Jan 2019Thanks to Chris Kelly for taking the photograph.

Thanks to Adam Mocquet, Paul Knechtl, Chris Kelly, Richard Ruffell, Ross Davies, Mark Taylor, Jonathon Ashdown,
Ian Cunningham, Gary Rushmer, Graham Taylor and Steve Hillier for making up the team this week.

It was our turn to be last in the 3-way tussle for 8th place with Barnes Runners and Holland Sports, despite putting
out a good team. Adam Moquet was our first runner home again in 4th place in the division which puts him in first
place in the Div 4 individual standings at senior level. What a great debut season for him. It is a few years since we challenged below the vets levels.

If we get our strongest team out for the next event then hopefully we can secure that 8th spot despite the expected absence of Adam who will be on holiday. Now, I wonder if he is using staff travel??

Neil Frediani

Pos# Points Num Name Age group Club Time
4 4 302 Adam Moquet SEN BAW BAW 31:58:00
26 26 320 Paul Knechtl V45 BAW BAW 34:06:00
60 60 301 Chris Kelly V50 BAW BAW 38:30:00
73 71 305 Richard Ruffell V55 BAW BAW 39:01:00
75 73 312 Ross Davies V40 BAW BAW 39:10:00
87 83 309 Mark Taylor V55 BAW BAW 39:58:00
90 86 329 Jonny Ashdown SEN BAW BAW 40:18:00
110 95 322 Gary Rushmer V55 BAW BAW 41:44:00
123 98 311 Ian Cunningham V55 BAW BAW 42:37:00
159 108 307 Graham Taylor V55 BAW BAW 48:14:00
165 B 51 330 Steve Hillier V60 BAW BAW 57:20:00

With ten to score it was great that everyone who did turned up including Steve who enabled those ahead of him to push themselves to better results. With a total of 704 points the team was still only 10th of 12...but that is better than being 11th or 12th!

Roderick Hoffman

Round-the-Block Race Tuesday 22nd January 2019 from Cranford High Street starting around 12:30 #

The club has had a "Round-the-Block" race around the streets of Cranford and Heston since the early 1980s and we've no intention of stopping now.  Hopefully you will be able to join us, as a generous lunchtime break from your work locations, or from your retirement cottages. 

Over the years the course has been the same other than we've slightly varied the start and finish location and therefore the distance between them. In the early '80s the course was one full lap starting and finishing on the green just the south side of the Motorway bridge where Cranford High Street becomes Southall Lane. We'll do the full lap this year, which I've GPS measured at 3.4miles/5.5k, and either start at that green or nearby.  The course is shown on the club map. Note that we have no access to either the Heston Venue or Cranford Community College so participants will need to arrive ready to run and return whence they came to shower and change afterwards (perhaps via the Queen's Head first). 

Please attend and encourage your friends and colleagues to join us also.  Traditionally we charge 1 for participation in this event and this is donated to White Lodge.

Non-runners also welcome - I don't want to be starter or timekeeper! 

Roderick Hoffman

Learning how to Coach Opportunities

England Athletics are keen to raise the standards and availability of coaching, and have increased the availability of courses locally.  BAAC are happy to subsidise members in taking part in these courses.  If you are interested in taking part in a course covering one of these subjects:

  • Leadership in Running Fitness,
  • Coaching Assistant,
  • Athletics Coach,
  • Coaching in Running Fitness;

So, if you fancy taking an Officials course, do let me know.  We have a supportive audience of club members, who are happy to let you practice your new-found skills on them!

Steve Hillier {}

Club parkrun results for Saturdays 5th and 12th January 2019

Steve's away so some efforts may have been missed. You are invited to remind us of them.

Date parkrun Pos G.Pos parkrunner Club Time AgeGrade Comment
05-Jan Bedfont Lakes 102 21 Anne BANNISTER Runnymede Runners 0:28:52 67.0%
05-Jan Bedfont Lakes 32  29 Ian COCKRAM British Airways 0:23:27 63.4% VC (Volunteer Credit)
05-Jan Bedfont Lakes 34 31 Bob BANNISTER Runnymede Runners 0:23:30 69.4%
05-Jan Bedfont Lakes 42 39 Scott DAVISON British Airways 0:23:59 60.0%
05-Jan Bedfont Lakes 89 71 David DUGGAN British Airways 0:28:12 55.9% VC
05-Jan Bedfont Lakes Caroline COCKRAM VC
05-Jan Black Park Joe NOLAN VC
05-Jan Brooklands 23 4 Key TRINDER Woking 0:21:06 82.5%
05-Jan Brooklands 185 138 Neil FREDIANI British Airways 0:28:58 55.9%
05-Jan Bushy 202 182 Ian CUNNINGHAM British Airways 0:22:13 69.8%
05-Jan Crane Park 22 2 Maria JOVANI British Airways 0:21:35 72.4%
05-Jan Crane Park 32 30 Ben CHAYTOW British Airways 0:22:25 61.8%
05-Jan Crane Park 131 99 Jonathan COX Stragglers 0:28:04 55.7%
05-Jan Gunnersbury 231 193 Piers KEENLEYSIDE Ealing Eagles 0:25:46 62.80%
05-Jan Hazelwood 70 53 John COFFEY British Airways 0:28:37 67.4%
05-Jan Osterley 126 25 Trish MCCABE British Airways 0:27:03 56.9%
05-Jan Reading 19 18 Christopher T KELLY British Airways 0:21:08 71.5%
05-Jan Rushmoor 78 7 Julie BARCLAY Woking 0:22:46 78.50%
05-Jan Victoria Dock 89 84 Roderick HOFFMAN British Airways 0:25:59 60.7% PB and best age grade for 3 1/2 years
05-Jan Woking 71 5 Jacqueline MUSSELWHITE Woking 0:23:42 70.70%
05-Jan Wycombe Rye 357 109 Benita SCAIFE Maidenhead 0:32:14 61.90%
05-Jan Wycombe Rye 358 249 John SCAIFE Maidenhead 0:32:15 51.50%
12-Jan Bedfont Lakes 27 24 Scott DAVISON British Airways 0:23:44 60.70%
12-Jan Bedfont Lakes 28 25 Ian COCKRAM British Airways 0:23:50 62.40%
12-Jan Bedfont Lakes 150 60 Caroline COCKRAM British Airways 0:33:03 50.10% plus VC
12-Jan Bideford 24 2 Jacqueline MUSSELWHITE Woking 0:23:46 70.55%  
12-Jan Black Park 580 366 Joe NOLAN British Airways 0:35:48 46.00%
12-Jan Brooklands 18 1 Kay TRINDER Woking 0:20:52 83.50% PB
12-Jan Brooklands 124 22 Trish MCCABE British Airways 0:27:45 55.40% PB
12-Jan Bushy 599 467 Ian CUNNINGHAM British Airways 0:26:02 59.50%
12-Jan Crane Park 34 33 Ben CHAYTOW British Airways 0:22:47 60.80%
12-Jan Greenpoint 18 2 Natalie RUFFELL Clapham Chasers 0:20:33 72.00%
12-Jan Harrow 142 111 Denis FOXLEY British Airways 0:29:17 59.50%
12-Jan Hazelwood 51 9 Lesley CHAMBERLIN British Airways 0:27:08 70.50%
12-Jan Hazelwood 98 29 Kelly DAVIS British Airways 0:33:43 44.30%
12-Jan Jersey Farm 170 73 Janet SMITH Datchet Dashers 0:37:00 47.70% New club parkrun
12-Jan Kingston 11 1 Maria JOVANI British Airways 0:19:39 79.50% PB / Club record all genders
12-Jan Maidenhead 300 120 Benita SCAIFE Maidenhead 0:33:05 60.40%
12-Jan Maidenhead 301 181 John SCAIFE Maidenhead 0:33:06 50.20%
12-Jan March 105 47 Petra OTTO British Airways 0:33:19 62.70%
12-Jan Nobles 44 32 Roderick HOFFMAN British Airways 0:29:54 52.70% New club parkrun
12-Jan Oak Hill 226 163 Colin RUSSELL British Airways 0:30:56 44.80%
12-Jan Osterley 61 53 Bob BANNISTER Runneymede Runners 0:23:34 69.20%
12-Jan Osterley 140 105 David DUGGAN British Airways 0:27:53 56.60%
12-Jan Osterley 324 165 Alan ANDERSON British Airways 0:46:12 49.30%
12-Jan Osterley 333 168 Geoff MILES 0:56:05 30.50% 385th run, 164th at Osterley
12-Jan Reading 59 57 Christopher T KELLY British Airways 0:23:03 65.60%
12-Jan Richmond 413 123 Jain REID 0:32:09 54.20%
12-Jan Rickmansworth 21 20 John TAYLOR British Airways 0:20:28 73.90%
12-Jan Rickmansworth 373 127 Marion WOODHOUSE British Airways 0:33:05 54.00%
12-Jan Woodley 301 194 Alan FRIAR British Airways 0:31:47 58.60%

Another bumper helping of parkrun results, covering the last two Saturdays.

Not much to report for the 5th other than Roderick had his second run at Victoria Dock and proved that the course there is fast by getting his best age-grade result for 3.5 years. The course is very similar to that we used for WARR in 2010 so its surprising more colleagues haven't made it over there for a revisit.

On the 12th club members ran at two new parkruns for the club - Janet Smith at recently started Jersey Farm near St Albans and Roderick at Nobles parkrun which is on the Isle of Man - just a one-hour flight from Victoria Dock on a Loganair aircraft for City Flyer for BA...and like most from London City the flight is still catered!

There were fewer men in the results because of the Cross Country but didn't the ladies do well! It isn't a race, but it is still nice to be able to report first lady finishes for both Kay Trinder at Brooklands and Maria Jovani at Kingston. Maria now has the fastest club time at Kingston beating both Natalie Ruffell's and Gary Rushmer's previous records.  Jacqueline Musselwhite was second lady at Bideford where she runs once a year.  Perhaps next time she can try out nearby Woolacombe Dunes that had their 5th run on Saturday - a tough half beach, half dunes run.

Good to see Joe Nolan posting a reasonable finish time at Black Park. After missing out on New Year's Day and last week Alan Anderson ran at Osterley - a parkrun set-up by former member Geoff Miles who appears to have been an un-credited extra tail-walker on Saturday.

More record weeks on both Saturdays - 307 of the UK's 602 parkruns have had their records broken on or since 25th December 2018. Bushy, Southampton, Cardiff, Poole and Clapham Common all had over 1,000 runners. In total in the UK over 180 thousand people ran or walked at a parkrun last Saturday, last year's record had been 136 thousand. Worldwide the figure was 320 thousand, up from 249 thousand. Putting this in perspective, last Saturday's UK runs mean that parkrun UK need to provide approximately 3,600 free tee-shirts due to the runs on Saturday alone - and that doesn't include the volunteer shirts! Expect to receive more sponsors' messages.

Roderick Hoffman

parkrun Stats - club parkrun stats NOT UPDATED

 parkrun records - South Africa

Former member Natalie Ruffell ran well at Greenpoint in Cape Town, finishing in 18th place, 2nd lady. I had previously run at Greenpoint on 5th October 2013 in a field of 134 finishers.  That was the event's 12th run and the founder was concerned because he was leaving the area and was worried that no one would take his place and the event would cease - and leave Big Bay as Cape Town's only parkrun.  However, the event carried on and Natalie was in a record field of, wait for it, 1288 runners (though all those beyond 1202 are "Unknown" perhaps due to a results issue).  There are now 13 parkruns in Cape Town and the surrounds. Big Bay is run on the beach but was cancelled on Saturday because of high tide conditions. The other 11 Cape Town parkruns had a total of 7,444 runners and two were larger than Greenpoint. Away from Cape Town Root44, where many of us ran the following week in 2013, had a modest 1094 runners.  17 South African parkruns had over 1,000 runners.  North Beach is normally the largest but this was cancelled on the day due to massive crowds on the promenade (also due to an unrelated rally).

Roderick Hoffman

Club Featured parkrun Higginson Marlow 19th January reminder #

See you on Saturday at Higginson parkrun, Marlow and try to arrive early so that you can grab a parking slot and be near the start for a start line club photograph.  If you have to pay for parking please allow generous time for us to chat in the cafe afterwards. 

Let me know if you need a lift from the Heston area (or anywhere else) to Marlow.

Roderick Hoffman

Heads Up on March Cross-Countries

We have chosen the date of Sunday 17th March for the BA Cross-Country and as usual the location will be Cranford Park - probably with a start time of around 10:30.

Also the Middlesex Masters Cross-Country Championships will be on Sunday 3rd March on the Trent Park course near Cockfosters, also with a 10:30 start time.  An attachment describes the event (though note that I had difficulty loading this) and you can enter here:

Steve Hillier

Orienteering 8th January 2019 Results

Ealing Street-O coursesPreparation for Ealing Street-O

The map shows the different courses that Roderick Hoffman (red, clockwise), Chris Kelly (brown, anti-clockwise) and Simon Turton (green, also anti-clockwise) ran last week at the Ealing Street-O event.  Jain Reid also ran - running with me up until the white 3k circle and then forging her own way. You'll note that Chris and Simon chose to run between the same control points (the stars on this map) but not always by the same roads. Different controls were worth different numbers of points - the lowest is worth just ten points which is why we all ignored the star nearest Boston Manor station.

So, how did we do?

There were 77 competitors and, on her run, despite learning the hard way how many time penalties there are in eight minutes, Jain avoided last place finishing 73rd with 148 points. Roderick finished in 34th place with 387 points and is currently in 18th place in the season's standings (from the maximum of five results). Simon and Chris managed to tie in 18th place with 470 points and Simon is currently 12th in the season's standings from just four events.

The top scoring runner ended up with 670 points (and perhaps a speeding ticket?)

The next Street-O event is on Tuesday 12th February at Kentish Town.

Roderick Hoffman

PS The photo above is off from the Orienteering website with Jain on the left and me on the right - synchronizing our watches before the start. 

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