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BA Athletics Club News Digest 12th August 2019


  • Monday 19th August - T&F Grand Prix 200m & Javelin @ Hillingdon Stadium from 18:00
  • Wednesday 21st August - CIE Orienteering Event at the Bedfont Club from 18:00 #
  • Tuesday 3rd September - ROM Round-the-Park on Harmondsworth Moor at 12:30 #

We meet at 18:00 at the Bedfont Club on most Wednesdays throughout the year including this Wednesday - but over the summer numbers will be low so let me know to expect you.

New members and potential members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at most of our events. The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml. Last updated: 29th July.

* Club Event Map: [Clickable link to Google Maps] (parkrun details updated 12 August 2019) / # Club Points event.

Facebook: (formal "front window" club page), BA Runner Facebook Group (informal "back office" - ask to join).

Inclusions, with photos, please to Roderick Hoffman at


Every month the club promotes an externally arranged event as our "Run-of-the-Month". The idea is to get a group of us to attend the event to increase our fulfillment - sometimes to get a team result.

  • Our August Run-of-the-Month doesn't fit the pattern because it is an internally organised event and it is on Tuesday 3rd September as our Round-the-Park run at Harmondsworth Moor.
  • The September Run-of-the-Month is the World Airline Road Race in Amsterdam on the 7th September.
  • October on the 26th we will be at the Milocarian XC match at RMAS, Sandhurst

And then it is up to you. What events should we have for our Run-of-the-Month for November, December and January?  I've set up a Facebook "Poll" to enable you to make new suggestions or indicate your keenness to attend someone else's suggestion. The Poll is at: .  Obviously not everyone uses Facebook so if you want to make some suggestions you can email Neil instead.

Roderick Hoffman obo Neil Frediani

Club parkrun results for Saturday 10th August 2019

Member 10th August 2019 parkrun  ↓ Pos  ↓ Time  ↓ Grade↓ PB↓ Comment
TRUE James Shoulder Bedfont Lakes 1 00:19:19 66.78% PB   M-1, run #50, parkrun pb
TRUE Scott DAVISON Bedfont Lakes 57 00:26:30 54.78%  
TRUE David DUGGAN Bedfont Lakes 104 00:29:43 53.51%  
TRUE Ian Cockram Bedfont Lakes 100 00:29:24 50.96% run #488, run #289 at Bedfont Lakes
TRUE Sarah GORDON Braunstone 362 00:33:38 58.52% run #236, 76th at Braunstone
TRUE Zoe OSTLEY Brooklands 260 00:34:34 53.09% PB   course pb, 1:54 improvement
TRUE Steve NEWELL Burgess 395 00:38:54 48.71% run #366, 4th at Burgess Park  (Camberwell)
TRUE Ian CUNNINGHAM Bushy Park 118 00:22:09 70.58%  
TRUE Mark TAYLOR Cheltenham 62 00:22:02 72.16% Better age grade than John
TRUE John TAYLOR Cheltenham 34 00:21:07 72.14% Taylor clan outing / New BA park
TRUE Piers KEENLEYSIDE Cheltenham 197 00:26:08 62.44% Rerouted due to Fire Services College cancellation
TRUE Graham TAYLOR Cheltenham 192 00:25:59 61.19%  
TRUE Marion WOODHOUSE Cheltenham 439 00:34:03 53.16% club rec (F)
TRUE Trish MCCABE Clapham Common 412 00:30:06 51.50% Five different parkruns in 5 weeks
TRUE Keith Johnson Cyclopark 54 00:24:52 58.85% run #21, park #7, new BA park
TRUE Roderick HOFFMAN Exmouth 134 00:28:38 55.53% park #280, Counting as "X" to complete the alphabet *
TRUE Oliver MATHAI Gunnersbury 154 00:24:44 67.79%  
TRUE Alan & Ann ANDERSON Gunnersbury 539 00:59:12 46.09%   (assisted) First run at Gunnersbury by the dynamic duo
TRUE Anne Bannister Hanworth 31 00:26:43 73.67% PB   course pb, 41 second improvement
TRUE Bob Bannister Hanworth 27 00:25:48 63.82% PB   course pb, 2:28 improvement
#N/A Paul SINTON-HEWITT Hanworth 21 00:25:05 62.86%  
TRUE Paul Davis Hanworth 16 00:24:01 56.42%  
TRUE Kelly Davis Hanworth 90 00:44:21 33.82%  
TRUE Denis Foxley Harrow 111 00:29:23 60.01% best run so far with new knee
FALSE Joan FOXLEY Harrow 182 00:37:46 58.96%
TRUE John COFFEY Hazelwood 69 00:29:51 65.88%  
TRUE Alice BANKS Maidenhead 115 00:27:01 72.86% refugee from Marlow ?
TRUE Petra OTTO Manor Field, Whittlesey 139 00:35:50 59.21% 18th run out of the first 50 at Manor Field
TRUE Stephen K TAYLOR Northala Fields 115 00:27:42 55.96%  
TRUE Christopher T KELLY Reading 339 00:46:53 32.49% tried walking for a change!
TRUE Jain Reid Richmond Park 361 00:35:47 48.67%  
TRUE Tony BARNWELL Rickmansworth 457 00:50:29 38.96% First parkrun since April
TRUE Mike Dennison Winchester 29 00:20:10 80.25% club rec (course pb is 20:03 dating back to 2018)
TRUE Barry WALTERS Winchester 66 00:21:38 76.12% first run at Winchester, park #42

Volunteers include...

10thAugust 2019 parkrun Role
Alastair Heslop volunteer Guildford finish tokens
Caroline Cockram volunteer Bedfont Lakes run director
Ian Cockram volunteer Bedfont Lakes several roles
John Scaife volunteer Maidenhead finish tokens
Benita Scaife Volunteer maidenhead finish tokens

This was a weekend when many parkruns were cancelled by gale force winds (either actual or forecast) and/or floods.

Our fastest runner this week was James Shoulder (19:19) who celebrated his 50th (red vest) run by showing a clean pair of heels to all the chasers at Bedfont Lakes.  He ran 19:17 at Gunnersbury last week so clearly a man in form.  Let’s hope he likes cross country!  The best agegrade score (80.3%) was achieved by Mike Dennison (20:10) at Winchester (he actually ran a 20:03 there last year before he joined us).  Barry Walters (21:38) also ran there - for the first time.  In the all time list for the VM60-64 group Mike is 3rd  Barry 18th out of 227.

We had five runners at Cheltenham where our members had never run before.  parkrun was established there back in February 2013.  John Taylor (21:07, 72.14%) was quickest but Mark Taylor (22:02, 72.16%) edged it when age is taken in to account.  Graham Taylor (25:59) and Marion Woodhouse (34:03) made up the rest of the family outing and were joined by Piers Keenleyside (26:08) and Kathryn Keenleyside (39:31) whose first choice run at Fire Station College at relatively nearby Morton-in-Marsh was “blown out”.

New member Keith Johnson (24:52) added a new park to his and our list at Cyclopark in Gravesend.  Another new member David Williams (24:16) ran at Fulham Palace this week – he has run 122 times at Black Park with a best time of 24:03.  We seem to be growing.

Steve's parkrun stats - club parkrun stats - UPDATED

Full club parkrun database - {read access to new club parkrun database} - UP TO DATE - Download and explore. The following is how it now displays its data on Cheltenham parkrun - each of the Taylors gets a mention, Graham is listed first because his is the lowest parkrun ID. Piers is only an "also ran"!

Cheltenham parkrun results

Steve Newell / Roderick Hoffman

* Alphabet Update

Prior to the start of this year I had run at UK parkruns starting with 23 different letters - all the letters of the English alphabet apart from X, Y and Z. Completing the alphabet is considered a "thing" amongst tourists, another one of those "Challenges" reported by the Chrome Extension. I had resisted doing a UK "Y" until i was also ready to do the "Z". There are no "Z" parkruns in the UK but in February I had the opportunity to travel to Zielona Gora in Poland and run the parkrun there (I had carefully considered and rejected the nearby "Zary" parkrun but that would make the story more complex than I can justify here). As it happens I was then tied up with other commitments to parkruns so my UK "Y" had to wait until the end of June when I ran at Yeovil Montacute. For many tourists that is where the alphabet ends because there is no parkrun in the world that starts with an "X". But that isn't good enough for me, although I could have claimed my "X" parkrun as "Little Stoke" (think about it). Instead I had to make it down to Exmouth for a near "X" (I could have chosen "Exeter Riverside" or "Cross Flatts" instead). So, to the best of my ability, my parkrun alphabet is now complete.

The parkrun database shows alphabet completion for club members (apart from the "X"). I'm the first to achieve the 25. Steve Newell and Ian Cockram are on 22, Caroline Cockram and David Duggan are on 21, Trish McCabe, Sarah Gordon and Richard Ruffell are on 20.  I'm the only club member to have collected a "Z". There are now three parkruns in Poland starting with "Z" (including spelt correctly "Żary"), there are 3 in Russia, 1 in South Africa and 1 in Australia. Only four of us have run at "I" parkruns (that includes non-member Janet Cunningham…but not Ian!) Janet, David Duggan and I have run at "Ipswich" whilst Richard Ruffell has run at "Isobel Trail". "Inverness" is another UK possibility and there are a few abroad also.

Next week in this exciting series - parkruns with Weatherspoons as their post-parkrun cafe (or perhaps not).

Roderick Hoffman

Cake in Marlow!

Just wanted to let you and all BAAC members know, Saturday 17th August is the 1st birthday of Higginson parkrun Marlow. I will be the RD on that day so it would be lovely to see some of you there, there will be cake!

Alice Banks

Ride London 100 report - 4th August 2019 #

During Olympic year, 2012, BAAC were invited to marshal several events, including the Olympic cycle race through Surrey.  That event became Ride London in 2013, and we’ve provided a marshalling presence in Westminster every year since.

This year we saw a change of route, and a change of location, from the Cenotaph, a couple of hundred yards south to Parliament Square.  After dealing with some teething problems at the new site, and establishing how we and SFM (security) were going to work together, we enjoyed a hectic day directing cyclists safely through the Square, and pedestrians across the road.  Despite the odd protestor, and the occasional angry cycle rickshaw rider, the crowds appreciated our help and we got a chance to watch the race at very close quarters.

Thanks to all 21 of our team for their patience and stamina, especially Mike Thorn and Paul Brandon for their leadership, and Jas Modaher and Graham Taylor for their bravery at the front of the rope.

We had at least four BA riders who completed the course:  Steve Taylor, Andrew Jordan, Chris Kelly and Paul Goldsmith.  All four have marshalled our events over previous years.  Steve’s report appeared last week.  Here is news of Andrew’s and Chris' days.

Steve Hillier

Dear Ed, I hope you can publish my public apology (hair shirt syndrome!) for letting the team down yesterday at The London Cycle. I had to leave very early due a home emergency. However, I would also like to state my admiration for Steve, Mike and Paul, et al for extricating us from very difficult 'external' influences which caused us concern. Thank You.  Andy Rayner


I did look out for the BA marshals but I was caught out by the tweaks to the run in to the finish. So a little about my day.

We stayed in a hotel at the O2 but no time to enjoy the facilities with a 4:00 am alarm. Caught the Emirates cable car, proudly wearing my BA kit. The light was stunning at that time, I’ve attached a photo. Then cycled to the start passing the revellers who were on their way home from a night out. Conditions were perfect not cold and very little wind.

We crossed the start line at 6:04 to the sound of Ace of Spades onto the A12, wide and fast flowing. I resisted the temptation to hook on to the quicker groups as there was a long way to go. Before you know it you pass the Tower of London, through Richmond Park and I stopped briefly at Hampton Court to say hello to my wife (daughter still in bed) and waved to a couple of friends on the way into Walton. All the riders seemed to be of similar ability and had decent road etiquette, which made the ride enjoyable not having to worry about sudden switches off line by others.

The first real challenge in Newlands Corner where again I tried to measure my effort and the descent pretty fast and safe. Then it’s a right turn up to Holmbury which I find a grind on my own but seemed a lot quicker with a group. Leith Hill immediately follows and it’s steep in section and goes on for longer than you think. A good descent and quickly into Dorking where the crowds were great, lots of cheering from everybody.

The iconic Box Hill is next and a good crowd at the top and at this point I was starting to feel a little tired but found another burst of energy as we came into Leatherhead. I got with quite a strong group that worked well together. A quick wave to my wife and daughter as we passed on the way to Kingston. There was a fair and big screen on Giggs Hill green.

The crowds were out in Kingston and Raynes Park is always good. A little sting in the tail with Wimbledon Hill and I could tell I was not the only tired rider. A niggly head wind as we went across the common and rode along the river, so not everyone in the group was working. The finish appeared almost by surprise as on previous occasions we’ve gone up to Trafalgar square. Pleased with my time, a PB at 4:33.

I really enjoy this event. It’s well organised, the route is great and the crowds come out.


Andrew Jordon

After an early start to get to the Olympic Park for 6.30 and a pleasant wait in the summer morning sunshine (stark contrast to last year) we set off across London on the closed roads that made the entry fee seem very worthwhile! Quickly got the hang of cycling carefree through red/amber/green traffic lights, which kept a grin on my face for at least two hours. When we got the first hill I even realised what a warm day it was. Copious water stations kept us cool all day, and apart from the occasional holdups to circumnavigate crashes - the speed of flying along in or near, or just behind a group of like minded riders was a terrific experience. There were a few hills to deal with, but then most of us had multi-geared bikes... I enjoyed the way back almost as much. Saw some friends in Kingston, briefly, and it was great to see the marshals at Parliament Square. Thanks very much to them - for my place - and from all of the riders - you made it possible.

I'd thoroughly recommend it, although to be honest I think that the 46mile option has as much or possibly more to recommend - still get all the whizzing through town with less of the ouch! Fab.

  • Andrew Jordon - 4:33:
  • Chris Kelly - 6:43:33
  • Paul Goldsmith - 7:11:40
  • Stephen Taylor - 7:26:21

Regards, Chris Kelly

Aiming To Finally Hit Target

I ran my last marathon at London in 2014, so well over 5 years ago now.  That was my 9th, I know this hardly touches the sides for the likes of Piers who seems to do at least this number a year, but I always said I would do 10 before stopping. Well 5 years on, with a following wind I hope to finally run my 10th, and hence reach my target on Saturday 17th August. This will undoubtedly be my slowest, and not just because I am 5 years older than last time out, but more because it will come later in the day after I have already swum 2.4 miles and cycled 112 miles. The marathon being the third and last part of my Ironman adventure. And no I am not aiming to do 10 of these, one will be more than enough.

Anyone who is bored and wishes to see my progress over what will be a very long day can use the Ironman athlete tracker, just find Ironman Kalmar, which is in Sweden, and search for me or bib number 2648.

Watch this space for a report if I make it through.

Richard Ruffell

Ed: Good luck Richard, though hopefully your training means you don't need it.

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