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BA Athletics Club News Digest 5th November 2018


  • Wednesday 7th November - ad hoc club runs from the Bedfont Club from 18:00.
  • Saturday 10th November - Men's and Ladies Surrey League Cross Country Match 2 (Epsom Downs 15:00 / Nonsuch 11:00 respectively) #
  • Wednesday 14th November - Non-Office Workers run at Gunnersbury Park from 12:00
  • Wednesday 21st November - Five Mile Handicap # followed by the annual Club Quiz - at the Bedfont Club at 18:00 and 19:30 respectively.

New members and potential members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events. The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml. Last updated: First week of October.

* Club Event Map: [Clickable link to Google Maps] (parkrun details updated 2nd week of October) / # Club Points event.

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BAAC Quiz:  Wednesday 21st November 2018, Bedfont Club - PLEASE RESPOND

It’s time for our annual quiz, to be held this year at our new home, Bedfont & Feltham Football & Social Club, close to Hatton Cross.   It is on the east side of Hatton Road and the entrance to its large car park is opposite the Duke of Wellington pub. The postcode is TW14 9QT.

The quiz will start at 8pm, following our Five Mile handicap run (starts from 6pm, finishes at 7pm, changing rooms and showers available).  Food will be provided before or during the quiz.  Please contact Steve beforehand if you have specific dietary requirements.

As usual the quiz will be run by Steve and Linda Hillier, and will be raising funds for our White Lodge charity.  As last year, we will be recommending a minimum donation of £5 each (remember, you are getting fed!).  The team size will be between four and six – come as a team, or join up with some others on the night.  No-one will be left out.

Steve would appreciate an early indication of numbers.

Steve Hillier {}

Concorde Five - help and advice needed -  PLEASE RESPOND

For most of the life of the club we have organised an annual open "Concorde" race around the streets of Cranford and Harlington or Heston. This used to be a 10k race but in more recent years has been over a five mile distance.

The committee need to decide at the next Committee Meeting on Wednesday 5th December if, and if so how, we would have an event in 2019.

Your views on this are wanted - particularly if you are prepared to step forward into the Race Director's shoes because I have made it clear that I do not want to continue in that role next year. Without one or more volunteers to take on more responsibility it is difficult to see how we can have an event next year.  But this is perhaps a good time to suggest a different location for this road race, or even a different event altogether to take the club forward.

Some positives about the current event:

  • The course is registered and valid until 2022.
  • Use of the Cranford Community College as Race HQ works and is affordable.
  • The Concorde Brass medals may be expensive but they are very popular with those who run the event.
  • We've been supported in recent years by a big and growing team called "Sikh in the City".  They contacted me after last year's event and said how pleased they are that this event exists so close to where they are based (Southall) and how they would like to help it grow next year.
  • The previous year, 2017, the event had its recent maximum entry and 111 finishers thanks to being named as "Run-of-the-Month" by the large "London Frontrunners" team.

Roderick Hoffman {}

Winter Five Mile Handicap at the Bedfont Club - run 1 result #

The first round of this winter's five mile handicap was run on Wednesday 31st October starting and finishing at the Bedfont and Feltham Football Club in Hatton Road.  Some runners have been trying out the course in recent weeks while others were running it for the first time. Three runners were running with the club for the first time and they were shown round the course by longstanding members. Several runners had run marathons fairly recently and voluntarily downgraded themselves by a few minutes.  Simon Turton was closest to his target time finishing just three seconds early and became our first monthly prize winner.

Results ranking points brought carried target clock clock
target elapsed diff determinant ranking this run forward forward next run start finish
Simon Turton 38:00 37:57 0:03 0:03 1 25 0 25 37:45 1:38:00 1:00:03
Chris Kelly 38:00 37:43 0:17 0:17 2 21 0 21 37:00 1:38:00 1:00:17
Maarten Stenman 38:00 37:22 0:38 0:38 3 18 0 18 37:00 1:38:00 1:00:38
Roderick Hoffman 55:00 53:23 1:37 1:37 4 16 0 16 53:00 1:55:00 1:01:37
Lydia Bennett (F) 50:00 51:33 1:33 3:06 5 15 0 15 50:00 1:50:00 0:58:27
Trish McCabe (F) 50:00 51:33 1:33 3:06 5 15 0 15 50:00 1:50:00 0:58:27
Neil Frediani 50:00 55:46 5:46 11:32 7 13 0 13 44:00 1:33:00 0:37:14
Kelly Davis (F) 50:00 55:46 5:46 11:32 7 13 0 13 50:00 1:33:00 0:37:14

Thanks to Harry Wild for guiding the runners safely out of the car park and for assisting Steve with the results.

The November run will be held on Wednesday 21st, before the annual quiz.  The idea once again will be to finish two or three minutes either side of 7 p.m.  Start times are based on previous results.  The first start time will be 6 p.m.  Runners should be prepared to time themselves.  Modest improvement each month will be rewarded most generously.

Steve Newell

November Run-of-the-Month - Bath Road Dream Mile Thursday 1st November from 12:45 #

01-Nov-18 Sam Hunter 00:05:50 Approx / first run
01-Nov-18 Matthew Stratful 00:06:16
01-Nov-18 Chris Kelly 00:06:34
01-Nov-18 Ray Pepe 00:06:32First run
01-Nov-18 Ian Cunningham 00:06:36
01-Nov-18 Jeremy Short 00:06:36
01-Nov-18 Neil Frediani 00:08:20
01-Nov-18 Steve Hillier 00:08:50

This event is held on the first Thursday of each month, so the next event is on 6th December 2018 and there may be mulled wine and mince pies at the finish!

Neil Frediani {}

PS And congratulations to Ian Cunningham who by participating in this Run-of-the-Month makes him the 19th person to achieve ten points in the club's points table.  Who will be the 20th?  There are eight colleagues who are just a marshalling effort away.

Track is Back!

Have your running times reached a plateau?  You’ve improved to a steady parkrun time, but you can’t bring it down the minute you deserve?  Or are you looking for a kick at the end of your next cross country or road race?

What better way to achieve this, than by sharpening your pace at the track?  The club meets each Monday night at Uxbridge, for a session of warm-ups, strides and a variety of interval challenges.  It might be 421 metre repeats (preparation for a marathon anyone?), a pyramid (ready for the next WARR in Mexico?), or some relay work.  We cater for every standard, and everyone should benefit.

The track is: Hillingdon Athletics Stadium, Gatting Way, Uxbridge UB8 1ES.  There is a small charge for parking and track use, but BAAC provide a subsidy towards track fees.

Sessions start each Monday at 6pm.  In the run up to Christmas we also plan to complete this year’s Grand Prix events, so there may also be some timed races or field events, in the competition for the club GP trophy.

Fancy sharpening up this Winter?  Just in case you become a bit…err…blunt?

Let me know if you’d like to join us one Monday.

Steve Hillier {}

MILOCARIANS Cross-Country 27th October

Milocarians XC BA TeamOn a very cold Saturday afternoon 6 of our BA runners braved the weather (the braver ones in just BA vest and shorts) and the challenging course at Sandhurst Military Academy. I always wondered what was behind the big gates along the A30 in Camberley. We ran against ten other teams up and down and up and down and up and down the undulating 5.3 miles. Fortunately it was a nice long descent back to the finish and we were also running alongside many youngsters from the military and it was a joy to be overtaking them too!

I think we did brilliantly to come 6th overall with Mark Taylor coming in first for our team in 40.07 (32nd) then Tim Bellars in 40.44 (34th)( after a night shift) then Julie Barclay in 42.55 (45th) then Simon Turton in 43.14 (47th) then myself - Jacqui Musselwhite in 43.30 (49th) and then Graham Taylor in 47.21( 64th). Thanks to our BA supporters (they probably came for the homemade cakes! ) Tom Rowley, Paul Watt, Kim and Barry Walters.

If you have not done this event before Do it! It’s a great xc course and the cakes afterwards are very nice!

Jacqui Musselwhite

Club parkrun results for Saturday 3rd November 2018

3rd Novemberparkrunner Time parkrun Comment Age Grade
Alan Anderson 36:07 Gunnersbury 295th run at Gunnersbury 63%
Michael Ball 26:44 Homewood run #136, 6th at Homewood 58%
Alice Banks 27:07 Linford Wood 1st run at Linford Wood, club rec(F), park #33 73%
Ben Chaytow 22:02 Crane Park 180th run at Crane Park 63%
Caroline Cockram 25:18 Crane Park 12th run at Crane Park 65%
Ian Cockram 27:30 Bedfont Lakes run #452 54%
John Coffey 27:40 Hazelwood 28th run at Hazelwood 70%
Jonathan Cox 26:15 Crane Park 75th run at Crane Park 60%
Ian Cunningham 23:45 Mole Valley 3rd run at Mole Valley 65%
Janet Cunningham 30:46 Mole Valley course pb 59%
Scott Davison 23:03 Bedfont Lakes run #274 plus token sorting 62%
David Duggan 27:17 Black Park run #276, 5th at Black Park 58%
Chris Evans 23:04 Bedfont Lakes run #217 plus token sorting 66%
Denis Foxley 29:02 Harrow 97th run at Harrow 60%
Joan Foxley 45:25 Harrow 101st run at Harrow 48%
Alan Friar 33:20 Reading run #260, 171st at Reading 56%
Roderick Hoffman 29:26 Telford park #249, club rec (M) 54%
Janice Jones 28:57 Banstead Woods run #50, 30th at Banstead 59%
Maria Jovani 20:52 Black Park run #247, course pb, club rec (F) 74%
Piers Keenleyside 28:03 Wendover Woods 1st run at Wendover, club record 58%
Chris Kelly 20:33 Reading run #404, 315th at Reading 74%
John Lennon 29:33 Bedfont Lakes run #278 53%
Oliver Mathai 24:40 Gunnersbury 31st run at Gunnersbury 68%
Trish McCabe 26:57 Osterley Park (2 lap) run #257, 8th at Osterley 57%
Jacqui Musselwhite 23:28 Homewood run #675, 1st at Homewood 71%
Petra Otto 31:47 Hasenheide (Berlin) 4th run at Hasenheide 66%
Bridget Ruffell 30:19 Dishley Loughborough 1st run at Dishley, park #11 61%
Richard Ruffell 21:27 Dishley Loughborough 1st run at Dishley, park #80 73%
Benita Scaife 32:15 Maidenhead run #133 62%
John Scaife 32:16 Maidenhead run #150 52%
Jeremy Short 27:02 Osterley Park run #106, 20th at Osterley 58%
James Shoulder 20:35 Bedfont Lakes run #31, 22nd at Bedfont, 2nd this year 63%
Janet Smith 38:10 Hogmoor Inclosure run #92, park #31 46%
Maarten Stenham 21:07 Hazelwood 13th run at Hazelwood 65%
Kay Trinder 21:42 Homewood 5th run at Homewood, F-1, age grade% pb 80%
Paul Watt 23:35 Frimley Lodge run #89, 19th at Frimley 64%
James Shoulder 20:51 Bedfont Lakes 1st run at Bedfont this year 62%

We start this week with news from the Tom Rowley track racing stable now indulging in some traditional cross country running over the winter.  This is available every Saturday morning at the Homewood parkrun course at Ottershaw Memorial Fields near Chertsey in addition to our Surrey League fixtures and numerous other opportunities.  Kay Trinder (21:42) put in a strong finish to be the first lady across the line and her age grade score of 80.26% was the best she has achieved at Homewood.  Jacqui Musselwhite (23:28) was ecstatic after completing her first ever outing at Homewood.  She is really enjoying the mud and little ups and downs.  New member and county medal winning veteran sprinter Michael Ball (26:44) was running at Homewood for the 6th time.  He l joins us with a parkrun pb of 23:17 at Woking.  The parkrun at Woking had been cancelled ahead of the planned firework display which was then itself cancelled following a nasty incident at a bouncy castle on Saturday afternoon.

Janice Jones (28:57) completed her 50th parkrun rather more than eight years after her first.  She has run 30 of her 50 runs at Banstead Woods.  Men's club records were set by Richard Ruffell (21:27) at Dishley (Loughborough), Piers Keenleyside (28:03) at Wendover Woods and Roderick Hoffman (29:26) at Telford.  Ladies club records were set by Maria Jovani (20:52) on pacer day at Black Park and Alice Banks (27:07) at Linford Wood near Milton Keynes.

Trish McCabe (26:57) and Jeremy Short (27:02) were part of a huge turnout at Osterley Park to try the new 2-lap course.  The attendance of 348 was 60 more than the previous record.  There were loads of pbs, although not for our two runners.

World beating thrower of miscellaneous heavy items Janet Smith (38:10) completed her 30th different parkrun course at Hogmoor Inclusure. To add to her many other achievements she has made it to the global parkrun most events league table (qualification 30 events). Not many volunteers spotted this weekend but Scott Davison and Chris Evans both followed up their runs at Bedfont Lakes with some token sorting.  It all helps.

Steve Newell

Updated parkrun stats - club parkrun stats

#DFYB (Don't Forget Your Barcode)

Petra Otto's result in Hasenheide is partly thanks to Christine Munden.

In the early hours of Saturday morning Petra posted to BA Runner on Facebook "Have any of you ever woken up in the middle of the night realising that you left your wristband with the parkrun barcode at home...? Well, it’s 2am, and I cannot find it anywhere in my suitcase or rucksack. I doubt very much that it’s in my wash bag downstairs. I remember packing my wristband, however, it must have fallen out when I took some clothes out, replacing them with warmer ones. Oh well, there’s nothing I can do from Berlin, not even knowing my log-in. Not a happy bunny at all... ".

Christine spotted this and suggested how a new set of barcodes could be requested and printed off and encouraged Petra to explore all options. Later Petra replied, "Christine Munden, we have a Barcode, all thanks to you. A whole sheet of them. Hopefully, six codes will be enough, you think? 2 1/2 hours’ sleep left... ".  So if you do FYB don't give up - it isn't over until the Run Director says "Go" (and perhaps not even then).

Roderick Hoffman

Beachy Head Marathon 2018

Beachy Head Marathon runnersBeachy Head Marathon CliffsAfter making my marathon debut at VLM in 2015 and running it again on the subsequent two years I finally ran another one. I have entered a couple but never made it to the start line. I ran Beachy Head in the colours of Shepperton Running group as we were there en masse. It was a great experience always going uphill or going downhill, lots of good food stations and in beautiful countryside and in stunning but chilly weather. I ran with marathon first timer Kelly Davis which kept the pace sensible and allowed me to ‘enjoy’ it. Paul Davis, Kelly’s husband and BAAC member also ran a long way ahead of us.  4000’ of climbing and 26.2 miles later it was all over and time to find the showers and baked potatoes which were included for marathon runners.

Kelly then ran her first BA 5 mile handicap a few days later and followed this with a first sub 30 parkrun!

My time: 6:27  (yes, six hours running time)

Kelly Davis: 6:45

Paul Davis: 4:59

Neil Frediani

Green Belt Relay 2019 first call

Calling adventurers!

For a few years now, a regular fixture in the BA AC calendar has been the annual Green Belt Relay. Next year's event is on 18-19 May.  This fabulous, challenging event is a 22-stage relay race around 220 miles of the Green Belt outside London. It is mainly run on minor roads, footpaths, and towpaths, with some navigation involved. We need a team of 11 runners, each running one stage of between 5 and 13 miles each day. We start on Saturday morning at Hampton Court, stay overnight in Essex, and finish on Sunday with a BBQ in Ham, often having enjoyed the weather, as well as the running, supporting, travelling and marshalling.

See or their Facebook site for details and impressions.

We encourage runners to join us for the whole event, or as much as possible, for the crack, but also have regulars dedicated to specific legs, or colleagues who have to leave to work shifts at nearby airports on Sunday afternoons...

To express interest, or learn more, please ask:

Chris Kelly {}

Retired Runners Lunch Thursday 6th December

Retired Runners Lunch Thursday 6th December

One over the Ait, Kew Bridge from 1p.m.

Please contact Steve Newell if you plan to attend.

Steve Newell {}

(This does clash with the Dream Mile but the events are almost mutually incompatible...or perhaps this is a challenge to see if one can fit both in!)

Running shorts...

  • Dear Ed. Today's (2Nov.)XC time was 38.47.=slow. Three negatives= extreme mud, my bio. rhythm and feeling my age. Positive= veni vidi vici! Come on Barney; us old ..... can still do!
    No jog next week as off to France and Belgium for Armistice Commemorations. Andy Rayner.
  • ...My sister, Sarah Gordon, was delighted to be the age she is because it resulted in her being first in her age group at the Rockingham 5k last Sunday - and in a time of 31:48 that I may find challenging when I run with her next Saturday. Roderick Hoffman

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