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Running Crossword

Easier Clues

Clues Across Clues Down
2. Three activities make one event (9) 1. Often a race for kids (3,3)
9. Activity for tired and retired runners (6) 2. A variety of athletics activities focused on one location (5,3,5)
11. Typically over an accurately measured tarmac course (4,4) 3. For drinkers with a running problem (4)
12. Distances to the extreme (5) 4. Typically up and down muddy hills (5-7)
13. Find your own way (12) 5. Clearing the way for runners and holding back spectators (11)
14. One by one team event (5) 6. The first runner announced victory then collapsed and died (8)
15. Indoor activities to build up and strengthen (3) 7. Monthly run imperial distance (5,4)
  8. Weekly time trial (7)
  10. Unstructured training with varied pace (7)



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